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Ripper Who Details Part 5


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Ripper Who Details Part 5

updated Nov. 16, 2011 (50,329)

Part 5: v. Carrie Brown, Bowery, Thomas Byrnes,

vi. Mitre Square,

vii. Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski alias George Chapman & Aaron Kosminski / Aron Mordke Kozminski / Donald McCormick, (Q?s: Selwyn / McCominsky / Cormier / Kosopoulos / Col / C / Kosman?)

viii. John List / Joseph Silver / Joseph Lis / George Lusk, (Q?s: Liss / Lost?)

ix. Elizabeth Davis / Rose Mylett - Rose / Catherine / Elizabeth / Alice / Clara – Mylett / Millett / Davis / Downey, (Q?s: Milley / Miller / Aviado / Dobravy ?)

x. Charles Warren,

by Anna-Marie Goralczyk
Who is Carrie Brown. Bowery, Thomas Byrnes

A Ripper victim: Carrie Brown a.k.a. "Shakespeare" quoted sonnets b. 1835 killed Apr. 24, 1891, Manhattan, N.Y. City.

Carrie Brown, a longtime Bowery prostitute, found in the dumpster of the run down East River Hotel Apr. 24, 1891. News was quick to report the murder as proof of the alleged arrival, in Am., of Jack the Ripper, in New York posed a challenge to NYPD Chief Inspector Thomas Byrnes who had criticized Scotland Yard for its inability to capture Jack the Ripper, pressure was on Byrnes to solve the murder as quickly as possible and soon after, an Algerian named Ameer Ben Ali (a.k.a. "Frenchy" or "Frenchy No. 1") was arrested. However, evidence against Ben Ali was largely circumstantial & based primarily on the claim that unidentified bloodstains had been found leading from the room where Brown was killed into the room he was staying in. Reporters who had been at the scene of the crime said that no such bloodstains were actually there. Despite his pleas of innocence, & doctors who made claims that could not be supported by medical tests at the time, Ben Ali was tried & convicted of 2nd degree murder & sentenced to life imprisonment. Ben Ali had been set up & the fact that Byrnes had been removed from office for corruption, Ben Ali was released after serving 11 years & left for his native Algeria shortly afterwards.(Q?s: Bowen / Broun – Michael Byrnes adopted as Michael McGrath & changed to Michael Alexander – Ambreen Khan – Ely- Lowery / Lowe – Piznar?)
Information Found:

Brown Clan History: The Brown, or Broun surname, as it was often spelled, is very common throughout Scotland and in most instances is a simple reference to the colour brown, as in brown hair, or eyes. The name in Scotland is thought to be French-Norman & found most commonly in the East of the country. There is a suggestion of a Celtic origin for the Brown surname in the Western Isles, taken from the Gaelic word "brehons", meaning Judge. recorded in Scotland when Sir David Le Brun, in 1128, witnessed the foundation charter of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh. Between 1194 and 1214 Patric Brun witnessed resignation of land at Warmanbie in Annandale. Several Brun’s of Edinburgh and Berwick are recorded 1296 when the Scottish nobility were forced to swear allegiance to King Edward I. William Brun, son of John de le Brune, burgess of Dundee, is recorded as having signed several charters in the early 1300’s. Joannes Broun, High Sheriff of Aberdeenshire, was granted the thanage of Formerteine by Robert the Bruce. David Broun, of St. Andrews, in 1433, is recorded as taking instruments on his being robbed of a sheepskin at the Cross of Cupar-Fife by Alexander de Kinloch and David de Kilmarone. The Broun’s of Hartrie, in Lanarkshire, were first recorded as holding lands 1376. The Broun’s of Colstoun, thought to be the heads of the family, were in possession of the lands of Colstoun in the mid- 1500’s, and are said to have held them for some 300 years previously. The Broun’s of Colstoun claim descent from the French Royal Line. A famous Broun family legend concerns the “Colstoun Pear” which was taken from its tree by Sir Hugo de Gifford, the 13th century wizard of Yester castle, as a wedding gift for his daughter, Margaret, on her marriage into the Broun family. Sir Hugo said as long as the pear was kept safe all would be well with the Broun’s of Colstoun. The family had a silver box made to preserve the pear, and fortune favoured the family. More than four centuries later, in 1692, Lady Elizabeth Mackenzie m. Sir George Broun, son of Sir Patrick Broun of Colstoun, Baronet of Nova Scotia. George Broun ran up massive gambling debts, and had to sell the Colstoun estate to his younger brother, Robert Broun. Robert drowned, along with his 2 sons, whilst travelling to Colstoun from Edinburgh, when a flash flood caused a stream to burst its banks, sweeping them to their deaths. In 1718 George died, almost destitute, along with his wife Elizabeth. The family was left without a male heir and the estate went to a daughter, Jean Broun, whilst the title, went to the Broun’s of Thornydyke as the only male branch of the family. Members of a younger branch of the Colstoun Broun’s settled in Denmark and France, where they became prominent in commerce and the military. Colstoun House, near Haddington, is the 16th century seat of the family. The mansion, a listed building, and the 1400 acre estate, are in the private ownership of the Broun-Lindsay family of Colstoun. (Q?s: Boun / Brown – Bonnell - Schwartz / Schwamy / Ian Swayze & Stephanie Brown – Hollywood – Benwick – Dundas – Obberline / Abberheim – Ardene Hope with Amanda Jane Reid – De Connick to Michael Leshner / McClintic / Clintock – Colman / Colle / Chlebonski / Coldstream to Colt / Alstrom’s father is Robert & brother is Bruce / Bunce / Boyce – MacCarone - Menace Borins – George Brown College – Thorne / Thornton – Pyke – Maureen Addie – Stephanie Brown to Amy Rowe Bonnell to Clement Joseph Powell to Peter Lindsay / Bell Canada to Lindsay Bell?)

