we do know who Jack the Ripper is ! (50,431)


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--- (1888) WE DO KNOW who Jack the Ripper is ! (50,431)

Posted Oct. 13, 2011, updated Nov. 24, 2011

Jack the Ripper: a live machine of intent consisting of human organization in absence of conscience? Under influence of the Monarchies, to psychopathically murder under particular guidelines & for particular purposes with police agreement to succeed?

It seems that a “Jack the Ripper” forms & occurs when a number of persons in the authorities want to dispose of someone for whatever purpose, send organized instruction through their hidden contacts within the general citizens & public services to work together as a group methodically & secretly to target & destroy. No one seems to know where it comes from, seems like bad luck when targeted or witnessing events because it gives a feeling of to come from everywhere & nowhere simultaneously or in a particular order or sequence, before & after the fact, to make cause & a predetermined effect.

Investigators always look for one perpetrator, not an organized group. “Jack the Ripper” is a group of people however organized who each agree to play a role before, during & after, in organization to make an altered appearance of cause & effect to a targeted persons life. Each of the group that has contact with the person, directly or indirectly, agrees to do something that ought not to be done or not to do something that ought to be done for the agreed intent of creating a cause for the purpose of effect, not always being murder.

The results could be that a teenager has disappeared or child abducted (organs?), there is an apparent suicide, false staged arrests (incarseration is an alternate method of disposal – to get someone dispensed with), a car accident with weird details that don’t add up, a mugging / murder, a drowning, an overdose or the name sake of Ripper to cut. It seems to me, now a days, in criminal organization, that the “methods of disposal” rotate to melt in with normal & random statistics of occurrences to not create a “spike” in some way that would allert the public as the events labelled “Jack the Ripper” did.

For a “Jack the Ripper” to happen there would need to be a member of the group at each of the pertinant policing, witnessing & authority contact points of the matters to be in agreement to misdirect the evidence as the matters unfold & to continue to cover it up after the fact. When a Jack the Ripper happens, in my experience, it is an issue of harm “to pounce” by a group upon an unsuspecting target, where the police are in agreement, carrying out or facilitating to allow the crime to occur in a concealed & misinforming manner.

I believe that those that have studied or publicized the Ripper cases have an extra reason for doing so. Some where the perpetrators, some were continuing the crimes handed down through generations, some have loved ones that were victims but none will admit to the reasons while studying. I am studying it because I believe my family is a major part of the Ripper ring today that I’m biologically connected to and that this group has been trying many endeavors to have me killed and at times falsely accused of crimes I did not commit to get rid of me because they had organized the abduction and molestation of my children & need to get rid of me as a witness. I believe the first attempt against my life was apx. 1976 when I was 12 yrs old. These family members are Allison, Jillian Jackson, Jaqueline & Rick Siwek, Angela & Stefan Siwek, Joseph Anthony Goralczyk, Catherine Goralczyk, Deborah Ann Walker Smith, Kathy Luke, Christine Goralczyk, James Goralczyk, Sarah Addesso Peterson, Adam Addesso, Ron, Lynn & Josephine Richardson, Dr. Manitius to Krista, Gary O’Neill and more…..They are criminally organized and cannot be deemed a family as they attack their own members that will not agree to live in principle’s of psychopathy. The group and it’s extended parts spill into society in such a way that there are hundreds of victims. I hope to save future victims, including my own children, by reporting to the public what I know before they could harm me for silence. Living with terror is not quality life.

Throughout this study I have placed at the bottom of entries a questions line which includes i. possible name changes & ii. Persons of interest involved with issues of my life of difficulty that may be of problem to others in society. These further query names are further studied and can be seen by you by going to the public accounts listed at the end of the last part of this article. It is astounding that the connections are too close knit to be considered at random and there lies terrible danger for anyone targeted who may be in ignorance of not knowing the truth. Study & know & stay alive. I study with no secrets & fully admit that the base of the Jack the Ripper gang of today is my family & why I study & report to the public. I hope that the public uses this information for survival long after I expire as I know this gang intends to carry on in the future as they have through the long past. I have experienced, witnessed, studied and I am now reporting as fast as possible. By you also helping to investigate & distribute the information we, together can safe many lives.

I did notice that when Larisa Belekova was murdered Feb. 2010 in Toronto that it appeared to me by things people did & said in the area that they knew that Larisa would be murdered. It appeared to me that when officer Ryan Russell was killed the people in the community were happy. In multiple times when I narrowly escaped the plans of the Ripper gang, I noticed people gathering to watch before hand. At one attempted against me that failed May 28, 2010, there were 19 people, that are my immediate neighbors, gathered to watch me die. This is because a large number of persons of the community are members of the Ripper gang & are receiving inside information & treat the murder as reality entertainment in psychopathy. It’s time to dig for the truth of who is who. Don’t let the secrecy of style Ripper adoption records get in the way. Studying psychopathy can help to understand the mind set of gang members whom are showing themselves in the medias everyday.
Jack the Ripper alias of serial killings in “Whitechapel” & districts of London England. Name from a letter sent to Central News Agency by a claimant to be the murderer. The victims “allegedly” prostitutes. (Q?s: some maiden & married names?). Murders in public, semi-public, night or morning. The victim's throat cut, & body mutilated. Theory: victims 1st strangled to silence them, which explained the lack of blood at the scenes. Removal of organs of 3 victims propose the killer had anatomical or surgical knowledge. Newspapers gave notoriety to the killings & the failure of police, sometimes missing him at scenes by mere minutes. (Q?s: Central Neighborhood House with Kathy Adams Warren & Elizabeth Forrestall is just over 100 years old in 2011 - Toronto’s G-20 police all disappear just when the smashing crimes occur & re-appear just when the crimes are done – Abberline – Blair – Addie – McWatch – Mitchell – White – Waddell - Whipple?)

Mid-1800s England had influx of Irish immigrants. From 1882 Jewish refugees escaping tsarist Russia & eastern Europe causing overcrowding, rise in social tensions & a massive economic underclass driving many to prostitution. 1888 Police estimated 1,200 prostitutes in Whitechapel & 62 brothels. 1886-89 demonstrations by the hungry & unemployed were constant. (Q?s: Brothers – Roth – Beaverall / Metheral – Strode – Ethol – Ether / Eather – Batheroy?)

The majority of murders attributed to "Jack the Ripper" occurred in latter 1888 but killings persisted until 1891, entailed mutilation & evisceration. Rumours that murders were connected intensified Sep. & Oct. when letters were received by media & Scotland Yard, purporting to be the Ripper. One letter, received by George Lusk of Whitechapel Vigilance Ctte, included a preserved human kidney. Media: public came to believe in a single killer labelled "Jack the Ripper" re: signature on postcard rec’d by Central News Agency. (Q?s: List – Liss – skull – Klaus?)

