Visual, meaningful Social Stories can easily be made using Power Point and Windows Story Maker

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Visual, meaningful Social Stories can easily be made using Power Point and Windows Story Maker.

Here are links to sample social stories or “how-to’s” for social stories. This is a “youtube” for teachers. Simply search for “social stories” and many videos come up. html - a TON of social story and power card examples, some using special interests like Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder, Transformers, etc. - more examples from the great people at Kansas ASD, including power card stories and incredible 5 point scale lists. - 6 social stories related to playing board games. ory.doc - bus story with illustrations. - at present this materials exchange bank includes one social story, about staying on the "green schedule" instead of displaying negative behavior and switching to the "red schedule." - going to the movies. - to prepare kids for a visit to this particular museum. n/main.php?cat=behavior&subsection=pbs/casea&scene=4  - short power card story about using words when mad, with "Toy Story" character illustrations. - being angry is okay (text only). - controlling emotions (for a teen) - Thanksgiving 6.htm - flying ory.pdf - sharing toys and dealing with anger. cial_stories.htm - tipping your chair, looking too long at girls, yelling - getting angry, how to get help, "I don't understand", playing games that make kids mad, "shhh", taking a bath, talking about my day, using my words, and the street. - At least 20 stories, including bullying, weird habits and repetitive questioning.  Written in list format. gement_of_Anxiety_and_Aggression.pdf - swimming (Figure 2) - when I get angry - lunch time at school - church (the story is kind of buried on a long webpage.  Search for the word church to find the story text) dr-social-stories.htm - waiting in line, sitting quietly, lining up for lunch, catsitting, playground, and taking a test (GCSE). Click on the link under publications. - middle finger (illustrated) - sharing, playing games, time to eat (see appendix) - dying Easter eggs (illustrated) allway_Safe.doc - how to act in the school hallway ml - learning to shop independently tml - preparing for a road trip tories.htm - asking  other kids to play 8022440D23A6/8132/cdrsocialstories.pdf  - "In the playground" about not hurting others. - nice hands, naughty hands - playing games that make kids mad - 3 social stories, see page 2 of this topic. Start with slide 51 - 5 sample stories with pictures, made for older kids participating in research studies.  Includes one about a functional MRI. ferent_Approaches/Social_Stories.htm  - about teeth brushing .html - 2 stories, greeting people and showering .html - 2 stories, sharing toys during playtime at school and staying on topic/limiting talk about special interest .html - 2 stories, transitioning to a middle school and having a new special ed teacher. .html - learning to interact appropriately with a specific paraprofessional/aide. - shoe shopping id=Givesmart&userip= %2 f4.0+(compatible%3b+MSIE+7.0%3b+Windows+NT+5.1%3b+.NET+C LR+1 .1.4322) - chewing gum - see list of 23 stories on page 4 of this topic. - see the long list of social stories pertaining to summer camp on page 4 of this topic. 0STORIES%20lthd.pdf - going to K-mart with your aide, study hall. mor.doc - where, when and what is okay to throw.  Includes some silly examples. s/Creating+Social+Stories.pdf - 2 short stories for the transition to kindergarten (Lee Goes to School and Mark Sits in Circle).,156,491125,faa491125,,,Doc,p age.html - receiving help and various ways of helping classmates - starting at a new school 83&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=50269  - fire drills (1 picture) - fire drill and school bus %20HOUSE%20STORIES.pdf - fire drill.  Has simple language and repetition. - fire drill gers.pdf - for a child who's bothered by bugs (cicadas) Start on page 9 l - James is a good bus rider. - Halloween.  Others at this website are listed on page 4 of this topic. es/notRightToBite.htm - biting (with simple visuals) - rollerskating field trip (with simple visuals) gement_of_Anxiety_and_Aggression.doc  - Daniel goes swimming with Kristin sm.htm - Not listening, tuning into people, interrupting, personal space, time out, when others didn't hear/respond to you, asking questions you know the answer to, circle time, leaving an activity, not calling out to get someone's attention, coming when an adult calls, when I feel I must talk. - New Teacher Today (sung to the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock), about having a substitute teacher ries.htm - making friends at school (for ca. preschool age) cial - Being a Good Sport The Consequences of Hitting and Pushing Using My Quiet Spot 0child%20with%20Autism%20Spectrum%20Disorder.doc  - visiting performers (how to behave in the audience at school) ml - video social story "What is practice?" explaining what this word means and why teachers have students practice skills. kes_and_.html -video social story about staying calm and being patient and persistent when I'm doing something difficult or make a mistake (uses Thomas Edison as a role model). ng_for_r.html - video social story with various examples of showing consideration of others (they call it respect, and urge kids to look and listen for example of it in their daily lives).,%20Dottie-Soc ial%20Stories-Major%20Spkr.pdf - "When should I wash my hands?" "What will I do when I go to the grocery store with my mom" and "What can I do when I feel mad" (all with PEC type illustrations) - staying in the classroom when you get upset ts/turn-taking.pdf - taking turns with a toy alEducation/autism/socialstories  - 5 stories with pictures:   Can I sniff your hair?  I need a tissue.  Why do I have to wear a seatbelt?  I need a break.  Where can I go to scream? lstory.pdf - 5 social story with simple pictures/icons - crying, playing games, people I can talk to (ie not strangers), working by myself, my friday test. ocuments/Service_Areas/SENaPS/SEN_Protocols/Promoting_Posi ti ve_Behaviour.pdf - 8 stories (the first two have pictures)  - asking questions in class, my school day, sharing toys, sharing, playing fairly, how to ask for help, staying calm in class, listening to the teacher, - Carol Gray's Understanding possession and Pretend Examples in School Work are also posted here. - being a good bus rider. - following the teacher's directions. p - having a substitute teacher. interactive video about electrical safety. - interactive audio-video books about expecting a new baby and being a big brother/sister.  Some sections of the book are more like social stories than others. .htm - playing together. - answering questions in class. - when is it okay to run? tory_tips.pdf - running inside. - going to the supermarket (under the paragraph headed "Preparation"). - "time for bed" (under the paragraph headed "Explaining sleep"). .ppt - circle time, with photographs. task=view&id=4&Itemid=5  - saying hi - 2 stories for toddler transitions (drop-off at daycare, starting the day at preschool) - power point social story about what to do when angry or frustrated. - dealing with angry feelings while playing with another kid. f - going to the bathroom and washing hands before snack.  By Brenda Myles. 06/Social%20stories%20Jane%20Cotter.ppt  - Working by myself, How to borrow (a rubber eraser), People I can talk to (at the store), Playing games, Being organized, My Friday test, When I'm fed up with questions, -explaining-SPD-to-your-child.html  - explanation of sensory issues. ism.pdf - "It's okay to have autism", written by an adult with autism. h.pdf - answering the telephone (p. 184), joining a conversation (p. 187), taking and making mistakes on tests (p. 194-5), my morning routine (p. 196), different kinds of touch (p. 199) 


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