Last name: Bonnell; Anglo-Saxon origin, locational name from Bonehill in Staffordshire. recorded as "Bolenhull" and "Bulenhull" in 1230 Pipe Rolls of the county, and the derivation is from the genitive case of the Olde English pre 7th Century "bula", bull(ock) or the same word used as a personal name, and the Olde English "hyll", hill; hence, "Bula's hill" or "hill of the bullock". During the Middle Ages, when migration for the purpose of job-seeking was becoming more common, people often took their former village name as a means of identification, thus resulting in a wide dispersal of the name. In the modern idiom the surname can be found as Bonehill, Bonhill, Bonell, Bonnell, Bunhill, Bunnell and Bonelle. christening of Fortune Bunhill Feb. 28th 1588, at St. Giles' Cripplegate; christening of Suzan, dau. of Thomas Bunnell at Allhallows the Less Jan. 1st 1592; Alexander Bonelle m. Jane Curtis Feb. 11th 1838, at St. Dunstan's, Stepney. The first recorded spelling Richard Bonnell Feb. 12th 1556, christened at St. Peter Cornhill, London, during the reign of Queen Mary, known as "Bloody Mary", 1553 - 1558. (Q?s: brehons - Chlebonski / Broun to Brown - Amy Rowe m. Bonnell said she was good friends with Joan Stafford & knew her for many years / Shortell / O’Donnell – Theresa Boland – Bullhead – James Blue – George Babula / Joel Babulila – Bono – Swallow to Liss – officer Donstan – Debney / Stephanie / Stone – Carol Curtis – Sandra Bullock?)

--- (1874) James Brown (1851-1924) m. Caroline Bell (b1857) in Islington 1874, Both b. in Holloway a.k.a. St John's Wood, London.  Addresses: 1A Chapel Rd, London; Stamford Hill, Middx; Camden Villa, Shortlands Rd, Kingston; Kings Rd, Kingston; & 33 New Rd, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.  James' parents were William Brown (b abt 1819 in London) & Margaret (b abt 1827 in London), 1861-71 censuses lived at 15 Henry St, St Marylebone, London. James had a brother William Brown (b abt 1860 Marylebone

--- (1922?) Elizabeth Brown (Lizzie) 1895-1997 m.  John Brown(Jack Brown) (abt 1891 - 1956) and had a dau. Margaret Brown (1922-2007) who m. Frank Lehner (1920-1988) (Q?s: Michael Leshner?)

--- (1897?) James Henry Brown (Harry Brown) (1877-1963) m. Alice Amelia Cash (b abt 1874 , d 1945, dau. ofJames Cash and Elizabeth Checkley). Emigrated to Australia on the ship Osterley in 1911. ch: Caroline Alice who died at a young age and Henry James Brown (Jim Brown) who died in an accident in 1924 aged about 20. Harry m. 2nd Rose.

--- (1907?) Arthur Selby Brown (1887-1917) m. Edith Eliza Warne (1888 - 1974) and was killed in WW1, 2 children.

--- (1902) Caroline Brown (Carrie Brown) 1875-1970 m. First John Stofer (b 1869 the son of Robert Stofer andJane Hopkins) in 1902 in the Hackney district of London. They separated. Following John Stofer's death she m. George Morehenin 1931 in the Brentford area of London. She had no children.

--- (1989) Alastair Corston de Cusance Maxwell Saunders, civil servant, b. Halifax N.S. Apr. 11, 1949, son of Richard Lorraine de Chasteney Holbourne & Sarah Cameron (Macintyre). Gorsebrook Sch., McGill, McCaskill Scholar, m. Christine Frances Corston 1989, Exec. Dir. Intergov’t’l Affairs N.S., Mellon Postdoctoral, Fellow John Carter Brown Lib., Cornell Soc. Humanities, Joseph Howe Building Dartmouth N.S. (Q?s: Blair – Corso – Maxwell Meighen – Andrus / Suada / Swan / Swayze / Anderson / Adler – Lorraine Slocum Haskell m. Brand / Braund / Broun / Boucski / Bunce - Sherbourne St. Tor. / Chlebouski / Clecuk to Slocum to heskill / Teskey – Estey – McIntyre is Wright – McGill / McCaskill / Haskell / Carter / Cornell / Shortell / Shortill / Horner / Bonnell – Max Milliono / Mullen / Bellamy to Greasley – Erin Carter to Stephanie Brown with Ian Swayze / Carrie Brown – Stepney – Chellaiah / Chass Bono, child of Sony & Cher – Dr. Janet Saunderson – C.D. Howe / Debbie Howe – George Darte Funeral Home / De Sart to Santos – Slocum to Sowavy Wright – Al Shoenborn / Carboni / Bono ?)

Today I’m faced with Stephanie Brown is Social worker Assistant of Dr. Ian Swayze from May 2011

(My Q?s: from Debney Broun?)