11 murders from Apr. 3, 1888 to Feb. 13 1891, known police docket as "the Whitechapel Murders." 7 other murders & violent attacks have been connected with Jack the Ripper by various authors & historians.

5 of the murders occurred Aug. to Nov. 1888 within a few streets of each other, The alibis of local butchers & slaughterers were investigated, & were eliminated from the enquiry. Over 2000 people were interviewed, "upwards of 300" people were investigated & 80 people were detained.

Time Line Affidavit

(C5 = 5 main cases considered to be Ripper)
1843.???.??: After the acquittal of Daniel M’Naghten 1843 & establishment of the M'Naghten rules, physicians (who were probably a part of the Jack the Ripper group) became increasingly involved in determining whether defendants were suffering from “mental illness' (& this ring of docters have been accusing of false mental disorder & poisoning with noxious substances ever since). The importance of the medical sciences during the period led to increasing involvement by pathologists in investigations.

1855.???.??: The Ripper murders marked modern life. Reforms to the Stamp Act 1855 had enabled the publication of inexpensive newspapers with wider circulation. This mushroomed in the Victorian era to include magazines such as Illustrated Police News, making the Ripper, thought of as a single individual, beneficiary of publicity & created entertainment about serial killing rather then aiming for truth & Justice. Some believe the killer's label was invented by media. Labelling became standard such as Boston Strangler, Green River Killer, Axeman of New Orleans, Beltway Sniper, & Hillside Strangler, besides the derivative Yorkshire Ripper almost 100 years later & the unnamed perpetrator of the "Thames Nude Murders" of the 1960s that the press dubbed Jack the Stripper. Some believe the murders are all done by the same group & the labels are created to lead investigations in error to seek only one predator instead of a group.

1886. Aug. 03: Henry Matthews, 1st Viscount Llandaff PC, QC, in office Aug. 03, 1886-Aug. 15, 1892, Victoria Monarch, Prime Minister Marquess of Salisbury, Preceded by Hugh Childers, suceeded by H.H. Asquith, Home Secretary 1886 to 1892, Henry Matthews mother is Emma Blount (d. 1861) dau. of William Blount.

????.???.??: A murder before the “Jack the Ripper”: label of “Leather Apron”

Since the Nichols murder, rumours that the killings were the work of a Jew dubbed "Leather Apron." Words on the entrance to some dwellings No. 108 Goulston St.: "The Juews are not [the word 'not' being deleted] the men that will not be blamed for nothing", cast suspicion or distraction upon a Jew named John Pizer a.k.a. “Leather Apron” having committed a murder in Hanbury St. a short time previously. (Q?s: Piznar to Walter Siwek – Judge J.M. Ratizer – Ana Ames Perez / James / Thames – Canterbury / Carberry – Switzerland – Smit / Swite / White – Swayze / Baynes – Blades to Amanda Jane Reid - Pier?)

1888. Apr. 05: Emma Elizabeth Smith, b. 1843, attacked Osborn St., Whitechapel Apr. 3, 1888, & a blunt object was inserted into her vagina, rupturing her perineum. She survived the attack & managed to walk back to her lodging house. Friends brought her to hospital, she told police she was attacked by 2 or 3 men, 1 of whom was a teenager. She fell into coma, d. Apr. 5. (Q?s: White / Swithe / Smythe / Smith – Tim – Them – Thomson – Sims - Smitherman?)

1887. Dec. 26: "Fairy Fay," nickname for unknown murder victim allegedly found Dec. 26, 1887 with "a stake thrust through abdomen." It’s suggested that "Fairy Fay" was a creation of the press, confusion of the details of the murder of Emma Elizabeth Smith with a separate non-fatal attack the previous Christmas. The name of "Fairy Fay" was founded 1950. No recorded murders in Whitechapel at or around Christmas 1886or7, & later newspaper reports that included a Christmas 1887 killing conspicuously did not list the Smith murder.

1888.???.??: At the time of the murders, a theatrical of Robert Louis Stevenson's book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was being performed. The subject matter drew much attention, even leading the star of the show to be accused by some of the public of being the Ripper but wasn’t taken seriously by the police. (Q?s: Robin O’Dell / obeL / Roble – Obberman / Alberti / Robert Louis = Robis / Obis / Orbison – Tenniel - Lyons / Lions – Pinkerton / Pinchin / Chinn / Lusk / Skinner / Kinnear to Kmiec (nn yo m) to Siwek / Juwes / Lewis / Smiley / Smilsky / Smithkey / Smith / Smythe - Lios / Louise / Lou / Lucy / Luce / Sou / Souse from Sonse / Sonshine – Svi / Shtevi / Sven / Swanson / Swayze (N sideways to Z)– Stephenson / Stephanie / Stefan / Annie / Addie – Evans – Steven – Sheen / Steen – Stone – Stinson – Heyding / Van der Heyden / Van der Shildon – Smilsky / Wolski to Flynn?)

1888.???.??: The Ten Bells, a Victorian pub in Commercial St. that had been frequented by Jack the Ripper's victims was the focus of tours. The owners changed its name to "Jack the Ripper" in 1960s but following protests, returned to its old name.

1888. ???.??: A group of citizens in London's East End called Whitechapel Vigilance Ctte. patrolled streets, petitioned gov’t to raise a reward for info, hired detectives to question witnesses separate from the police. The Ctte. was led by George Lusk 1888 & Albert Bachert 1889 claimed to be in charge of that group or a similar group. (Q?s: Luke / Skull / Klaus / List / Liss – Eckert – Acheson – Teacher - Bach – Beckthold – Al Brecht / Chabberly / Chatterjee – Ghita / Bright / Brights Disease – Alberti / Blair – Bochue / Baquie – Boucher / Butcher – Talbot / Chabot / Cabot – Grabowski to Borchert / Botcher to Robert McDonald?)

1888. Feb. 25: Annie Millwood b. 1850, attacked Feb. 25, 1888. admitted to hospital with "numerous stabs in the legs & lower part of the body." discharged from hospital but died from apparently natural causes Mar. 31, 1888. (Ya Right, natural causes at 38 – Millward – Wood – Oddi – Dooley / Woolley – Miller / Milley – Willow / Wallow / Swallow – Downey – Hollywood – Emily – Annie / Addie?)

1888. Mar. 28: Ada Wilson, attacked Mar. 28, 1888, 2 stabs in neck. She survived. (Q?s: Adeline / Abberline / Addie – Lara with Wilson / Tara Wilson – Jim Wilson – Milton – Ana / Ava / Eva / Ida – Adam?)

