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Business and Economics

Beans: Four Principles for Running a Business in Good Times and Bad; A Business Fable Taken From Real Life CBA 7520

by Leslie Yerkes. Narrated by Lynn Rodgers.

1 cassette.

Beans is the story of The El Espresso, a Seattle coffee company that has prospered by intentionally staying small, inspiring fanatical customer loyalty in the process. 2003.


Tacoma Confidential CBA 7855

by Paul LaRosa. Narrated by Steve Hunziker.

4 cassettes.

The true tale of the 2003 murder-suicide that rocked Gig Harbor, Washington. Police Chief David Brame, distraught over his impending divorce, shot his wife to death in a busy public parking lot. Then with the couple's two children only feet away, he turned the gun on himself. Violence and some strong language. 2006.

Chasing the Devil: My Twenty Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer CBA 7659

by David Reichert. Narrated by Duane Barr.

3 cassettes.

Former King County sheriff Dave Reichert offers a firsthand account of the pursuit to capture serial killer Gary Ridgway. 2004.


The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child CBA 6805

by John Gottman. Narrated by Debbie Tully.

4 cassettes.

A professor at the University of Washington asserts that children who learn to acknowledge and master their emotions become more self-confident, healthier, and more successful in school. The book explains the five-step process of "emotional coaching" for parents to use with their children. 1997.

The Seven-Year Stretch: How Families Work Together to Grow Through Adolescence CBA 7094

by Laura S. Kastner and Jennifer F. Wyatt. Narrated by Mary Schlosser.

5 cassettes.

The authors explain how parents can harness their family strengths to help face the challenges of raising an adolescent in this complex world. They point out the impact of factors such as marital, financial, and cultural stresses and discuss ways parents can behave in order to help their children grow up adjusted and happy. 1997.

Mommy Magic: 450 Ways to Nurture Your Child CBA 7126

by Adria Manary. Narrated by Debbie Tully.

2 cassettes.

Filled with ideas to help moms keep the magic alive during the hectic pace of day-to-day parenting. Practical tips, heartwarming stories, and fun activities to nurture a more loving, joyful child. 2000.

Folklore and Mythology

Ghost Stories of Washington CBA 7539

by Barbara Smith. Narrated by John Nadeau.

3 cassettes.

A spooky romp through a world of restless spirits, from the ghost who warns hikers in the Cascades about a dangerous path, to the phantoms that roam the Seattle Underground. 2000.

Government and Politics

Neighbor Power: Building Community the Seattle Way CBA 7869

by Jim Diers. Narrated by Carter Bentley.

3 cassettes.

Diers, a liaison to Seattle communities for the University of Washington Office of Partnerships, has developed his own models and strategies for community development. He offers real-life examples of how to build active, creative neighborhoods, with practical lessons in participatory democracy for ordinary citizens who want to make a difference. 2004.

The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 CBA 7734

by David Ray Griffin. Narrated by Tim Clifford.

5 cassettes.

A philosopher at the Claremont School of Theology, Griffin scrutinizes the time line and physical evidence of September 11 for unresolved inconsistencies. 2004.

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning CBA 7478

by Chris Hedges. Narrated by George Oliver.

3 cassettes.

Hedges argues that for many people, war provides a purpose for living; it seems to allow the individual to rise above regular life and perhaps participate in a noble cause. Having identified this myth, Hedges then explodes it by showing the brutality of modern war. Some violence. 2002.

Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame Your Debate CBA 7707

by George Lakoff, Don Hazen, and Howard Dean. Narrated by Mary Schlosser.

2 cassettes.

Lakoff, a key advisor to the Democratic Party, and Hazen and Dean analyze the 2004 election. They explain how conservatives think, how to counter their arguments, and ways progressives can reframe the conservative issues. 2004.

What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response CBA 7421

by Bernard Lewis. Narrated by Steve Hunziker.

3 cassettes.

A concise study of the rise and decline of the Islamic world and its reaction to Western cultural dominance between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. Discusses Muslim disposition to govern by religious law, reluctance to recognize women's rights, and intolerance of intellectual freedom. 2002.

Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks CBA 7590

by Loretta Napoleoni. Narrated by Lynn Rodgers.

7 cassettes.

Assesses the full extent of the role of the west in developing the economies of armed organizations and provides insight into the real factors dividing East and West. 2003.

The Mission: Waging War and Keeping Peace with America’s Military CBA 7582

by Dana Priest. Narrated by Tim Clifford.

7 cassettes.

A Washington Post reporter traces America's increasing reliance on the military to manage world affairs. 2003.

Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World CBA 7368

by Edward Said. Narrated by George Oliver.

4 cassettes.

Combining political commentary with literary criticism, Edward Said reveals the hidden assumptions and distortions of fact that underlie even the most "objective" coverage of the Islamic world. 1981.

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