Stephanie Brown to Blount to Bonnell to Chebonski / Chlebouski &

Stephanie Brown to Brian Beverall to Lori Anne Slocum to Brand to Eric Estey to Joseph Anthony Goralczyk to Keswick to Amy Rowe Bonnell & Rosalind Dobravsky, Powell X2?:

(Q?s: Vu Pham / Ephram Brown - Stephenson Brown / Stephanie Brown / Bowen / Bowes / Stephen Powell / Clement Joseph Powell

Elsie / Estie / Estey / Stepney / Debney / Teskey – Eric Estey & Eric Carter & officer Erin Carter to Dobson / Chatterjee / Chandler / Arthuurdottir

Stephanie Brown to Broun / Blount / Jon Bonet / Amy Rowe Bonnell to Stone looks similar to Stephanie Brown = Rowe + Bonnell / Thomas Bond / Bowes / Bowles / Bowen / Powell /

--- Broun / Blunt / Plant / Pallandi / Bland to Black / William Blount to Joseph Anthony Goralczyk / James Blue / officer Bluett / Blouw / Plow / Plowright / Pound / Round /

--- Broun / Braund / Braun / Do Brav / Beard / de Barro /

--- Broun / Lowndes / Lowe / Rowe / Crowe / Loundes Ave. Keswick Ont. / Louis / Lori / Lewis / Siwek / Sion / Lands / Sandra / Santos / Wanda / Lori Slocum to Haskell to BrandHaskle to Daniel Halse / Blount / Mount Cashel - Slocum = McCallum / Macklam / Mack / MacCaull to O’Neill to Orange

--- Newcom / Joachum / Slolum / Sllocum / Slokum / Siwek / Sloecum / McCallum / MacCaull / Swalles / Swayze / Swanson / Schoenborn / Cal Lorimer

--- Lori Ann Slocum to Brian Beverall to Bonnell / Beaverall / Metheral / Etheridge / Cleaver / McCleave / Leather to Knife / Kraft / Swift

--- Chandra / Chandler / Adler / Daniel Brandeis / Angela / Andros / John Orange to MacCaull to Gary O’Neill /

--- Brongiel / O’Neill / George / Ohrling & Kathleen Thornton / person Doring mentioned at Dixon Hall Oct. 31.11 with Trudi Kilpatrick & Joyce, Kiney, Killy, trupi to Pulitzer, Trump, Trudeau /

--- Couchie / Boucher / Chloe / Chlebouski / Chlebonski / Theona Bright / Brecht / / Bronchiel / Broun / Bono / Brongiel / Brangiel / Frankel / Franken / Aiken / France / Frances / Markle / Marks

Delroy / Debney / Stepney / Sophie / Daphne / Ralph / Raphael / Isreal / Michael / Isaac / Saari

- Debney / Delroy / Elphinstone / Flint / Stone / Carter to De Sart to Santos to Brandes / Oliphant / Plant / Fine to Borins

--- Borins / Bonnell to Linsey Bell / Bell Telephone

Quesnell / Duquesney / Disney / Debney to Eddy / Addie / Abner

--- Debney to Deborah to Dobson to Oprah / Apron / Ohrling to Rosalind to Rose

Debnei / Brandeis / Debney to Debbie Fairbrother & Deborah Faith Alberti – Douglas & Doreen Dobson to Eva Rose & Rosalind Dobravsky a.k.a. Delroy

Dobravsky to Dvky / Duke Herring a.k.a. Douggie / Chief John Herridge / Etheridge – Heather Eagle / Heather Eige to Judith Flight?)

Who is Mitre Square

*--- (1943) Nicolas Mateesco Matte, lawyer, Prof., b. Craiova Romania Dec. 03, 1913. son of Ion & Maria (Dimitrescu) Matei, U of Bucharest, U. of Paris, m. Monica dau. of Lucretia & Alfred Berzeanu-Bunger Jul. 22, 1943, Ch: Daniel, & Anne-Karyne; Dir. Center for Air & Space Law, First Hon. Citizen Ville de Brassard Que, Kt. Grand Priory Can. Mil. & Hosp. Ordre St. Lazarus Jerusalem, Chevalier dans L’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur, Assn. Lawyers Jurists & Experts in Air Law. (Q?s: Di Mitre - Matthews / Mahattoo / Matheson / Matheiu / Melanie Munger / Stafford - Bunker, the clown – Bunce – Benger / Bentley – Madeira / Medeiros – Mathias – Matlin – Mordecai – Macri – Mitre Square to Jack the Ripper – Mattioli with Ashley Wheeler - Lucy Lucelle - Brongiel / Daniel Brandeis / Grange – Robin Nicholas – Christina Pinneau with Rebecca Rutherford – Lydia Lazaro Mizzi – Adde / Addie / Addesso / Atesco / Anne Acito Ashton / Aceto – Matt Barton?)

--- (1948) Danielle Darrieux French Actress b. May 01, 1917 in Bordeaux, dau. of Jean & Marie-Louise (nee Witkowski) Darrieux, m. 3rd Georges Mitsinkides 1948, 1 son, Ordre Des Arts & Lettres, Legion d’honneur. (Q?s: Aiello – Daniel / Danilo / Domingo / Domian / Darren / Warren – Farrell / Farrow – Barrieau – Aries / AyersDara Res. / Belekova murdered – Rogina – Damien R. Parry – Shortell / Wilkes / Whitiker – Wolski – Klowak – Lowe - Mizzi – Wetz / Geotz / McGoey / George Ohriling – Pink / Pinchin – Judge Wolski with Kate Matthews - Mitri / Mitra / Mitre / Stride / Strade / De Sart to Santos – Inkpen Ln. in Whitby – Danielle White – Rowe – Stephanie Darrach / Dietrich / Delroy?)