1888. May 31: Elizabeth Jackson, prostitute, body parts were collected from River Thames May 31 to Jun. 25, 1889. identified by her scars. (Q?: Eliza / Elena / Lisa / Larisa / Beth / Abe / Abbie – Jack to Jackman to Mizzi to James as all the same names through changes – Them / James / Jaime / Ana Ames – Amy Stone – Shame - J ackson to Acheson – Acton / Ashton -

1888. Aug. 07: Martha Tabram (nee White) a.k.a. Tabran; a.k.a. Emma Turner; b. May 7, 1849, killed Aug. 7, 1888. 39 stab wounds, (rather than slashing & cutting), a killer's modus operandi can change, dramatically (especially if it is an organized group instead of just one person & if there is more then 1 motive between the issues). Her body was found at George Yard Buildings, George Yard. (Q?s: Turrell - Tahir – Tobias – Cadman / Tadman – Abram / Abraham / Graham – Adam – Brant / Brand – Pam – Apron / Abby / Addie / Andrea – Tab bran / Dob brav – Wight / Ghita - Ram?)

1888. Aug. 31: (C5) Mary Ann Nichols (nee Walker) a.k.a. "Polly", b. Aug. 26, 1845, & killed Fri., Aug. 31, 1888, 43 yrs., body found at abt 3:40 am on ground in front of a gated stable entrance in Buck’s Row (renamed Durward St.), a back street 200 yards from London Hospital. Nichols was not missing organs,

After the Nichols murder, Det. Frederick Abberline, Henry Moore, & Walter Andrews were sent from Central Office at Scotland Yard to assist.

1888. Sep. 07: Direction was confused & hampered because newly appointed head of the CID, Sir Robert Anderson was on leave in Switzerland Sept. 7 & Oct. 15 (during Chapman, Stride & Eddowes killings). This prompted Chief Comm. of the Met, Sir Charles Warren, to appoint Superint. Donald Swanson to co-ordinate from Scotland Yard. Swanson's notes survived time. (Q?s: Eddowes / Edmond / Adeline / Abberline / Borin, Blair & Addie & Adde / Pam Bab / Tabram - Fred / Reid / Ed / Redi – Amanda Jane Reid – Joyce Reid – Andrews / Andre / Drew / Dew / Anderson / Adler / W alter / Sw Anson / Addison / Apman / Adman – Swallow / Swailles / Swayze / Stinson / Manson – Moren / Warren / Darren - Piznar to Walter Siwek – John Pizer - Judge J.M. Ratizer – Ana Ames Perez / James / Thames – Switzerland / Schmidt to Weber / Smit / Swite / White – Ritz Carlton – Swayze / Baynes – Blades to Amanda Jane Reid - Pier?)

1888. Sep. 08: (C5) Annie Chapman (nee Eliza Ann Smith), a.k.a. "Dark Annie", b. Sept. 1841 & killed Sat. Sep. 08, 1888, body found abt 6am lying on ground near a doorway in the back yard of 29 Hanbury St., Spitalfields. She was 47 yrs old, in poor health & destitute. Chapman's uterus was taken

1888. Sep. 17: Sources list a letter Sep. 17, 1888, as 1st to use Jack the Ripper name. Most believe it a modern fake inserted into police records in 20th century. It neither an official police stamp with date rec’d nor initials of the investigator who examined it if it were considered evidence. It isn’t mentioned in surviving police documents. (How could a fake letter get into the police records? If a member of a Jack the Ripper group is employed as a police officer?)

1888. Sep. 22: Punch cartoon by John Tenniel (Sep. 22, 1888) criticising the police's alleged incompetence.
1888. Sep. 25: The "Dear Boss" letter, Sep. 25, postmarked & rec’d Sept. 27, 1888, by the Central News Agency, was forwarded to Scotland Yard Sep 29. Initially it was considered a hoax, but when Eddowes was found 3 days after the letter's postmark with 1 ear partially cut off, the letter's promise to "clip the ladys [sic] ears off" gained attention. Police published the letter Oct. 1, hoping someone would recognise the handwriting. The name "Jack the Ripper" was first used in this letter. Most of the letters that followed copied the tone of this one.

1888. Sep. 30: (C5) Elizabeth Stride (nee Gustafsdotter), a.k.a. "Long Liz", b. Nov. 27, 1843 in Sweden, killed Sun., Sept. 30, 1888 at age 44. body found abt 1:00am lying on ground in Dutfield's Yard, off Berner St. (renamed Henriques St.). (Q?s: Strarig – Riddle / Ryder / Rider – August - Duff – Arthuursdottir - Pride – White / Swithe / Smythe / Smith / Them / Tim – Henry Matthews – Henriques to Shride / Stride / Nichols?) Except for Stride (whose attack may have been interrupted), mutilations of the canonical 5 victims became continuously more severe. Nichols & Stride were not missing organs, (Q?s: If they were the organs of the victims left behind as other organs may have been left behind from somewhere else, possibly the morgue, while switching them for the organs of the victim – See James Stribopoulos as prof. at Osgoode Hall 2011/ Staples to Oprah?)

1888. Sep. 30: (C5) Catherine Eddowes a.k.a. "Kate Conway" & Mary Ann Kelly of 2 common-law husbands Thomas Conway & John Kelly, b. Apr. 14, 1842, killed Sun., Sept. 30, 1888 at 46, same day as previous victim as "double event." Her body found in Mitre Square, London. Mutilation of Eddowes' body, abstraction of left kidney & part of womb. Eddowes had her uterus & a kidney carried away & her face mutilated (Q?s: Christine & Jaime Edwards - Bowes Lyon – Matthews / Attowes / Eddessow / Addesso – Cathy / Athy / Addy – Eddy – Carin / Karen Kelly - Dow – Tim Conway / Tammy Conway Rose - Conroy – Conrod / Conrad – Sowavy / Swayze – Cowan – Kelly of RCMP made bad authorities impossible to remove?)

After the Eddowes murder, the Police under Det. James McWilliam also engaged.

After the "double event" of the early morning of Sept. 30, police searched the area near the crime scenes. At abt 3am., Constable Alfred Long discovered a bloodstained piece of an apron in the stairwell of a tenement on Goulston St. The cloth was later confirmed as being part of the apron worn by Catherine Eddowes. There was writing in white chalk on the wall (or the door jamb) saying: "The Juwes are the men That Will not be Blamed for nothing." Det. Daniel Halse took down this version: "The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing." & attached to a report from chief Comm. Charles Warren to the Home Office. Police Superint. Thomas Arnold visited the scene & saw the writing. Later, in his report of 6 Nov. he claimed, that with the strong feeling against the Jews already existing, the message might have become the means of causing a riot: (Q?s: Alfr ed Long / de Long – St. Onge – David Gouthro / David G. Stinson / Stone – Jeanette Waddell to Chisholm / Eddessow / Addesso / Downey / Bowes / Toews – Keith de Long / Ceith / Catherine / Faith - Arnold is a.k.a. Criddle – Danny / Annie / Addy – Holmes – Arrie / Carrie / Darren / Aden / Arden – Arlo / Halse to Charles – Apron / Arno / Arnold to Criddle / Riddle / Ripper – Tom / Them / Thames / Auld - Jubela, Jubelo & Jubelum, the 3 killers of Hiram Abiff?)

