Week 1: Bible Story: Shepherds at the Stable Luke 2: 8 20

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Three’s December Theme and Curriculum Guide

“God Sent Jesus to Earth to Be Born as a Baby / Christmas”

Bible Focus

Week 1: Bible Story: Shepherds at the Stable Luke 2:8 - 20

Memory Verse “God’s Son is born for us.” See Isaiah 9:6
Week 2: Bible Story: The Wise Men

Memory Verse: “The Wise Men bowed and worshipped Jesus” See Matthew 2:11
Core Knowledge Skills
Books of the Week

(Year long goals of Core Knowledge include: listening to illustrated picture books building up to a 15 minute reading; holding books correctly; answering questions about the story (characters, setting, plot and events), retelling story; sequencing 3 illustrations of events from a story, tell a story using a wordless picture book.)

All month long: Various Christmas books depicting the true Christmas story
Rhymes of the Month (Year long goals of Core Knowledge include: Memorizing and reciting with others a simple nursery rhyme, poem or song; while listening to the recitation of a familiar nursery rhyme, clap or tap the beat with hands and/or feet and perform the associated hand and body gestures that have been previously taught.)

All throughout the month of December

Five Little Candles (Fingerplay)

One Little Baby (Fingerplay)

Three Great Kings (Fingerplay)

Each class is learning particular songs for the Christmas Pageant.

Nursery Rhymes:

Christmas is Coming

Star Light

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Autonomy and Social Skills

Greet adults as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. (name) (all year)

Dress self independently, putting on clothing
Oral Language: Carry on a dialogue or conversation, initiating comments or responding to a partner’s comments, with an adult (all year)
Describe an event or task that he or she has just experienced, in the immediate past
Emerging Literacy Skills in

Reading and Writing: Identify different examples of print in the environment (all year)
Collect objects using illustrated list

Mathematical Reasoning: Identify a star; select a star from other shapes
Identify green objects; separate green objects into a group apart from other colored objects
Indicate whether an object belongs to a given collection
Recite the number sequence, 1-10 (all year)

Scientific Reasoning: Identify and describe objects on the basis of specific properties discerned through the sense of taste

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