We are pleased to present to you the City of Melbourne’s annual report for 2012–13

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Our performance

We measure our success by our ability to achieve the objectives set out in our Council Plan 2009–13. Our objectives are divided into eight goals that we use to prioritise our activities. The following information highlights some of our achievements under the goals in 2012–13 as well as some of the outcomes we will aim for in the years ahead.

Goal 1 | A city for people – Keep the municipality a great place to live, work and visit. With appropriate community infrastructure and strategies to improve safety, we will promote individual and community health and our rich cultures will be celebrated and socially connected.

Looking back on 2012–13:

  • Completed the $25.6 million Swanston Street redevelopment.

  • Completed the $15 million Carlton Baths refurbishment.

  • Provided funding for the NGV’s first 24-hour opening for the Winter Masterpieces.

  • Upgraded the Floral Clock with new paving and lighting.

  • See page 16 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • A well-planned municipality for a growing and diverse population.

  • People who are informed and supported to be healthy.

  • People who participate and feel connected.

  • Safe, high-quality and well-used public spaces and places.

Goal 2 | A creative city – Capitalise on and expand our reputation as a creative, bold and inspirational city. We support and promote a diverse mix of artists so that art is accessible to all.

Looking back on 2012–13:
  • Provided 124 affordable working spaces housing 135 artists.

  • Encouraged community participation with the 1st Friday Dance Club.

  • Hosted the inaugural Victoria Indigenous Dance Forum.

  • See page 26 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • Artists are supported to work locally.

  • Artistic enterprises choose to base themselves in the municipality.

  • People participate in creative expression and attend arts and cultural activities.

  • A growing reputation as the centre for vibrant artistic and cultural life.

  • The municipality’s cultural and natural heritage is protected for the appreciation of future generations.

Goal 3 | Economic prosperity – Work locally, nationally and globally to continue to strengthen our local economy by supporting small and medium businesses and promoting a variety of events.

Looking back on 2012–13:

  • Consolidated Melbourne Music Week’s place in Melbourne’s music scene.

  • Approved 12 small business grants for a total of $222,215 in funding.

  • Promoted Victorian produce at the Food Tech trade show in Osaka, Japan.

  • See page 30 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • A sustainable and resilient municipal economy.

  • A globally connected municipal economy.


Goal 4 | A knowledge city Build our industry innovation, research, business and information technology capabilities and position Melbourne as the city of choice for international students.

Looking back on 2012–13:

  • Received an excellence award for the EDGE International Student Leaders’ Program.

  • Adopted the recommendations of a report to help establish Melbourne as a knowledge city.

  • Hosted the final event of the Melbourne CleanTech Network series.

  • See page 38 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • International students have a positive experience.

  • Infrastructure that supports knowledge and learning.

  • People participate in knowledge-related activities.

  • Businesses are better informed about the knowledge sector.

Goal 5 | An eco-city – Improve the sustainability of the city's building stock, water management and recycling within the municipality, reduce carbon emissions and protect our world-renowned parks and gardens.

Looking back on 2012–13:
  • Entered into a $1 million Environmental Upgrade Agreement to retrofit a city office block.

  • Launched a new energy efficiency program for apartment owners called Smart Blocks.

  • Established an Exceptional Tree Register to protect significant and special trees.

  • See page 41 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • Our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

  • Less municipal waste-to-landfill with less negative impact on amenity from collecting waste.

  • Sustainable water management.

  • Increased biodiversity and tree canopy cover in the municipality.

  • Climate change impacts on the municipality are managed.

Goal 6 | A connected city Advocate safe, efficient and sustainable movement throughout the city and make sure Melbourne is accessible without sacrificing social or ecological values.

Looking back on 2012–13:

  • Put the finishing touches on the $25.6 million redevelopment of Swanston Street

  • Installed separated bicycle lanes in each direction on Clarendon Street, East Melbourne.

  • See page 50 for more detail.

Looking ahead:

  • People and goods can move efficiently within the municipality.

  • More people are walking, cycling or using public transport to travel to and from the municipality.

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