--- (1997) Andre Dimitrijevic public servant b. Alexandria Egypt Sep. 26, 1949, son of Dimitri & Mara (Pljackovic) D., U of T, York U., m. Elaine dau. of James & Elizabeth Routledge Feb. 26, 1997, Ch:? ; Dir. Intern. Trade, Ind. Accidents Council, Intergov’t Affairs. (Q?s: Di Mitre / Mitre Square to Jack the Ripper – Shtevi / Siwek - Dimitrescu w/ Matei & Wheeler – Jack / James / Mizzi – Guttridge – Mara Greene – Mackovski – Larisa Markovic – Duke Herring to Herridge – Blount – Gutteridge – The Ripper gang also makes accidents happen?)

--- (2005) Cane Petkovski at Charlotte Cres. Pickering Ont.; Tomo Petrovski & Vera Vrzovska at Portico Dr. Scarborough, Ont.; Zdravko Petkovski , Mitre Petkovski & Bojana Petkovska in Skopje R. Makedonija; Petre Petrevski in Wayne N.J.; Donka Petrevska in Garfield N.J.; Josiv Pasarikovski & Milica Mackovska in Plantation Florida (Q?s: Prespakis - Sars - Parkash / Prakash - Calayca - Mackovski - Plantagent / Estegenet / Genetics?); Nikola Petrevski in Shelby Twnshp Michigan; Michael Petrevski N. in Shelby Twnshp Michigan; Metodija Petkovski, Naido Petrevski, Nikola Petrevski, Slave Petrevski in Melbourne (Q?s: Mitre Square to Jack the Ripper - Alekso & Metodija Mackovski / Mackhovski - NATO - Aviado – Naidoo / Naidovski – Peky Lo - Prespakis - Klowak - Liva - Peter Petro – Elsie Peters / Sarah Addesso Peterson / Pizer – Peter Lindsey- Swayze?);

*** (2005) Mitre Mackovski: Telefonski Imenik, Part 1 of 3 Parts: (hand written 011 389 472 38225): Nikola Cvetanovski & Danica Sukovska Manse Wood Gdns. West Hill Ont.; VLM Investments Inc. a.k.a. V. Mackovski; Vlade Mackovski Mississauga; John Mackovski Mississauga, Mitre Mackovski Stainton Dr. Mississauga (Butterfield Rd. Mississauga, Airport Party?); George Mackovski 212 Velmar Dr. Woodbridge (Shallmar Blvd. - Georgi Makhniashvili?); Metodija Mackovski "Ted" a.k.a. Metodia Machkovski Thornhill 62 Suncrest Blvd. (moved to Condominium apx. summer 2009 at __? same area); Lazor Mackovski 25 Darrington Dr. Markham; Alekso Mackovski a.k.a. Alex MacCaroni Legacy Dr. Markham; Steve Mackovski Nieuwendyk St. Whitby Ont.; Vanco Mackovski Clair Crest Rd. Markham; Vasil Mackovski Avenida St. Markham, B. Mitre Mackovski RR 1 Camp 84 Northland Ont.; Naum Mackovski King Edward Ave. Tor. (marked); Danny Mackovski Bur Oak Dr. Markham; Boris Markovski & Stoja Jovanovska Mortimer Ave. Toronto; Vlade Makarovski & Slavka Tanevska Marcela St. Scarborough; Lino Montone & Kathy Mackovska Montbeck Cres. Mississauga; Christina Valavanis & Christina Mackovska Cathmar Dr. Markham (Shallmar Blvd.?); Spase Mackovski; Josiva Mackovski, Nikola Mackovski; Risto Mackovski Skopje R. Makedonija; Vera Mackovska 225-893, Olga Mackovska, Vesa Mackovska, Aco Mackovski N.W. 8th Crt. Plantation Florida; Josiv Pasarikovski & Milica Mackovska 17th Ct. Plantation Florida; Tony Markovski Dental Clinic Monteral Rd. Cornwall Ont. ; SPI Screen Printing Inc. George Machkovski Bartley Dr. Tor.; Gary Paspalovski & Violet Mackovska Captain Francis Dr. Unionville Ont.; Draga Mackovska at Bitola R. Makedonija 25-982; Kire Mackovski Diplomat Dr. Thomastown Melbourne; Vasil Mackovski Livingston St. Deerpark Melbourne; Trajan Mackovski UL. Dovlegi (Doyle?), Br. Bitola R. Makedonija 36-827; (Q?s: Svi - McVeigh - a Vicki Cve m. Mackovski - Vlade / Volpe / Walker / Gladys / Wade - Jota / Jitta / Daljit - Mateoli - Lazarus - Bazos - Gayos - Jota - Nevita - Mateoli - Mark - Marks - Ace Collings - Prespakis - Plantagenet - Pape - Pappas - Dragi - Keirnan - Thomson - Trojan - Methadone - Basil - Bassel / Russell - Metodija = Jota - Daljit - officer Jitta?)(Mitre - Macri - Macridis?)