Since the Nichols murder, rumours that the killings were the work of a Jew dubbed "Leather Apron." Words on the entrance to some dwellings No. 108 Goulston St.: "The Juews are not [the word 'not' being deleted] the men that will not be blamed for nothing", cast suspicion or distraction upon a Jew named John Pizer a.k.a. “Leather Apron” having committed a murder in Hanbury St. a short time previously. Feeling existed against the Jews & in the midst of a locality inhabited principally by that sect. “If the writing were left it would be means of causing a riot & therefore should be removed. It was in position that it would have been rubbed by persons passing in & out of the building." Thomas Arnold ordered a man to be standing by with a sponge to erase the graffiti, while he consulted Comm. Charles Warren. Covering it to allow a photographer to arrive was considered, but Arnold & Warren (who personally attended the scene) considered it too dangerous. Warren stated "consider it desirable to obliterate the writing at once." (Q?s: Lathe, possible tool worker wears apron / Mather / Batheroy / Bathroy / Batholomew / athe / Cathy / Catherine / Addie / McCarthy / Adler / Antherson / Anderson / Acheson / Leah / Them / Thames / Thomson / Smith / White / Swith / Smythe / Head / Brother / Heather Eagle / Eige / Matheson is son of Mather / Leaf / Leif / Fairweather - Ripper / Riddle / Criddle is a.k.a. Arnold / W arron to Warren / Arno / Arnie Nes / Harry / Harold / Charles / Carrie - Gouthro - Pilzer Prize – Spicer / Spies / Sipes – Danbury / Hanley / Hilory / anbur / Arthur – Eisler – Mizen – Carberry – Idea of Pizza maker delivery gets people to open their door - Ripper / Zipper’s Bar & Michael Forrest & Robert F. Gay & Robert Alexander Matheson – Warr – Arre – Heather / Leaver / Cleaver / McCleave / Crease / Diane Hilory Cleator to Charles Miller?)

The writing was found in Metropolitan Police territory, the apron piece was from a victim killed in London, a separate police service. Some officers disagreed with Arnold & Warren's of London & thought the graffiti constituted part of a crime scene & should at least be photographed before being erased, but the message was wiped from the wall at abt 5:30am. Several possible explanations have been suggested as to the importance of the graffiti. (Q?s: Condon – Lindon – Eldon / Donlands / Dobson – Landry – Loney – Lonnie – Donna / Donny – O’Donnell – O’Dell – Donnelly – Donston / Dunstan - Condo – Bondo – Fonda – Langer – Long / Longo – Holden - Sheldon?)

Author Martin Fido notes that the writing included a double negative, a common feature of Cockney speech. He suggests that the writing might be translated into standard English as "The Jews are men who will not take responsibility for anything", someone wronged by one of the many Jewish merchants. (Q?s: Fido cell phones – Artu / Anton – Marty / Martha / Mathlin / McCarthy – Pitblado – Fiona – Diotte – Frito – Abb / Babcock – McKecknie / Nakonechnie - Enoch?)

Police 'copy' of the writing, attached to Chief Comm. Charles Warren's report on 'the circumstances of the Mitre square murder.'.

According to historian Philip Sugden there are at least 3 interpretations of this particular clue. "All three are feasible, not one capable of proof." The first is that the writing was not the work of the murderer at all. The apron piece was dropped by the writing, either by accident or design. The 2nd would be to "take the murderer at his word" — a Jew incriminating himself & his people. The 3rd was favoured by Scotland Yard: The chalk message was a deliberate subterfuge.

"But suppose the killer happened to throw the apron, quite fortuitously, down by the existing piece of graffiti ? In such a case we would be utterly wrong in according to the writing any significance whatsoever. Walter Dew was inclined to endorse this approach to the problem. (...) Constable Halse, on the other hand, saw it & thought it looked recent. & Chief Henry Moore & Sir Robert Anderson both stated their belief that the message was written by the murderer". (Q?s: Dow – Dewar – Hesse Hall – Morley – Drew / Andrew – Atler / Adler – Malter / Malta / Mather – Walton - Charles to Halse ?)

An explanation of the writing in Goulston St. was offered by Robert Donston Stephenson (20 Apr. 1841 – 9 Oct. 1916), a journalist interested in the occult & black magic. In Pall Mall Gazette 1 Dec. 1888, He concluded from the overall sentence construction, the double negative, the double designation "the Juwes are the men", & the unusual misspelling is probably of French-speaking origin. This claim was disputed by a native French speaker in a letter to the editor of that same publication that ran Dec. 6 (Q?s: London / Condon / Stinson / Dunstan – Ostrog / Austin / Onty / Dante – Donald – Dobson – Stephen / Stephanie – Stevenson – Sven – Stone – Hendge – Tiffany - Stefanson – Josephson – McPherson / Persson to Brooks – Steen / Sheen – Speers / Spears – Ephram – Suzie Jewell / Souse / Souz – Sewell / Siwek – Juwes / Dowes / Ewes / Eddowes – Jose – Juice – Lewis / Siwek / SeLwyn - Jubela, Jubelo & Jubelum, the 3 killers of Hiram Abiff?)

After the murder of Catherine Eddowes, Asst Comm. (Dr.) Robert Anderson requested police surgeon to Dr. Thomas Bond to give his opinion, about the amount of surgical skill of the murderer(s). Dr. Bond's report to Robert Anderson is the earliest known copy of an offender profile. According to investigative psychologist David Canter, Bond’s findings would be regarded as intelligent by police today. (Q?s: Anderson to ond / Bond / Thames / Thomson – Canderson / Canter – Candace – Sanders / Saunders / Suada / Swayze / Swanson – Carter – Cantell – John Bondy, Guelph – Downey – Mathlin - Laughton – Nagy – Ghita – Waight – Nauth – Condon – Naughten / Neumann / Nauman / Newman?)
Based on report of Dr.Thomas Bond to Asst. Comm. Dr. Robert Anderson, & notes 1894 of Sir Melville Macnaghten, Chief of Metropolitan Police Serv. did not join the force until a year after the murders. Some researchers believe the series may not have been a single murderer, but a number of killers & possibly criminal organization. Authors Stewart P. Evans & Donald Rumbelow argue a "Ripper myth". Bond's & Macnaghten's view was not shared by investigating officers, such as Det. Frederick Abberline. (Q?s: McGrath / Grath Cres../ Guelph - Andre / Addison / Addesso / Andrea Anger - Trump / Trimble – Bigelow – Addy / Adeline / Fedderline – Appleby – Robis / Roble / Paul Obberman with Lewis on T.O. 2011 - Abbercrombe / Chief Abberline / Chief Blair of Toronto & abduction of Annie Ivy-Lee Aviado / Arlene / Darlene - Addy – Arlene - Alpine – Berlin – Fine to Borins et. al. – John Bondy in Guelph with James Goralczyk – Naughten / Neumann / Nauman / Newman?)

