Vision 2014 a daily motivation for maintaining creativity and entrepreneurship. The Relentless Pursuit

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Vision 2014

A daily motivation for maintaining creativity and entrepreneurship.

The Relentless Pursuit

When you’ve made the choice to pursue your Amway business as a full time career, your strategy should be to have a single-minded focus on achieving your goals. However, as your business grows, you aren’t pursuing pins, but rather you’re pursuing the type of persistent growth and balanced business that makes a pin award a byproduct of your ongoing effort. When you have a team with leaders backed by leaders, everyone moving together with one vision, everyone consistently learning and growing, that's when you lock in your volume and lock in your pin.

NEW RELEASES Note: New Releases will ship on the date range listed for each talk.

january 27 – January 31, 2014
BWW1525CD (1 CD) Firdosh & Nilofer Sethna: New Diamonds

Firdosh & Nilofer Sethna: Top Two Tips For Going Diamond

BWW1526CD (1 CD) Marshall Johnson: From The Head To The Heart

Rick Fairchild: The Power Of Teamwork

february 3 – february 7, 2014

BWW1527CD (1 CD) Ganesh Shenoy: Relentless Pursuit To Diamond (Rally Story)

BWW1528CD (1 CD) Carroll Youngblood: Prepare To Succeed

Doug Toups: Daily Habits Of Success
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Bill Britt Talks Currently Available:

ADS49CDA (1 CD) It Takes Guts To Succeed

ADS49CDB (1 CD) It Takes Guts To Succeed

CR43CDA (1 CD) I Had A Dream

CR43CDB (1 CD) I Had A Dream

BA1CD (1 CD) The Why

BWW1140CD (1 CD) Take Ownership of Your Business

BWW1149CD (1 CD) Q&A With New Diamonds and EDCs

BWW1169CD (1 CD) Living the Good Life

BWW1210CD (1 CD) Have Faith In The Future

BWW1222CD (1 CD) A Master Class in Leadership

BWW1237CD (1 CD) Set Yourself Apart

BWW1270CD (1 CD) Making Free Enterprise Work

BWW1307CD (1 CD) Your Words Are Your Power

CR45CD (1 CD) How to Go Diamond

CR4CD (1 CD) Cast In Concrete

DIA76CDA (1 CD) Size of the Fight in the Dog

DIA76CDB (1 CD) Size of the Fight in the Dog

DBS16CDA (1 CD) Diamond Story

DBS16CDB (1 CD) Diamond Story

FED4CD (1 CD) Free Enterprise: Privilege & Responsibility

LPL49CD (1 CD) There Has To Be A Cause

R26CD (1 CD) Self-Image & Attitude

V166CD (1 CD) Father Power

V168CD (1 CD) 6-6-8-6-6

V186CD (1 CD) Hungry

WM13CD (1 CD) It’s Predictable

True North Series

The True North Series was designed to provide a unified set of talks that teach the basic fundamentals of the business. There are 20 talks in total: 5 sets, each containing 4 CDs, plus True North Classics.

True North, volume 1 TNORTH1 (4 CDs)

True North, volume 2 TNORTH2 (4 CDs)

True North, volume 3 TNORTH3 (4 CDs)

True North, volume 4 TNORTH4 (4 CDs)

True North, volume 5 TNORTH5 (4 CDs)

True North Classics (Volume 1) TNC1 (4 CDs)

BWW Technology Tools

BWW Technology Tools are designed to meet the needs of your growing business. These technologies provide three fundamental cornerstones: BMP provides communication; BWW TV provides education; and IBO Webspace provides prospecting assistance. We have subscription packages available that will work for every business. The greatest value comes from bundling services. For example, the Premier Technology Bundle, on an annual billing plan, averages only $33.33 per month, for BMP, BWW TV and IBO Webspace!

Annual Quarterly Monthly

Premier Technology Bundle $399.95 $110.95 $39.95 (BMP / Webspace / BWW TV)

Combo Plan $190.00 $49.95 $17.95 (Webspace / BWW TV)

BMP (a la carte) $299.95 $84.95 $29.95

BWW TV (a la carte) $120.00 $30.95 $10.95

IBO Webspace (a la carte) $120.00 $30.95 $10.95

Business Plan DVD

BWW1DVD (1 DVD) BWW Business Plan DVD

BWW Lit Pack

LPKCD (1 Lit Pack) BWW Lit Pack

LPKS (1 Lit Pack, Spanish) BWW Lit Pack (Spanish-language version)

LPKR (1 Lit Pack, Russian) BWW Lit Pack (Russian-language version)

BWW1524CD (1 CD) Velauther & Thilaka Arunasalam: Personal Momentum

Pankaj & Archana Gupta: Our First Year As Diamonds

BWW1523CD (1 CD) Vinny & Dayna Pappalardo: New Executive Diamonds

Tony & Frances Pappalardo: Our First Year As Diamonds

BWW1522CD (1 CD) Suzanne Callender: The Right Environment

BWW1521CD (1 CD) Rocky Covington: Free Enterprise

Dave & Mia Taylor: Leadership By Example

BWW1520CD (1 CD) Girish & Purnima Desai: New Diamonds

Girish & Purnima Desai: Top Two Tips For Going Diamond

BWW1519CD (1 CD) Tissa & Maithree Samaratunga: Being Persistent & Consistent

Nick & Parul Soni: Freedom & Free Enterprise

BWW1518CD (1 CD) Dennis & Danielle Nafte: New Diamonds

BWW1517CD (1 CD) Warren & Vanessa Frie: Emerald Success Story

BWW1516CD (1 CD) Manipal & Renuka Reddy: Servant Leadership

BWW1515CD (1 CD) Sajid Sayed: Consistent Work Ethic

Sajid Sayed: Transformation Through Tools

BWW1514CD (1 CD) Charlie & Ann Durso: Point Of Victory

Wayne & Suzanne Callender: Stay Green And Growing

BWW1513CD (1 CD) Frank & Debbie Joseph: Activity Leads To Productivity

John & Arlene Simeone: Who Are You Listening To?

BWW1512CD (1 CD) Raj & Sangita Shah: Pulses Of The Business

BWW1511CD (1 CD) Cathy Merris: Being Persistent & Consistent

Carroll Youngblood: Overcome To Become

BWW1510CD (1 CD) Kevin & Beth Bell: Action & Education

Tom & Estelle Joachim: Harmony Leads To Unity

BWW1509CD (1 CD) Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani: The Things That Matter

Nanda & Sangeetha Sringari: Strong Team, Strong Business

BWW1508CD (1 CD) EDC Panel: Building Depth, Team Spirit, The Pull & More

BWW1507CD (1 CD) Paul & Leslie Miller: Standing Up For What Is Right

BWW1506CD (1 CD) Panel: Professionals Panel

Allan & Jenny Figueredo: Action Plus Education

BWW1505CD (1 CD) Vinny & Dayna Pappalardo: The Best Year Ever!

For further educational and motivational information, please contact your upline.

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