***** (2005) Telefonski Imenik, Part 2 of 3 Parts (see Part 1 under Mackovski 2005): Blagoja Naumovski & Jordana Naidovska Waterdown Cres. Whitby Ont.; Michael Alexander J. Tollgate Rd. Langhorne Pennsylvania; Krown Rust Control System Jerry Zemanek Lawrence Ave. E. Scarborough; St. Clements of Ohrid Church Overlea Blvd. Tor.; St. Naum of Ohrid Church Kensington Ave. N. Hamilton; George Jewellers Rainer Nagies Eglinton Ave. E. Scarborough; Crane Rental English Sign Erection Warren English; Steve Kokalovski S.P. Aluminum Co. Brimley Rd. Scarborough Ont.; John S. Walkington General Ins. Inc. Mark D. Campbell King Rd. King City Ont.; Jonce Popovski at 6 Hornvagen Goteborg Sweden; Jandrija Lakovski Diamond Creek Vic. Melbourne, M. Kriste Lakovski Gaze Crt Melbourne, Pando Jovanovski Riant St. Scarborough; Zivko Acevski & Lila Trandovska Willowdale Ont.; Vlade Simjanovski Thorn Beck Dr. Scarborough (marked); Vasil Naidovski; Nikola Naidovski Andrew Ave. Scarborough; Pando Naidovski Halkin Cres. Tor.; Pavle Naidovski Ridgewood Crt. Pickering Ont.; Mendo Kalcovski Finley Ave. Ajax, Ont.; Sandra Kalcovski Warnsworth St. Scarborough; Kalco Kalcovski; Trane Jovanovski Wood Mount Ave. Tor.; Sloboda Jovanovski Graggview Dr. West Hill Ont.; S.MILE Jovanovski Brooklin Ont.; Stoja Gagovska Westcroft Dr. Scarborough Ont.; Bogoja Jovanovski Maple Ont.; Tanas Jovanovski Milroy Crt. Scarborough; Robert Jovanovski S. Pickering; Spiros Jovanovski Brooklin Ont.; Boris Jovanovski Avoca Dr. Unionville Ont.; Risto Gagovski Willowdale Pawnee Ave. ; Nada Gagovski Shaneed Blvd. Scarborough; Dr. Vlade Gagovski Bow Valley Dr. Scarborough; P. Bobby Naidovski; Pavle Temelkovski Gledhill Ave. Tor.; Vasko Temelkovski Wallington Ave. Tor.; Lupcho Temelkovski Soho Cres.; Risto Temelkovski Durington Cres. Scarborough Ont.; Dimche Temelkovski Falling River Dr. Richmond Hill Ont.; Tony Temelkovski Edward Jeffery Ave. Markham; Petre Timioski Parkway Forest Dr. Willowdale Ont.; Alekso Toleoski Silvio Ave. Scarborough; Sotir Dimof & Mila Jovanovska Ravin Hill Cres. Markham; Claudio Dannehio & Mirjana Spasevska Long Island Cres. Unionville Ont.; Ron Perreault & Suza Jovanovska Cada Cres. Tecumseh Ont., Tomo Petrovski & Vera Vrzovska Portico Dr. Scarborough; (Q?s: van Blad - Bosada Tiles - "Naum" Aviado to Mackovski connection ? – Jordon, George Orhiling's son 10 yrs in 2009 - Collings - Orr - Naidovski = Aviado - Nader - a Michael Alexander is McGrath is Byrns - Gothe - McGraw - George Orhiling / Mizzi - John Zimnock / Simone Jellinek - Rainey / O'Neill - Nagy Wong - Nagy / Tim Hortons / Ken Coates - Jimmy English, Keswick - Kacolevski harrassed me at 801 Pape Ave. just before my daughter was abducted - Bentley / Brimley / Bartley - Walker / Walkinton / Winston - Winston Pandoo - Winson / Winston Harris - Pandy Aviado - Payne - Peter Campbell - Hagen, Dr. John / Jonce / Jocelyn - Pape - Dr. John Hagen - Les Horne / Horner / Horner Ave. / Sue Hynes contract - Tandja or Tjandra, adoption worker - Dr. Mark Latowsky - Basil / Bassel - Christie - Ace Collings / Orhiling - Simpson + Janovski - Smiley in Keswick Ont. / Judge - Jota - Jovan / Ivan / Jordon - Saijko - Gang / Suter - Dr. D. Gagnon / Gayos - Stana / Stanislaus - Spiros, introduced to me by Denise Rogina - Borins - Russo - Russell - Rousseau - Navita – Nadya, Estegenet's sister or close friend, ½ sister? - Vlade / Volpe / Walker / Gladys / Wade - Pavlov - Klowak - Tamel Tigers - Himel / Hamel - Melk / Milk - Hamilton / Milton - Cho - Petti - Petro - Timothy - Eckert Tole / Tolle - writes with Oprah - O'Toole - Suter - Daniel - Danilo / Aviado - Mariam Cote / Mariam Makhniashvili - Seiveking - Prespakis - Parrott - Theriault / D'Souza / De Souza / De Sousa - Petro ?)

Who is Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski - George Chapman

Who is Aaron Kosminski a.k.a. Aron Mordke Kozminski & Donald McCormick,

Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski (alias George Chapman, no rel. to victim Annie Chapman) (14 Dec 1865 – 7 Apr. 1903) b. in Poland, emigrated to United Kingdom 1887-8, shortly before the start of the murders. 1893-4 assumed name of Chapman, poisoned 3 wives & was hanged 1903. At the time of the Ripper murders, he lived in Whitechapel, London, working as a barber. According to H. L. Adam, who wrote a book on the poisonings 1930, Chapman was Insp. Frederick Abberline's favored suspect & the Pall Mall Gazette reported that Abberline suspected Chapman after his conviction, others disagree that Chapman is a likely culprit as he murdered his 3 wives with poison & it is uncommon (though not unheard of) for a serial killer to make such a drastic change in modus operandi. (Q?s: Selwyn of Precision Pest Control – Anton to Tammy Conway Rose – Kosopoulos – Adrian McKaminski of Good Shepherd – Leah Adam of good Shepherd – Kathy Adams Warren – Darlene Adams – Judge Wolski?)