The 'canonical 5’ murders were perpetrated at night, on or close to a weekend, in a secluded site to which the public could gain access, & on dates at the end of a month or a week or so after. Yet every case differed in some manner. Eddowes was the only victim killed within London, though close to the boundary of the City & the metropolis. Nichols only was found on an open dark street. Sources state Chapman was killed after the sun had started to rise, opposing the opinion of the police or the doctors who examined the body. Kelly's murder ended a 6 week period of inactivity of murder. A week between Nichols & Chapman murders, & 3 between Chapman & the "double event."

He was certain murders were committed by same hand. In the first four of 5 murders, the throats appear to have been cut from left to right. In the last case, owing to the extensive mutilation it is impossible to say in what direction the fatal cut was made, but arterial blood was found on the wall in splashes close to where the woman's head must have been lying. All the circumstances surrounding the murders lead me to form the opinion that the women must have been lying down when murdered & in every case the throat was first cut."

Dr. Bond was strongly opposed to ideas the murderer possesed scientific or anatomical knowledge or even the technical knowledge of a butcher. In Bond's opinion he must have been of solitary habits, subject to "periodical attacks of homicidal & erotic mania"; the character of the mutilations possibly indicating 'satyriasis'. Dr. Bond also stated that "the homicidal impulse may have developed from a revengeful or brooding condition of the mind, or that Religious mania may have been the original disease". (Was Dr. Bond a member of the group & leading the public away from the truth? If he was lying, the opposite would be “the murderer would possess scientific / anatomical knowledge”. While media portraying a single killer in a psychotic mania, the killings can be methodical for different goals & purposes. Monarchies oversee themselves can lie in exactly the opposite of the truth.)

Q?s: These points of fact do not mean that they were or were not perpetrated by the same person or group. If it were a pattern it would show a possible psychotic illness to be driven to do a certain behavioral thing. Some other reasons to kill could be hatred, jealousy, to get rid of witnesses, for organs etc. which are things that organized groups can do & preplan different events to appear a certain way & control the investigations to that plan. In criminal organization issues you must keep in mind the immediate details of each issue & simultaneously view it in a ariel environmental perspective of “who is connected to who” of the individuals involved in contact points of various layers, including investigating officers. If the matters are organized, digging for all facts as putting together a puzzle eventually shows the blatant truth of what is not possible to be at random.

1888. Oct. 01: The "Saucy Jacky" postcard, postmarked & rec’d Oct. 1, 1888, by Central News Agency, had handwriting similar to the "Dear Boss" letter. It mentions that 2 victims — Stride & Eddowes — were killed close to one another: "double event this time." It has been argued that the letter was mailed before the murders were publicised, making it unlikely that a crank would have such knowledge of the crime, though it was postmarked more than 24 hrs after the killings took place, after details were known by journalists & residents. Police officials later claimed to have identified a journalist as the author of both this & the earlier "Dear Boss" letter. A recently found document states that a journalist at Central News agency, Tom Bulling, was the writer. (Q?s: A police officer involved in a group committing the crimes would have know the information to write the letters – Thom / Thames / Thomson / Smith - Bullard – Bellinger – Bolin – Mullin / Mullen ?)

1888. Oct. 02:Jane Doe” of Oct. 2, 1888, "The Whitehall Mystery," headless torso of woman found in basement of the new Metropolitan Police headquarters being built in Whitehall. An arm of the body was previously discovered floating in the Thames near Pimlico, 1 leg discovered buried near the torso. other limbs & head never recovered & never identified. (Q?: Amy Stone – Them / James / Homes / Tam – Pimblett’s – Patricio – Pam & Alice ?)

1888. Oct. 13: The Illustrated London News "With the Vigilance Ctte in East End". Author Stephen Knight suggested that 'Juwes' referred not to "Jews", but to Jubela, Jubelo & Jubelum, the 3 killers of Hiram Abiff, a semi-legendary figure in Freemasonry & that the message was written by the Jack the Ripper (or group of killers) as part of a Masonic plot. There is no evidence that anyone prior to Knight had ever referred to those 3 figures by the term 'Juwes'. (Q?s: Jones / Jewell / Sewell / Lewis / Toews / Bowes – Jebulowsky – Deb / Dob – Rubella – Weber – Jerusalem – Begum / Begin – Mueller / Moeller – Blair / Hiram Walker – Arlene Walker m. Joe Weber – Buffy – Mariah – Mary – Faith – Blair – Abi / Adi – Fabian – Deborah – Jude a.k.a. Elena Oliva?)

Poster - by police during the 'autumn' 1888.

1888. Oct. 15: The "From Hell" letter, a.k.a. the "Lusk letter," postmarked Oct. 15, rec’d by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Ctte Oct. 16, 1888. Lusk opened a box to find half a kidney, later said by a doctor to be preserved in "spirits of wine" (ethanol). 1 of Eddowes' kidneys had been removed. The writer claimed that he "fried & ate" half. Eddowes did suffer from Bright's disease & the kidney does match the look of a diseased kidney. (Q?s: Possibly the name Bright’s disease came from a person named Bright who had it & it is genetic? - Theona Bright / Eadgyth – Josh Right – Sue & Joanne & de Pence Wright – Wight / Danielle White – Ghita / Gita Dessner / Jitta?)

1888. Nov. 09: (C5) Mary Jane Kelly a.k.a. "Marie Jeanette Kelly" after a trip to Paris, a.k.a. "Ginger", b. Limerick, Munster, Ireland & killed Fri., Nov 9, 1888. Apx. 25 yrs. Mutilated body found just after 10:45am lying on the bed in a single room where she lived, 13 Miller's Court, off Dorset St., Spitalfields, now a service road for offices & an NCP car park. . Kelly's heart was missing, many of her organs were removed & left in her room. Police photographed murder scene. (Q?s: Charles Miller to Diane Hilary Cleator – Milley – Millwood / Millward?)

1888. Nov. 21: Annie Farmer b. 1848, attacked Nov. 21, 1888. survived with superficial cut on throat caused by a blunt knife. Police felt it was self-inflicted & did not investigate. (Q?s: Annie / Addie – Hart – Harper – Farrell?)

