Vocabulary: calamities-disasters or terrible misfortunes

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Zoo Story”

Time for Kids

Story Overview: Tough times can bring out the best in some people. This article tells how people in Florida worked together to save zoo animals after a terrible hurricane. The details are fascinating.
Genre: Nonfiction Article-a newspaper or magazine presents facts and information.


  1. calamities-disasters or terrible misfortunes

  2. mitigate-to lessen or ease

  3. devastating-extremely destructive

  4. evacuate-to leave an unsafe area

  5. administer-to give or apply

Strategy: Context Clues / Within a Paragraph-When a student sees an unfamiliar word, they should check nearby sentences in the same paragraph. The meaning of the word may be made clear by information on one or more of those sentences.
Skill: Make Generalizations-A generalization is a broad statement made by combining facts from the text with a reader’s own prior knowledge.

Grammar: Plural nouns

  • To form the plural of some nouns ending in f or fe, change the f to v and add –es (half= halves)

  • To form the plural of nouns ending in a vowel followed by o, add –s or –es. (rodeo = rodeos)

  • To form the plural of nouns ending in a consonant followed by o, add –s

or -es. (potato = potatoes)
Spelling List:

vault sooty corduroy

slouch fraud browse

poise sought rookie

scrawl scowl scoot

noodle employ avoid

blouse thaw snoozed

boost groove
Review words: slipped, credited, regretting
Challenge words: drowsy, boisterous

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