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The Great Depression

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New Deal Cultural Programs - links to information on Federal Cultural Programs of the 30s, including New Deal Programs, and the Works Progress Administration [WPA].

Federal Cultural Programs of the 1930's

Voices from the Thirties

Life Histories from the Federal Writers' Project

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, when as many as one out of four Americans could not find jobs, the federal government stepped in to become the employer of last resort. The Works Progress Administration (WPA), an ambitious New Deal program, put 8,500,000 jobless to work, mostly on projects that required manual labor. With Uncle Sam meeting the payroll, countless bridges, highways and parks were constructed or repaired.

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Audio interviews: The Federal Writers' Project

Audio interviews: The Federal Writers' Project of the 1930s recorded more than 10,000 life stories of men and woman from a variety of occupations and ethnic groups. The following is a sampling of these interviews, which include audio excerpts read by modern actors.


WPA Life Histories from Connecticut
These titles are mostly first-person accounts of life in Connecticut collected during the Great Depression. The WPA project categories include: CLOCKMAKERS OF THOMASTON; LIVING LORE IN NEW ENGLAND; RELIGIOUS LIFE IN BRIDGEPORT; KNIFEMAKERS OF THOMASTON AND NORTHFIELD; VITA CACCIOLA, THE ITALIAN COBBLER; and PEOPLE OF BRIDGEPORT. Click on any one of the names in the list for that person’s story about life during the Great Depression

Documentary resources for the study of FDR and his Depression-era programs. Includes both research information and features with stories and other first hand accounts of the era.

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