1888. Dec. 20: Rose Mylett a.k.a. Catherine Mylett, a.k.a. Catherine Millett, Elizabeth "Drunken Lizzie" Davis, "Fair” Alice Downey & "Fair Clara" b. 1862 died Dec. 20, 1888. She was reportedly strangled "by a cord drawn tightly round the neck," though some investigators believed that she had accidentally suffocated herself on the collar of her dress while in a drunken stupor, body was found in Clarke's Yard, High St., Poplar. (Q?s: Mallett – Malley – Alley – Myles – Davies / Davidson / Aviado / Addison / Danilo / Avis / Said – Patty Downey with Arlene Walker Weber – Sarah Addesso Peterson is biological dau. of Catherine G. & Philip Clary – Emily – Ellis – Bowes - Eddowes / Downey / Eddessow / Addesso – Sowavy / Conway / Swayze – Lusk / Clark / Lara / Clair / Blair – Jose / Rosalind – Challys / Addison / Allison / Acito / Celia / Selia / Cecilia?)

1889. ???.??: Whitechapel Vigilance Ctte. patrolled the streets, Albert Bachert 1889 claimed to be in charge of that group or a similar group.

1889. Jul. 17: Alice McKenzie (a.k.a. "Clay Pipe" Alice & Alice Bryant), a prostitute, b.1849 killed July 17, 1889. D. Of "severance of the left carotid artery," & minor bruises & cuts found, body found in Castle Alley, Police Comm. James Monro & Dr Bond. (Q?s: Lyric / Luce / Liss / Celia / Claire / Cleo - deKerk – Menzie – Kenney – Enzo / Enzie / Eddie – Kingsley – Brant / Brand / Brandis / Ryan / Brian / Yantz – Addey / Allison / Allen – Thames / James / Jim Cassels – Arno – Monroe – Mooney / Rooney – Morris – Judge Douglas A. Bean ?)

1889. Sep. 10: “The Pinchin St. Torso” Sep. 10, 1889 of the Sep. 21 issue of Puck magazine, by cartoonist Tom Merry: headless & legless woman under a railway arch in Pinchin St., Mutilations similar to the body in "The Whitehall Mystery," in this case the hands were not severed. Probable: murder committed elsewhere & dumped at the crime scene. Speculation: remains of Lydia Hart, a prostitute who disappeared, was disproved, she was located in a local infirmary - receiving treatment to cure the after effects of a "bit of a spree". Identity never established. Murders in the area were also labelled with names: “The Whitehall Mystery" & "The Pinchin St. Murder" are a series of murders called the "Thames Mysteries" or "Embankment Murders", & dubbed the "Torso Killer”. (Q?s: creating entertainment from crime - Puch / Puck / Lusk - White / Swithe / Smith / Smythe / J.P. Them / Thames / Pam / James / Ames / Amy / Tabrams / Abram / Thom / Tim / Tam – Amy Stone - Merlo – Perry – Pininsky – Benchley – Chin – Meridith / Merrill – Mary – Short / Carti / Carter / Harper / Steinhart – Rath / Rait / Roth / Thor - Nadia / Acadia / Ida / Ada / Daily / Daley / Addy / Ally / Hildi – Lira / Lia / Leah?)

1890.???.??: James Monro, succeeded Warren & in command of the Secret dept before becoming Comm., thought the Alice McKenzie murder July 1889 was a Ripper. He stated 1890, he did not know who the murderer was but that he was working on his theory. (Q?s: Trump – Trimble – Riddle / Rittle / Little / Shuttle – Pimblett – Wembleton – Child / Shield / Shell – Diotte – Moore / Monro – de Kerck – Enzo / Menzies – James / Thames / Mizzi – Celia / Challys / Lucy / Acito?)

1891. Feb. 13: Frances Coles a.k.a. Frances Coleman, Frances Hawkins & "Carrotty Nell" b. 1865 killed Feb. 13, 1891. Minor wounds on back of the head (thrown violently to the ground or hit from behind), throat was cut. No other mutilations, found under railway arch at Swallow Gardens. James Sadler was earlier seen with her, arrested & discharged for lack of evidence Mar. 3, 1891. After this 11th & last "Whitechapel Murder" the case was closed. (Q?s: Sandler – Anderson / Andre / Addison – Slade / Blade - Aden / Addie – Cadman / Colman / Holmes – Solle / Solleder - Nelly – O’Neiil – Bowes / Downey / Eddowes / Allowes / Swallow / Swayze / Swanson / Molloy – Sparrow / Farrow / Farrell – Ghita / White / Swithe / Smith / Smythe – Thames / James / Jaime – Mike Colle 2010 in T.O.?)

1891. Apr. 24: Carrie Brown a.k.a. "Shakespeare" quoted sonnets b. 1835 killed Apr. 24, 1891, Manhattan, N.Y. City. strangled with clothing, mutilated with knife. Large tear through groin & superficial cuts on legs & back. An ovary was found on the bed. This murder was compared to the Ripper & police ruled it out. (Q?s: Annie / Arrie / Arnie / Arno / Carrie / Arietta / Urie / Barrie / Barry / Darren – Monty Brown – Bowes – Bronwyn – Bowman – Monty Brown – Stephanie Brown?)

1892. Aug. 15: Henry Matthews, in office Aug. 03, 1886-Aug. 15, 1892, suceeded by H.H. Asquith, Home Secretary 1886 to 1892, Henry Matthews mother is Emma Blount (d. 1861) dau. of William Blount.

1894.???.??: Chief Constable Melville Macnaghten’s report names 3 top suspects. Some info about the suspect he believed most likely had been available before the turn of the century but not made public ‘til 1959. Macnaghten's suspect was M.J. Druitt, a barrister turned teacher who committed suicide Dec. 1888. Macnaghten wrote from memory & is wrong. According to the Chief Constable, Druitt was a doctor, 41 yrs old & committed suicide just after the Kelly murder. In actuality Druitt was 31, not a doctor, & drowned nearly a month after the last official murder. (Q?s: Daniel M’Naghten , suspect – Melville / Bellville / Elvin – Nagy / Gita – Dritton – Diotte – Elly / Ely / Eddy – teacher Dewey suicide / Dewar / Eddowes – Drew / Drewett / Blewett – Blue / Bleuett – McGrath / Grath Cres. Whitby / White - Naughten / Nauth / Neumann / Nauman / Newman?)