Aaron Kosminski (b. Aron Mordke Kozminski; Sep. 11, 1865 - Mar. 24, 1919, Polish Jew, admitted to Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum 1891. "Kosminski" (no forename), suspect by Melville Macnaghten 1894 memorandum & by Chief Insp. Donald Swanson in handwritten comments in the margin of his copy of Asst Comm. Sir Robert Anderson's memoirs. Anderson wrote: a Polish Jew was identified as the Ripper but that no prosecution was possible because the witness was also Jewish & refused to testify. Kosminski lived in Whitechapel, he was harmless in the asylum, insanity of auditory hallucinations, fear of being fed by others & a refusal to bathe. (Q?s: Likely this was actually a witness of aspects of the Ripper group and was being poisoned into silence as the Ripper gang does to witnesses today through the very unfair mental health laws – the monarchies have been poisoning witnesses under the guise of law for many generations – Much of this poisoning is done through CAMH hosp. & Old City Hall courts. CAMH gets millions in donations from large corporations that appears to want to silence witnesses. When companies make charitable donations, they should not be allowed to direct where the funds go & donations should be distributed equally among all non-profit organizations to avoid places like CAMH hosp. becoming a murderous war crime base – Swan / Dr. Ian Swayze / Schwartz – Wayne / Baynes / Payne – Adrian McCominsky – Chlebonsky / Chloe / Cohen / Cowan / Gowan / Gower – Latch Key Kids – Alder / Andrea – McGrath . Grath – Nagy to Ken Coats & Tim Horton’s – Rita S. Ratz / Katz – Belville Ont. – Danielle White ?)

--- (1939) Gen. Jozef Kaminski Polish Army officer & politician b. Mar. 03, 1919, Brezezany, Commdt. of Karol Swierczewski Gen. Staff Acad. of Polish Army, mem. ZboWiD as chief council & pres., Order of Banner of Labour, Polish United workers. (Q?s: Joseph / Jose – McCominsky – Siwek?)

--- (1940) David Daniel Kaminski is also Danny Kaye, Am. Actor, Comedian, b. Jan. 18, 1913, NY, son of Jacob & Clara (Nemerovsky) Kaminsky, m. Sylvia Fine 1940, 1 dau.; & --- Nora Koreff is Nora Kaye. (Q?s: Joey Kay / Nally Kay – Kay Sampson – Tyrrell McCominsky – Valerie Cummings – Nemeth – Fine to Elaine F. Menace Borins / Stephen Borins – Daniel, son of Christine Goralczyk?)

--- (1940) Brooks McCormick, Am. Bus. exec., b. 1917 Chicago, son of Chauncey & Marion (Deering) McCormick, m. Hope Baldwin, 1940, Groton Sch., Yale U., Chevelier Legion d’honneur, St. Luke’s Med. Centre. (Q?s: Catherine Brooks – Giaiani Brooks / Shepherd – During / Metodija Mackovski – Comrie – Cormier / Orhiling – Hope dau. of Elsie Peters – Elva Bottineau / Jeffrey Baldwin – Selwyn?)

--- (1942) Jan Kaminski Polish Agric. Adm. & politician b. Jan. 01, 1922, Jaroslaw son of Wladyslaw & Aniela Kaminski, m. Jadwiga Kaminski, 1 son, 1 dau.; Knight Cross & officers Cross Order of Polonia Restituta. (Q?s: Jagoda Berk – McCominsky ?)

--- (1964) Melvin Kaminsky a.k.a. Mel Brooks, Am. Actor, writer, prod., Dir., b. 1926 NY, m. 1st, Florence Baum, 2 sons, 1 dau., m. 2nd Anne Bancroft 1964, 1 son; The Elephant Man, Brooksfilms c/o 20th Century Fox. (Q?:s Tyrrell / McKominsky at Good Shepherd – Catherine Brooks – Giaiani Brooks / Shepherd – Mary Baan – Ernest Tadman’s girlfriend Nadine was from Bancroft – McCominsky / Jack the Ripper – Dona Ashcroft?)

--- (1982) Edith Ann Dixon is Mrs. E. Ann Tyrrell, nurse public health Hamilton, (Q?s: Dixon Hall to Trudi Kilpatrick / Tom Dixon & Adrian Tyrrell who works with Tom Liss looks similar to Karen Turrell my next door neighbor on 120? Nassau St. Oshawa 1974, especially the eyes – Dinnie & Barry Dixon?)

-- - (2010) Adrian Tyrrell, mothers maiden is McCominsky, working at Good Shepherd May 31, 2010-11 with Tom Liss? (Q?s: Apron Leather / Jack the Ripper – Alaine – Diane - Michael deConinck / Lundmark / Leshner – Turrell – Tyson James Cormier – McCormick / McCormack – Comrie – Cummings – More / Moore – Orme – Ormelingen - Orhiling?)

--- (2010) William Thomas Tyrrell “Bill” d. Feb. 20, 2010 at 82, wife Delores, father of Bryan (Carol), Brenda (Doug), gr-pa of Clint, Gerrett, Shawn & Cory, bro-in-law of Bill Harper, sis-in-law Lillian Harper dec’d, Marion (Marg) Taylor, bro-in-law Gord Taylor. (Q?s: Tom Dixon looks similar to Karen Tyrrel, especially the eyes – Stephen Harper / Teskey – David Taylor?)

Who is John List, Who is Joseph Silver a.k.a. Who is Joseph Lis, George Lusk,
Q?s: Liss / Lost

--- Liss (previously spelled Lys or Lyss) is a village and civil parish in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. The River Rother formed the boundary between West & East Liss. (Q?s: Silver / Sylvia – Roth – Brothers – Rutherford?)

