Virgil, The Aeneid Multiple Choice Quiz


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Virgil, The Aeneid

Multiple Choice Quiz
1. The people who follow Aeneas on his long journey are from:

  1. Italy

  2. Troy ***

  3. Carthage

  4. Greece

2. Aeneas agrees to leave the fighting at Troy because:

  1. he knows they can’t win

  2. he wants to save his family

  3. he will return later and redevelop Troy and its civilization

  4. a goddess tells him to go ***

3. While Aeneas is hiding before his entrance to Carthage he learns:

  1. that the story of the fall of Troy and Aeneas’s glory are already known ***

  2. the Carthaginians are not interested in new immigrants from so far away

  3. that the Carthaginian civilization is more advanced than the Trojan civilization

  4. that he has found his final destination and home

4. When Aeneas lands at Carthage he hides instead of revealing himself because:

  1. he is afraid of being killed

  2. he wants to investigate before he makes any decisions ***

  3. he is bedazzled by Dido

  4. he suffers from the stress of the long flight from Troy

5. Aeneas cannot stay with Dido because:

  1. he has to protect his people

  2. he has to learn many things from many people before he founds Rome

  3. Dido is not the right consort for him

  4. Carthage will be the enemy of Rome ***

6. The shield of Aeneas tells the story of:

  1. the Trojan War

  2. the flight from Troy to Italy

  3. the future glory of Rome ***

  4. the founding of Rome

7. Turnus is:

  1. Dido’s consort

  2. an ally of Aeneas

  3. champion of the Italians ***

  4. the Etruscan king

8. When Aeneas descends into the underworld he meets:

  1. Priam and Creusa

  2. Anchises and Achilles

  3. Anchises and Dido ***

  4. Hector and Creusa

Short Answer Quiz
1. Aeneas is torn between staying to fight a hopeless battle in Troy and leaving the city with the survivors. What reasons does he have for wanting to stay and fight? What are his reasons for leaving? What is his final choice and why does he make that choice?
2. What is Aeneas’s mission? How is that mission made known to him? What are the limits of his understanding of the mission?
3. When Aeneas arrives in Carthage he is careful in his actions both before and after he reveals himself.
4. What does he find out about Carthage and the Carthaginians that would help him on his mission as he watches and learns?
5. Why must Aeneas leave Dido and Carthage? What does it cost him? How does it affect her? How does his understanding or lack of understanding of his mission and the future history of Rome affect his cost?
6. During the flight from Troy, Aeneas’s wife, Creusa, dies. Why do you think Virgil uses that plot devise? How does it affect or influence Aeneas’s mission?
7. In Book II, Aeneas tells Dido the long story of the siege of Troy and of his escape. Why do you think Virgil put it in Book II instead of in Book I? How does the information in Book I prepare the reader for Book II?

8. Why does Dido love Aeneas? How does her commitment to him affect her role as queen? Why would some of the people of Carthage object to Aeneas as a consort to Dido? How would the future Roman readers of the story react to Aeneas staying in Carthage as husband and co-ruler with Dido?
9. Why must Aeneas descend to the underworld? Whom does Aeneas meet there? What does he learn from his encounter with each person?
10. What is on the shield of Aeneas? What does the narrative mean to him?
11. What idea does Turnus represent? Why must Aeneas vanquish him? What does Turnus ask of Aeneas before the deathblow? What would be accomplished by Aeneas fulfilling the request?


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