Wbc performance Narrative Report

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WBC Performance Narrative Report

Email in Word (no PDF) format to OWBO program manager and DOTR

Name of WBC

Name of Host



City and State


Cooperative Agreement #
(please see current NOA)


Project Director


Address (if changed)


Email (if changed)


Phone (if changed)


Reporting Period

OWBO Program Manager’s Findings




Program Manager Name and Date



Narratives should be brief but show that the WBC director understands the program and the budget and is in control of both. Final Report Only — The final performance report must also include a summary of the year’s activities, challenges and accomplishments. 

Activities and Challenges – Provide a brief discussion of the period’s activities and challenges. Include successful initiatives, ways in which you are adapting your program to meet the changing needs of your community, etc.


Goals and Accomplishments – Provide a brief discussion comparing actual accomplishments to the goals negotiated with the SBA for the reporting period. If goals were not met, address the reasons and provide a plan of action to overcome those deficiencies. If you wish to revise your goals, please provide a justification.

Goals Quarterly Goal Actual This Period Total to Date Reported in EDMIS

Business Starts

Jobs Created

Capital Accessed

w/ WBC Assistance



Trained & Counseled

Have you uploaded/entered your training, counseling and economic impact data for this reporting period into EDMIS?  Yes  No

If not, why?      

Economic Impact Data – At the end of the year, you must also complete the economic impact report within EDMIS as mandated by Congress.

Personnel – Were there any personnel changes during this reporting period? If so, please list name(s), position(s) and start date(s).

Financials – Provide a brief discussion of actual financial expenditures under budget cost categories versus the estimated budget, including an explanation of any cost overruns. This should be from the WBC director’s standpoint and is in addition to the information furnished in the financial reports. Do not insert a chart.

Did you submit a budget revision this period?  Yes  No Date submitted to DOTR:      

Have you drawn down the most recent quarter’s payment?  Yes  No

If not, please explain why.      

Has the previous year been closed out?  Yes  No

If not, please explain why.      

Do you anticipate requesting a carryover in the 4th quarter?  Yes  No

Success Stories – Please provide the following information on success stories that you have submitted to the district office public information officer for clearance this reporting period.


Small Business Name

Name of Business Owner

No. Years in Business

Date to DO
















Outreach and Collaboration – List any special outreach initiatives for veterans, green businesses, importing/exporting, Native Americans, contracting, etc.

List the organizations (SBA resource partners, CDCs, faith-based, local economic development organizations, etc.) with which the WBC collaborates to provide counseling, training and outreach.


Training – List classes and workshops provided this reporting period.

Classes and Workshops Date(s) or
Hold Control and hit Tab to tab over. Hit Return to add a line. Frequency Fees


How many scholarships did you provide?       Total value of scholarships this reporting period:      

Final Report Only: Please include a brief summary of the year.



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