Macnaghten's 2nd suspect wasidentified as Aaron Kosminiski in 1980s when a researcher came upon Donald Swanson's copy of Robert Anderson's book of memoirs. Both Swanson & Anderson were officers in the investigation & were put in charge. Anderson wrote memoirs that appeared 1st in 1910 that the police knew who the Ripper was. According to Anderson the Ripper was a Polish Jew who was put away in an insane asylum after the crimes & then died soon after. Swanson had made some notes in his copy of the book & wrote that the suspect's name was Kosminski. No other officer supports Anderson's allegation & Swanson's notes seem to question his superior's claims. Aaron Kosminski, a real person, was placed in an insane asylum. His records show a docile & harmless lunatic that heard voices & would only eat food from the gutter. The dates of his incarceration are wrong, & he did not die soon after his committal but lived until 1919. Some researchers have tried to explain the problems by saying that the name Kosminski was confused with another insane Polish Jew who was dangerous. (Q?s: Apron – Arno – Arnold – Adrian McCominsky at Good Shepherd – CarolAnn Kosopoulos - Kosman / Cosman – Pininski- Skinner?)

The 3rd Macnaghten suspect, Michael Ostrog, was determined to be a demented con man. (Q?s: Mather Strarig is Robert Alexander Matheson’s father or gr-pa – Ornstrom – Ostrove / Love / Lovell?)

1903.???.??: Frederick George Abberline, retired detective who was in charge of the Ripper case at the ground level stated he thought multiple wife poisoner Severin Klosowski a.k.a. George Chapman, may be Jack the Ripper. (Q?s: Klaus – Klowak – Kosopoulos – Steve Chapman – Severight to Carol McWatch / Whitechapel / Mitchell - Sieveking?)
196?.???.??: The Ten Bells, a Victorian pub in Commercial St. that had been frequented by Jack the Ripper's victims was the focus of tours. The owners changed its name to "Jack the Ripper" in 1960s but following protests, returned to its old name.
1986. Jul. 28: 25 yr old Suzannah Lamplugh, estate agent negotiator disappeared July 28, 1986. left Sturgis Estate Agents in Fulham Rd. at lunch taking the keys of 37 Shorrolds Rd. with her, she intended to show a client, named on the jotter as Mr. Kipper. She did not return from that address, her car was found parked at Stevenage Rd. a mile away from Shorrods Rd. in opposite direction of her office, witnesses saw her with a man carrying a bottle of champagne. During investigation police followed lead to a Mr. Kuyper whose abandoned car was found in London. (Q?s: Sugden - Sturgeon / Strarig – Souz / Souse - Ripper - Ripley – Sue Lampkin – Alain Huppe / Denise Huyler / Cooper / Huppe / Hooper – Cooper - Shortell / Schirrippa / Rippa – Fullerton – Stevenson + Savage – Whipple / White / Whipp / Whitechapel?)

199?.???.??: In the past 10 years evidence has been recovered through criminal sciences & research since the case was officially closed 1892. Dr. Nick Warren, a student of the crimes & a surgeon, studied the 2nd Kelly crime scene photograph & established that a hatchet was used to split one of his victim's legs. (Q?s: Is Nick Warren predicting a hatchet from the photograph or from stories told through his family line of members that also joined the group & therefore are privy to information only the group knows – Charles Warren to Nick Warren – Kathy Adam Warren?)

Virtually all of London Police files were lost in the last world war. Purposefully destroyed? Almost from the beginning items were removed for souvenirs. Often in those days when they ran out of room, clerks would dump out the old files by the armful. When Abberline was interviewed 1903, the retired Inspector was surrounded by official files. Once, upon the death of a retired officer, a trunk full of files concerning his old cases was found in his possession. Souvenir hunting (Isn’t it the perpetrator that wants to have a souvenir?). A number of documents were taken in 1970s/early 1980s & so remaining material was put on microfilm.

Further Information:

The volume of horrific attacks on women in this era adds uncertainty to how many victims. Experts point to deep throat slashes, mutilations to the victim's abdomen & genital area, removal of organs & facial mutilations as features of Jack the Ripper's modus operandi.

When digging for facts it’s not over until all the pieces are there otherwise risk error in judgment. If a study shows a group of perpetrating intents, then immediate evidence & authority contacts will lead to the members of the group. There is strong gravity in truth. In putting together these facts is where unity of a community is necessary. A Character Facts Chart can keep information of who is who organized for research.

There are 2 types of environments to investigate. One is the physical environment which is the immediate concrete evidence collecting & the other unseen environment is the connected influence of intent issuing persons making cause & effect that there would be if criminal organization were occurring. You cannot physically see an intention but law rests on proving intent in many ways. Some cases can show intent by proving what is not possible to be at random in a particular timing, order or manner when there are multiple perpetrators issuing their part or role of intent. When there are multiple perpetrators in a group, it can live on through time as older members die off & younger members join.

The group can change the method of opperation & intented goal based on the need for each issue. Not only can a Jack the Ripper gang commit murder but they could commit property extortion or pedophilia or anything that the need fits. The events can rotate to melt in with statistics of those types of events. Eg. Stabbing, car accident, drowning, overdose, framing an innocent person with a crime or what ever they what to make occur. If Jack the Ripper were an organized gang, then it would have members in authority & still be active thru time until it is caught. Some family members of victims could be intimidated & terrified to join silence, the gang or marry into as familiy secrets & in others the victims may be related to the perpetrators as most accessible or biologically compatible for organs. It appears to be an alternate set of principle’s of to make a living out of causing harm.

Did anyone keep a Character Facts Chart for the Jack the Ripper Cases? Did they only focus on the physical environment?

(See example of my case Character Facts Charts in Hotmail by opening account called Genetic.Crime.Mapping101@hotmail.com & use pass code “infreedom” as one word to access & save attachments in the inbox. If it says temporary closed, click on line that says skip this for now, & it will open – done by a general citizen. To find the truth, learning about the nature of name changes over time is necessary. The more you learn about name changes the faster the investigation of who is who will progress. )
Abberline from 1888 newspaper

(Abberline – Moore – Andrews – McWilliam – Anderson – Warren – Swanson)

Files are a view of procedure in Victorian times. A team of police conducting house-to-house inquiries, lists of suspects drawn up & interviewed, forensic material collected. A basic process of identifying suspects, tracing them & deciding whether to examine them further. This is still the pattern of a major inquiry today. The investigation was conducted by Whitechapel C.I.D. by Det. Edmund Reid.

Hundreds of letters were claimed to have been written by the killer. The vast majority are considered hoaxes. Many experts contend that none of them are genuine, but of the ones cited as perhaps genuine, 3 are prominent (Q?s: but if Ripper is a group, letters could be mostly genuine?):

The "From Hell" letter

DNA tests on still existing letters have yet to yield results.

Larry S. Barbee: review of the Jack the Ripper murders: Much original evidence is lost, & many "facts" actually opinions by writers of the past century. (Q?s: Dr. Howard Barbaree of CAMH – Beebe – Barbara – Bab / Abbe / Abbey?)

The killings took place in a mile area in Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Aldgate & City of London.


