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VHS 24min. Neil McClendon


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VHS 24min. Neil McClendon

Racism is not so much in how you feel, but in what you do. This episode will challenge viewers to think and do something about race issues in their lives.

The goal of this module is to explore the foundations of Catholic morality and the practice of the moral life. Each of the four segments contain related topics: human dignity and community as the foundations of moral life; meaning of virtue and its foundations in Jesus' teaching; implications of the Beatitudes; meaning and validity of objective morality; sources for arriving at moral truth; delicate relationship between objective moral truth and personal responsibility.


(1-6) VHS 10 min. each Gaynell Cronin

#1 WE REMEMBER 1st, 2nd, 3rd Commandments

#2 WE HONOR PARENTS 4th Commandment

#3 WE RESPECT LIFE 5th Commandment

#4 WE ARE FAITHFUL 6th, 9th Commandment

#5 WE RESPECT THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS 7th, 10th Commandments

#6 WE SPEAK THE TRUTH 8th Commandment


VHS 42min.

Este videotape as dirigido a cada uno de los mandamientos, ilustrando graficamente cada uno individualmente (los mandamientos 6y9y7y10 estan juntos).

La presentacion puede ser observada por partes ocompleta. Cada segmento dramatiza las necesidades reales de los jovenes adolescentes y les muestra como cada uno de los mandamientos puede ayudarles a tomar decisiones.

VC-9.61 RENEWING THE MIND OF THE MEDIA (US Catholic Conference)

VHS 12min.

This video addresses questions regarding media's influence as it relates to gratiutous violence and misuse of sexuality. The video can provide a starting point for further reflection by dioceses, parishes and others.


VHS 25min.

The video deals with accounts of the fateful day at Columbine High School in Littleton CO. Friends and parents relive the tragedy and describe how the massacre and its aftermath strenthened their faith and gave their lives new meaning.
VC-9.65 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Paraclete Video Productions)

VHS 60min. Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Are the Ten Commandment outdated? This video invites us to take a look at the commandments in their historical context and proposes that they are still relevant to us today. Given by a loving God, they are not to put chains around us, but to help guide us in our everyday lives.

The video contains 10-six minute discussion starters for each commandment.

VHS 12:30min.

While sleeping, Jimmy is visited by an angel who shows him how some of his schoolmates are helping to build God’s Kingdom. By the time Jimmy’s journey with the angel is finished, he come to understand and makes a commitment to live the Beatitudes in his own life.


VHS 19:18min

Young Anthony “burns the midnight oil” trying to complete his homework on the Ten Commandments. However, he just can’t see how the “old list of rules” makes any sense to today’s modern kids. Mom suggests that he investigate & when he drifts off to sleep, he finds himself in the parlor of famous detective

Sherlock Holmes and the investigation begins. (Middle Grades – Junior High)

VC-9.68 NO APOLOGIES: The Truth About Life, Love & Sex (Focus on Family)

VHS 30min.--14 yrs. & up

This video gives young people a side of the story they do not always hear.

It gives testimonies from real people their own age and from others looking back. The message tells of the importance of waiting until marriage to have sex & uncovering what happens when teens do not.

VC-9.69 LOVE IS PATIENT: Saving Sex for Marriage (Paraclete Video)

VHS 30min.

Sexual intimacy is a gift from God to be enjoyed within marriage. Choosing to save sex for marriage is difficult for young people, especially in today’s society. They need to know the many benefits of saving sex for marriage: It shows respect for oneself, one’s sexuality, and one’s relationships. It is an expression of love for God. Living with sexual integrity recognizes and respects the importance, value, and power of sex.
DVD-9.70 THEOLOGY OF THE BODY for TEENS (Ascension Press)

(1-4) 4 DVD’s Leader’s Guide- Student Workbook-Parent’s Guide

#1 Created to Love; Love Defined: Giving versus Using; Naked Without Shame; Hope and Redemption in Christ.

#2 Truth & Freedom; Language of the Body; Language of the Body(Guys)

Free Total, Faithful, Fruitful; Dating with Purpose and Purity (Guys)

#3 Marriage; Celibacy and Religious Life; Finding Your Vocation; Dating with Purpose & Purity

#4 Living the Good (and Free) Life; Language of the Body (Girls)

Dating with Purpose and Purity (Girls); Parent Overview

DVD-10.1 FEEDING HUNGRY HEARTS: Celebrating the Eucharist (Liguori)

DVD 45 min.(4 part ) Rev. Joe Kempf

Rev. Kempf walks us through the celebration of the Mass and opens to us a new appreciation for the sacrament of the Eucharist. Uses: RCIA, youth, senior adults will all be enriched by a simple explanation of how by our celebration as a community of faith we are fed and transformed by love.

VC-10.2 LENT: A TIME FOR RENEWAL (Franciscan Communications)

VHS 1hr.5min total

The video is designed for family and parish. Each segment blends the Word and videoimagery into an inspirational presentation of the the message of renewal.


#1 Baptism; personal renewal; New Life; conscience (Skateboard)

#2 everyone is special; unacceptance (story of nearsighted boy)

#3 Living Water; Samaritan woman; Asian woman asks for Baptism

#4 Jesus, Light of the World; story of blind Indian artist; gospel story-blind man

#5 Jesus believe in us; Raising of Lazarus; Peace; story of cheerful dancer

#6 story of Mario/grandmother baking bread; Holy Week

#7 Happy Easter; Baptismal renewal; story of child in nursing home
VC-10.3 SHARING THE PASSION (Twenty-Third Publications)

VHS Rev. Isaias Powers, CP

As adult Christians, we believe that the heart of life’s meaning is to be found in the events of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection. His journey is our journey; his story is our story . This audio-visual based on the Stations of the Cross, invites us to question Jesus as he makes his way to Calvary and to listen carefully for the answers offered to us.

VC-10.4 LENNY LEARNS ABOUT LENT (Twenty-Third Publications)

VHS 11min.

Lent is a six-week period of the liturgical year--a time for reflection, prayer and almsgiving. This liturgical season reminds Christians to stop and look at the truths of their faith and to value them by practicing them. This video can be of benefit to both children and adults.

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