Joseph Silver: 2007 S. African historian Charles van Onselen claimed in the book The Fox and the Flies: The World of Joseph Silver, Racketeer & Psychopath, that Joseph Silver, a.k.a. Joseph Lis, a Polish Jew, was Jack the Ripper. van Onselen provides no evidence that Silver was in London during the time of the murders, Van Onselen has responded by saying that the number of circumstances involved should make Silver a suspect. (Q?s: John Shepherd to friends Silverman name change to Silver / Lis / Liss – Sybil – Sibery – Eisler – David Onley – Olson / Olsen – Tom Liss Dir. of Good Shepherd / Tolias Tow Truck to officer Ryan Russell to Richard Esber Kashkar / Darren Tobias – Larisa – Stephen Shortell ?)

John List proposed 1989: The company hired FBI psychologist Roy Hazelwood & John Douglas to produce a modern profile. He suggests the only one who could be the Ripper is a Polish Jewish immigrant identified by chief Sir Robert Anderson at the time of the murders, as authored Martin Fido a year ago. Scotland Yard, Milton Helpern Forensic Sci. Inst. concur. (Lost / Liss - Leshner – Wood is Walker – Siwek / Borins – Polish, Anderson Press, on Queen St. T.O. – Douglass / Dugdale – Glass – Hazzel / Judge Bassel with Schneider & Cavion – Hazel to Halse to Charles – Mill wood / Ward - In my opinion Jack the Ripper is not one man but many persons who are joined in allegiances & intriquet organization of crime & that the names Jack the Ripper & Leather Apron evolved from the participants. The Ripper method of operation can be used by all members of the criminal organization for many other types of crime. While the authorities & public are looking for one person, this criminal team can ellude everybody- Miller / Wilson / Alton – Helpern with Michael Jackson / Elbert / Albert / Alfred – Phelps – Hazy / Swayse / Swazel / Waddell / Addie – Thomas Bernard Heppner m. Karen Pozzi?)

--- (1888) Whitechapel Vigilance Ctte. patrolled streets, petitioned gov’t to raise a reward for info, hired detectives to question witnesses separate from the police. The Ctte. was led by George Lusk 1888 & Albert Bachert 1889 (Q?s: List / Lis – Grabowski a.k.a. Chleb to Borchert / Rose Botcher to Robert McDonald – Janet Echert / Eckert / De Sart / Chatter – Geo / Jee – Mather – McWatch – Klaus – Chleb – Beard - W = B = b to balter / Walter = Albert = Eckert?)

--- (1952?) Wojciech Jerzy Nowaczynski educ. b. Nisko Poland Mar. 27, 1925, son of Jan & Irena (Listowska), m. ?, ch: Maria, Barbara, Mark, Francis, Paula, Peter; Prof. of Med. U of B.C., & Pathology, Endoctrinology & Metabolism (Q?s: Nowak / Klowak / Wojnowski – Wolski – Herman Jan Wilton Siegel - Marcin / Francis / Machinski – Noal – Larisa – Lusk / Lis / Tom Liss – New Jersey / Debney – Nabisko - Nowakowski - McWatch - if the police are the offenders and acting as officers afterwards to cover up the matter, they would need a pathologist or coroner to misdirect the cause of death?)
--- (1966) Dr. Lorne Jay Brandes, phys., sci., prof. b. Tor. Nov. 08, 1943, son of William & Lorraine (Liss), U of Windsor, U. of W. Ont., m. Jill dau. of Iring & Hazel Colman dec. 25, 1966, ch: Jason, Carolyn; Med. Oncologist U of Man., Pharm., (Q?s: Horner to Siwek & Millana Montemurro - Brandy, Theona Bright, Erica Colman & Rosalind Dobravzky a.k.a. Delroy at 416 Drop In Center & Tom Liss at Good Shepherd – moving into building Sep. 2011 Lori Ann Slocum mother Lorraine m. Brand to Brian Beverall / Beaverall / Metherall / Them – Lenore Lost – crown Daniel Brandes Jun. 2011 / Brandeis - Bland / BlackBranston – Andre / Angela Lenore Lost - Tom Liss at Good Shepherd – Irving / Ernest Coleman a.k.a. Colman to Slocum – Jason at 9 Homewood Ave. – Wain / 2mia?)

--- (2000) T. Fox Posted: 8 Oct 2000 2:20PM, My grandmother's name is Victoria Zysk. She was b. 1896 Poland. I do not know her parents' names, but I do have 2 old letters written from someone in Poland, written in Polish, signatures at the bottom appear to say: Ladwigo Sicrepan , Stanislawa Wadow. Underneath both of them is the word: zzodring. At the bottom of the letter appears: Szczepan Zysk. Marchlewskiego 35 m. 24 a Warszawa. The letter dated Mar. 15, 1965. Another dated: 11 kwietnia 65 written in Polish. It is signed by what appears to be: could begin with an L or J Jadwiga Szcrepan, Boguslaw Marlena Lynskowie. (Q?s: Tom Liss of Good Shepherd - Goralczyk / lczy / Lycz / Liss / Ozzy - Luke / Lusk in Jack the Ripper / Liss - Jagoda Berk with Rosalind Dobravsky – Stanley / Santos / Santus – Oshawa - Swallow to Swalles to Swayze – Madoc Ont. To Joseph Anthony Goralczyk – it is possible that my mothers maiden name Siwek was meant to be an ending such as Walkseiwicz & the ending of czyk could be changed to Zysk, Liss or Swayze, c to s / czyk / zykc / Siwek / Zyck / Zack / Jack – SzCz to Steven / Shtevi - Margo Szczerba at 111 Wellesley St. T.O. – Czaba / Szabo – Lynes – George Ohrling?)