In this era before science or finger printing, the way to prove crime was to catch them in the act, or get a confession. 2 police forces investigated. The Metropolitan Police a.k.a. Scotland Yard, was responsible for crimes in the boroughs of London except the City of London. The square mile heart of London a.k.a. City of London had a police force. Eddowes was killed in their territory & brought them into it. It is believed the seniors in each force did not get along, to a degree of failure to cooperate in solving the case. Police did autopsies & took statements. Police were incompetent & Comm. Charles Warren was only good for keeping order, not detective work. He was criticized for not offering a reward for info. Warren had no objections to a reward & his superior, Henry Matthews, Home Secretary refused it. Police made crime scene drawings, took many photographs of the victim Eddowes & not in their jurisdiction, they took photographs of Kelly, the only one photographed at the scene. A split between leadership of the 2 forces was over graffiti in Goulston St.. A piece of Eddowes' apron (used to wipe off a knife?) was near a chalked message over a door: "The Juwes are the men That Will not be blamed for nothing". English residents believed Jews did it. Warren would not just cover up the word "Juwes" only. (Q?s: - often when criminals are in secret agreement, they will pretend to be at odds - Dow Jones - Mattioli with Ashley Wheeler – Atthe / Adde / Addie – Attewes / Toews – Matthews to Them – Matthews to Warren / Matten – crown Kate Matthews to J.P. Them – Meadows – Sweth / Smith / Smythe / White – Charles to Halse – Coulter / Gouthro / Colt / Gould / Legault / Donston / Grondin / Gladestone – Home Land Security - Jubela, Jubelo & Jubelum?)

Suspects – M.J. Druitt – Severin Klosowski / George Chapman – Aaron Kosminski – Michael Ostrog

Continue reading on next posting called Ripper Who’s Who Details ...... Part 2, 3, 4 & 5.


Updated Nov. 21, 2011

It is obvious to me through my personal experiences, studies & what I have witnessed in my life that the actual Jack the Ripper was a fiction character created by the authorities & founding members of the area & that these officials pretending to investigate were the actual killers in an agreed organized gang. It is also apparent that these criminal officials did stay together in criminal organization & have passed through time of generations & are now ruling in Ontario. They are enablers of crime in connection to the monarchies & set up their crimes to appear as other circumstances by abuse of control of the systems. Another long time special forte of the Ripper gang, aside from the murders, appears to have been molesting babies through Children’s Aids. Victim babies are trained to grow up & join them in their criminal endeavors. The Jack the Ripper Gang has infiltrated my family & are now apparently dangerous criminals who appear perfect as a false front & have police agreement enabling their crimes. They’ve raped my children & trained my son to become a Ripper & try to kill his own mother, questionable involvement in abduction of his sister (20 yrs his junior) & the damage of the Ripper gang goes on & on..….Jack the Ripper is now today the police & politicians of Canada as Canada has been a haven for pedophiles & crimes of the monarch. See for yourself & follow the genealogy & name changes from the Jack the Ripper of 1888 to the crimes & authorities of today. Canada is being run by Criminal organization.

Part 1: Facts & details of the cases
Part 2: i. Donald Sutherland Swanson (Q?s: Swayze / Sowavy / Conway / Schwartz / Dobravy?)
Part 3: ii. Henry Matthews & William Blount, iii. River Thames, (Q?s: Theona / Them / Metherall / Methvan / Smyth / McGowan / Blythe / Hynes / Beverall / Bonnell / Eddowes?)
Part 4: iv. Jacob a.k.a. Jack a.k.a. John Pizer / Pozer / Peiser / Pizar / Piser / Piznar & Siwek / Piza / Chlebouski / Chlebonski,
Part 5: v. Carrie Brown, Bowery, Thomas Byrnes,

vi. Mitre Square,

vii. Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski alias George Chapman & Aaron Kosminski / Aron Mordke Kozminski / Donald McCormick, (Q?s: Selwyn / McCominsky / Cormier / Kosopoulos / Col / C / Kosman?)

viii. John List / Joseph Silver / Joseph Lis / George Lusk, (Q?s: Liss / Lost?)

ix. Elizabeth Davis / Rose Mylett - Rose / Catherine / Elizabeth / Alice / Clara – Mylett / Millett / Davis / Downey, (Q?s: Milley / Miller / Aviado / Dobravy ?)

x. Charles Warren,

Part 6: xi. Daniel Halse, (Q?s: Haskell / Charles / Helcl / Hazel / Halsaphel?)

xii. 7. Walter Andrews & Walter Dew,

xiii. Catherine Eddowes, John Kelly, James Kelly, Thomas Conway, Broadmoor Asylum, Jim Tully, Ed Norris,

5. Edward Marriott, 8. The Ten Bells,12. George Frederick Abberline,

Part 7: 20. Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence & Avondale, 25. Michael Ostrog, 26. Francis Tumblety, 27. James Thomas Sadler, 28. Richard Mansfield, 29. William Henry Bury, 30. Thomas Neill Cream, 31. Thomas Hayne Cutbush, 32. Frederick Bailey Deeming, 33. Carl Feigenbaum, 34. Robert G. Golding, 35. Dr. Thomas Bond, 36. Robert Donston Stephenson / Roslyn D'Onston Stephenson & James Kenneth Stephen, 37. George Gissing, William Ewart Gladstone, Frank Miles, 38. Lewis Carroll, 39. David Cohen, 40. William Withey Gull, 41. George Hutchinson, 43. James Maybrick, 44. Alexander Pedachenko, 45. Walter Sickert & Albert Bachert, 47. Frank Spiering, 48. Francis Thompson, 49. Sir John Williams, 50. Jacob Isenschmid / Charles Ludwig, 51. Oswald Puckridge / John Sanders / Nikaner Benelius - Thomas Barnardo, 52. The Rev. Lord Sidney Godolphin, 52. L. Forbes Winslow, 53. G. Wentworth Bell Smith, 54. Robert Mann, 55. Dr Stanley / Nicolai Vasiliev / Fogelma / Olga Tchkersoff, 56. Mary Pearcey, 21. Joseph Barnet, 22. Montague John Druitt, 46. Rumbelo,

Part 8: 44. Elizabeth Stride, 12. Henry Smith, 13. Edward Collard, 14. Baxter Hunt, 16. Dr. Robert Anderson, 42. Duke of Clarence,


Some up of possible name changes concerning:
Leather Apron vs. Jack the Ripper & Thames = Andrew & Charles?
Q?s: The Juwes:
- “souse” from Random House: soused, sousing, n. Archiac, 1. to swoop down, 2. to swoop or pounce upon – n. Falconry, 3. a rising while in flight. 4. a swooping or pouncing, [see source in obs. Sense of rise].
- 3 Juwes: Jubelo, Jubela, Jubelum

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