Vertebrate Pesticide Toxicology Manual (Poisons)


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Address list

for suppliers of pest control products

Animal Control Products Ltd

General Manager

Private Bag 3018

101 Heads Road


Ph: 06 344 5302

Fax: 06 344 2260
Feral Control

PO Box 58 613



Ph: 09 273 4333

Fax: 09 273 4334
Cropcare Holdings Ltd

25 McPherson St

PO Box 3344



Ph: 03 544 6096

Fax: 03 543 9998
Southern Fencing Supplies

189 Main South Road


PO Box 11269


Ph: 03 3480629

Fax: 03 348 0628

Key Industries Ltd

PO Box 34373 Birkenhead


Ph: 09 483 5526

Fax 09 483 9760
Kiwicare Corporation Ltd

171 Pages Road


PO Box 15050


Ph: 03 3890 778

Fax: 03 3890 669
Landcare Research

Canterbury Agriculture and Science Centre

Gerald Street

PO Box 69

Lincoln 8152

Ph: 03 325 6700

Fax: 03 325 2418
Pest Management Services Ltd

11 Sunset Terrace

PO Box 121


Ph: 04 293 1392

Fax: 04 293 1456

Rentokil Initial Ltd Rentokil Pest Control

297 Neilson Street 7C Bassant Avenue

PO Box 13 445 Penrose

Onehunga Auckland


Ph: 09 634 0079 Ph. 09 525 3400

Fax: 09 666977
Trappers Cyanide Company

General Manager

251 Styx Mill Road


Ph: 03 359 4150

Fax: 03 359 4150


Appendix 1: Glossary of terms

abomasum 4th stomach of a ruminant

ACT activated coagulation time

albuminuria kidney disease — raised albumin in urine

anaemia low iron levels

anoxia severe hypoxia — lack of oxygen to tissues

apnea respiratory arrest

APTT activated partial thromboplastin time

asystole cardiac arrest

ataxia loss of control of body movements

azotemia increased blood urea nitrogen and creatinine

b.i.d. twice a day

biodegradation breakdown of chemical structure by biological process

biomagnification accumulation of compound through increasing trophic levels

bradycardia decreased heart rate

BUN blood urea nitrogen

coagulopathy blood clotting disorders

centrilobular necrosis death of liver cells at the centre of the liver lobes

cyanosis/cyanotic blueness of the skin and mucous membrane due to insufficent oxygen in the blood. May be peripheral due to poor circulation or central due to failure of oxygenation

cystine amino acid found in plants, egg albumin, and keratin

cytotoxic cell-poisoning

daphnia water flea

defluorinate to remove fluorine

dermal skin

diaphoresis perspiration

dyspnoea difficulty breathing

dystonia disordered muscle tone

ecchymoses discolouration due to bleeding under the skin

ECG electrocardiogram

EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

emetic medicine that causes vomiting

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

epistaxis nose bleed

erythrocytes red blood cells

fasciculation muscle twitching involving contiguous groups of muscle fibres

glucosuria raised glucose levels

glycolytic enzyme an enzyme that breaks up the glycotic compound

haematemesis vomiting blood

haematocrit packed cell volume

haemoptysis bleeding from the lungs

HCN hydrogen cyanide

homeostasis state equilibrium

hypercalcaemia excess of calcium in the blood

hyperparathyroidism disturbance of calcium metabolism

hypomagnesemia deficiency of magnesium in the blood

hypervitaminosis excessive intake of a vitamin

hypocalcaemia deficiency of calcium in the blood

hyposthenuria decreased urine specific gravity

hypovolemic decrease in volume of circulatory blood

hypoxia deficiency of oxygen in tissues

icteric jaundiced

IM intramuscular

intima innermost lining of blood vessel

intraperitoneal introduced into the peritoneal cavity

ipecac syrup an emetic

INR international normalised ratio

IU international units

IV intravenous(ly)

lacrimation flow of tears [alternative spelling lachrymation]

lactate ester of lactic acid

LD80 lethal dose that kills 80% of the test organisms

LD50 lethal dose that kills 50% of the test organisms

malaena ‘tarry’ faeces

mediastinum membranous middle septum between the lungs

metabolites the breakdown of compounds resulting from the metabolism of a parent compound

methaemoglobinemia inactive form of haemoglobin present in blood

mucosa a tissue layer found lining various tubular cavities of the body.

mydriasis pupillary dilatation

nephrocalcinosis deposits of calcium salts on the kidneys

NOEL No observable effect level. A dosage of a toxicant that fails to produce any discernable signs of toxicosis, which may include a lack of morphological, biochemical, or physiological change

opisthotonus spasm in which head and hind legs are bowed backwards

osteoclast bone cell that has a function in dissolution of unwanted bone

paraesthesias abnormal sensation caused by damage to peripheral nerves

parenteral administered or occurring elsewhere in the body than in the alimentary canal

pathognomonic specific, definitive pathological changes

peracute very acute and violent

petechial a small red spot cause by a minute haemorrhage into the skin

phosphocreatine compound in muscles that release energy for muscle contraction

polar water soluble

pollard product milled from grain

polydipsia increased water consumption

polyuria increased urination

ppb parts per billion (1 mg/kg)

proteinuria protein in urine

prothrombin blood clotting agent

PT prothrombin time

recumbency lying down

rhodamine red dye

rodenticide rodent poison

subendocardial under the heart

subepicardial under the serious membrane which covers the heart

tachycardia rapid heart rate

tachyponea rapid respiratory rate

thrombocytopenia persistent decrease in number of blood platelets usually associated with haemorrhagic conditions

t.i.d. three times a day

toxicosis poisoning

toxin a natural occurring poison, e.g. 1080, cyanide

toxicant a synthetic man-made poison, e.g. brodifacoum

trans-dermal through the skin

viscera body organs

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