--- (2007?) to 2009 Law offices together, Dragi Zekavica, Michael Wojciech Czuma, & _ Ritter. (Q?s: Michalos - Marcin Wojnowski – 2mia & rzepa to Michalina Grabowski / Chleb to Zakrewska - Wolksi - Walker - Chick - Uma Verma with Lori Dubin's law office - Ripper?)

***** (2007-8) Kelly Donaldson & M. Collis, at Bell Can. Marketing Funds Overview Project. Hari Rao was working at Bell Canada with these people and is at the public service office where I am using the computers. Hari formerly worked for Kraft Foods, (Q?s: McDonald - Gary O’Donnell / Amy Rowe m. Bonnell / Beverall / Metherall –sister Avril Rowe m. Bennett / Bentley / Bonnell to Broun & Powell & Brown - Peter LeFleche surreptitiously receiving mail at my appt. / Eckert / Botcher – my phone bill surreptitiously got changed to the name Killy DonaldsonBell Can. & Lindsay Bell m. Carti, In Contact with Hari Rao to Public Service Office Employees at 111 Wellesley St. Tor., where I use computer – Erica Colman / Coleman / Llis / Liss / Lost to Shortell / Challice / Chellaiah / Kelly / Colle / Tolis Tow Trucks / Tobias / Coulis / Hynes – Kathy Koukoulis to Joanne Aikenhead – Tim Collins / David Collings – McColl / McCall / MacCaull / O’Neill / Orange – McGrath / Ratz / Kraft m. Barbara Goralczyk / Grabowski / ChlebHarold Morris?)

--- (2009) Zysk Family from Malkinia Gorna, Poland by B. Hebda Posted: 7 Apr 1999 2:25PM, I need records from the parish of Brok, Poland, dates from 1870 to 1900. Records before 1870 I have, but I need these records to verify the names of my grandparent, Anthony Zysk. Anthony came to the U.S. 1911. He returned to Poland Apr. 1959 & d. there July 1959. Anthony was the only one who came to the United States. He had 6 siblings. missing records of 1870-1900. The names I am looking for are Thomas, Dominic, Helen, Stanley, Casimir & Francis Zysk. Anthony's father's name was Szczepan (Steven) & his mother's name was Catherine Siwek. (Q?s: Margo Szczerba at 111 Wellesley St. T.O. – Szaba / Szabo - Szczepan= Steven – Stefan a.k.a. Stephen Siwek – Liss / Lusk / Luke - John Walksiwecz?)

--- (2011) Sacred Heart Church Polish, RECTORY: 75 Manitoba St., Guelph, Ont. 98 Alice St., Guelph, Ont. Rev. Jacek Walkiewicz, S.Chr., Rev. Robert Wojslaw, S.Chr., (Q?s: murder on Alice St. Guelph - Rogers to murder on Alice St. Guelph to Chief Robert Davis posted on facebook separately / Lyric / Challis / Chellaiah – Walker / Aiken / Joanne Aikenhead - John Walkiewicz / Siwek – Judge William Raymond Wolksi with crown Kate Matthews / Mr. Marcin Wojnowski / Dr. Waisman a.k.a. Wajsman / Wass / Watt to Gutteridge / Snow / Swan - Linda Fowler-Wojciechowski at 416 Drop In - Waclaw Monik d. Apr. 22, 2011 father of Waclaw Monik, Grace m. Kent Paris, Dorothy m. David Blue?)

Who is Elizabeth Davis / Rose Mylett

Rose / Catherine / Elizabeth / Alice / Clara – Mylett / Millett / Davis / Downey

Rose Mylett a.k.a. Catherine Mylett, a.k.a. Catherine Millett, Elizabeth "Drunken Lizzie" Davis, "Fair” Alice Downey & "Fair Clara" b. 1862 d. Dec. 20, 1888. body was found in Clarke's Yard, High St., Poplar.

(Q?s: Pyler / Pizer – Millward – Davidson / Avis / Dobravsky / Aviado / Elisa Davies formerly of Good Shepherd – Kevin Clark / Marie Clarke / Debbie Clarke – Julia Marie Clarke – Pauline Davis – Eric Davis – Guelph police Chief Robert Davis – Patty Downey & Arlene Walker – Clary?)

For more info on Davis / Dobravsky see separate posting called "Murder in Guelph"
Who is Charles Warren

Of Jack the Ripper Cases

Note: that this British officer states clearly his allegiance but in Canada where the Ripper gang is likely continuing, officials keep their allegiances a secret. Even when running for public office none can swear on an affidavit that they are true undivided Canadian. This is because in Canada it is truly High Treason to have allegiance to the British Monarchy while running for office or voting in Canada. Canadian officers & politicians refuse to state their allegiances in writing because they know they are committing offence, including our present PM Steven Harper, & they can’t make evidence in writing under oath. When you ask them to do this, they just ignore the request like it doesn’t exist or they can’t understand the question.

Info by Herbert Rose Barraud of London (Q?s: Conway Rose to Dobson - Barraud to Brand / Braun / Barrio / Barreau?)

Gen. Sir Charles Warren, b. Feb. 07, 1840 Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, GCMG, KCB, FRS, d. Weston-super-Mare, Somerset Jan. 21, 1927,

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