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Sports and Recreation

Urban Walks: 23 Walks through Seattle's Parks and Neighborhoods CBA 7403

by Joan Burton and Duse Mclean. Narrated by Kathleen Howe.

2 cassettes.

Each walk includes history about the area, what to look for along the walk route, the type of terrain and the approximate time the walk will take, and driving directions. 2001.

Go For the Goal: A Champion’s Guide to Winning in Soccer and Life CBA 7229

by Mia Hamm and Aaron Heifetz. Narrated by Kathleen Howe.

2 cassettes.

Soccer champion Mia Hamm explains how to master both the mental and physical aspects of the game. 1999.

If I Can Do This…The Saga of Ski for Light CBA 7515

edited by Barbara Rostad. Narrated by Alita Kiaer.

5 cassettes.

Celebrates the tenth anniversary of Ski for Light, a skiing program for visually and physically disabled people modeled on the Norwegian program. 1985.

The Essentials of Yoga CBA 7358

by Dinabandhu Sarley and Ila Sarley. Narrated by Rekha Sood.

3 cassettes.

Introduction to different schools of yoga, postures, routines, and uses. 1999.

An Ice Axe, a Camera, and a Jar of Peanut Butter CBA 7607

by Ira Spring. Narrated by Floyd Hutton.

5 cassettes.

Spring is a man who has spent nearly seven decades doing exactly what he wanted to do: spending as much time as possible outdoors, taking pictures, researching and illustrating more than 35 hiking guides, and earning a reputation as one of the leading scenic photographers in the world. 1998.

Out of Left Field: How the Mariners Made Baseball Fly in Seattle CBA 7619

by Art Thiel. Narrated by Steven Crozier.

4 cassettes.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer sportswriter Art Thiel recounts the painful birth, awkward adolescence, and hard-won maturity of the Seattle Mariners baseball team. 2003.

Big Ideas for Northwest Small Gardens CBA 7879

by Marty Wingate. Narrated by Andrea Lewis.

3 cassettes.

Master Gardener and Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Marty Wingate details design, planning, and planting ideas that will bring a bounty of flowers, variety, and volume to small yards, tight spaces with limited sunlight, decks, and balconies. 2003.


Around the World in 80 Dates CBA 7795

by Jennifer Cox. Narrated by Andrea Lewis.

5 cassettes.

Cox was the 38-year-old head of public relations for Lonely Planet when she decided to give her usual globe-trotting itinerary a twist: "Rather than traveling to recover from Mr. Wrong, what if I went traveling to find Mr. Right?" Cox met 80 men in 18 countries over a period of eight months. 2005.

Around America: A Tour of Our Magnificent Coastline CBA 7444

by Walter Cronkite. Narrated by John Nadeau.

3 cassettes.

In this cordial and breezy rumination on the people and places along America's seashores, Cronkite shows his reverence for the country's coastal beauty and for the craft of sailing. 2001.

Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings CBA 7484

by Jonathan Raban. Narrated by Carter Bentley.

6 cassettes. 16 hours. Available for download.

Raban chronicles his 1990s trip up the Inside Passage from Seattle, Washington, to Juneau, Alaska, in a ketch. He had set out to retrace George Vancouver's 1792 route and to meditate on the lure of the sea, but instead his journey became one of personal introspection. 1999.

Honeymoon in Purdah: An Iranian Journey CBA 7581

by Alison Wearing. Narrated by Lynn Rodgers.

4 cassettes. 10 hours. Available for download.

Traveling in Iran with a male friend, in the guise of a couple on their honeymoon, Wearing set out on her own at every available opportunity. She went looking for what lay beneath the media's representation of Iran and found a country made up of welcoming, curious, warmhearted, ambitious men and women. 2001.

Ghost Towns of the Northwest CBA 7693

by Norman Weis. Narrated by Floyd Hutton.

3 cassettes.

Travel through ghost towns like Comeback Mine Camp, Electric, Ruby, Greenback, Disautel, and Old Todora and hear stories of their past. 1971.



The Great Train Robbery CBA 7477

by Michael Crichton. Narrated by John Nadeau.

5 cassettes.

In the thriving underworld of Victorian London, Edward Pierce, a handsome young man of good breeding, believes he can rob a fast moving train carrying the payroll for Crimean War troops. Some violence.1975.

Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival CBA 7501

by Velma Wallis. Narrated by Alita Kiaer.

1 cassette.

Based on a legend told and retold for many generations in the remote Yukon River region of northeast Alaska, this is the tragic and shocking story of two elderly women abandoned by a migrating band facing starvation. 1993.

Contemporary Fiction

Fateful Days CBA 7434

by Gwen Austin. Narrated by Kathleen Howe.

3 cassettes.

Set in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, this novel follows four people through a year of their lives and ponders how much fate affects what happens. 2001.

Intrusions CBA 7072

by Ursula Hegi. Narrated by Linda Meier.

3 cassettes.

As an author and her fictional heroine deal with their intrusions into each other's lives, Hegi explores the choices women make, the ambiguities they face, and the often surprising ways reality and fiction merge. 1981.

By the Light of My Father’s Smile CBA 7715

by Alice Walker. Narrated by Jackie Friedman.

3 cassettes.

In the early 1940s, the Robinson family travels to rural Mexico, where Mr. Robinson and his wife are studying a doomed people known as the Mundo, the wise, egalitarian descendants of escaped slaves and Indians. 1998.

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