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Pacific Aviation Museum - Pearl Harbor

319 Lexington Blvd. Ford Island Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

Loretta K Fung – Tour/Volunteer Coordinator 808 441-1008


Pacific Aviation Museum Volunteers will help convey the story of one of the most important historical events in the 20th century through the Museum’s exhibits of WWII aircraft, historical artifacts and displays. Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn will make the Pacific Aviation Museum a memorable place for all. We need you to help give our aviation history a future.
 Education Program Docents

 Tour Docents

 Greeters and Theater Operations

 Curatorial and Exhibits’ Volunteers

 Volunteer Coordinator

 Oral History Documentation

 Membership

 Special Events and Fund-Raising

  • Aircraft Preparation

 Website Management

 Cactus Air Force Flight Simulator Operations

SCHEDULE: Volunteers are encouraged to make a 4 hour commitment per week.
Schedules will be made every two weeks; Volunteers will be notified by email of tours, special events and Museum project needs. All volunteers are required to go through a minimum of 4 hours of training and/or orientation.

0900-1230 Tour Docents Everyday

1130-1500 Tour Docents Everyday

0900-1230 Greeters/Oral History Everyday

1130-1500 Greeters/Oral History Everyday

0900-1700 Cactus Air Force Flight Simulator Operations Everyday

0900-1500 Scout Program Docents Saturdays

0900-1230 Education Docents Monday through Friday

1130-1500 Education Docents Monday through Friday

0930-1600 Department Volunteers Monday through Friday

(Curatorial, Exhibits, Aircraft, Education, Special Events)

 Please notify your Department Head 48 hours in advance if you are unable to make your assigned shift. Please make arrangements for a substitute volunteer to fill in for you.


Volunteers are to be appropriately dressed at all times. This includes PAM shirt, name badge, khaki pants and comfortable walking shoes (no slippers, please).

 Docents and Volunteers will be responsible for purchasing a PAM logo polo shirt for $30. Replacement and/or additional shirts will be $20.00 ($25.00 with Pocket).
 Name badges will be provided for all volunteers.

TOUR INFORMATION (Instructional materials provided)

 The Volunteer Manual will be distributed to ALL Volunteers. The manual will provide historical bullet points to be used by greeters, theater operation, orientation tours, exhibit hangar tours and educational group tours. This information includes:

WWII history highlights 1939-1945;

Pacific War history bullet points 1941-1945;

Detailed information on the first Year of the war in the Pacific: Pre-attack to Guadalcanal;

Detailed information on the exhibit aircraft: Aeronca, A6M2 Zero, Niihau Zero, F4F-3 Wildcat, B-25 Mitchell, Boeing N2S Stearman, P-40 Warhawk, and Douglas SBD Dauntless.

 ALL Volunteers are asked to be familiar with:

PAM organization and mission statement;

Movie schedules, simulator experience and schedule, gift shop and restaurant;

General layout of the Museum, location of restrooms, emergency exits and fire extinguishers

Books and resource materials available in the gift shop;

Various PAM memberships, special events, volunteer opportunities;

Volunteers are encouraged to attend all training sessions and Volunteer meetings held every third Saturday of the month at 3:00 pm at the museum.
 All Volunteers will be provided orientation training by a “Mentor Docent” using the buddy system for familiarization in ALL areas of the Museum’s operations: Greeter; Theater Operations; Orientation Station; Exhibit Hangar Tour; Hangar 79 Extended Tour; Educational Groups’ Tour; and Flight Lab experience. Additional advanced training will be scheduled as needed in specialty areas.

BASE passes for Ford Island access will be issued after volunteers complete their training. Until then, volunteers without base access can ride the bus from the Bowfin to the Museum. Volunteers must wear their docent shirt and name tag to ride on the bus.

 Personal accounts of WWII and/or other wartime experiences are encouraged within reason. We request that Volunteers adhere to the Volunteer Manual information that is provided. Please check with the Restoration Director or Education Director before incorporation new material into the tour. All research material, written reports, articles, photographs, and video taken while at the museum by a volunteer is the property of the Pacific Aviation Museum.
 Smoking is prohibited in, or in front of, the Museum.

 Volunteers have free admission to the PAM and to the other PHHP sites with their PAM ID.

 Volunteers earn two free admissions to PAM for every 40 hours of logged Volunteer time.
A Permanent Name Tag will be issued after 200 hours of logged volunteer time. Free Shirt after 400 hours of logged volunteer time. Free One year Museum membership for 500 hours logged volunteer time and a Free Lifetime Museum membership for 2400 hours logged volunteer time. Service stars are also awarded for time volunteered at thousand hour increments.
 PAM volunteers or employees receive a 10% discount at the Museum giftshop, please show your name tag. Volunteers also receive a generous discount at the restaurant while on duty and in uniform.
Mahalo for becoming a Volunteer and part of the Pacific Aviation Museum “Ohana”. 8/09

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