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A world in which explosives never existed.

Jorge Martinez – Concept Art, 3D Assets, Game Integration, Story

University of Advancing Technology

Initial Inception Date: 9/21/14 – Completion Date: 3/15/15

a. What are the goals, objectives, and rationale for the project?
To bring a fresh, technological, innovative, and new visual experience to the game industry.
b. What are the methods by which the project needs to be completed?
The creation of original concept art, storyline, and 3D asset creation and integration will be the necessary methods to fulfill this project.
c. What will be created?
An innovative game with an innovative story, that will play differently.
Innovation, technological, video games, customization, concept art, 3D modeling, game integration, game pitch and development, 3d texture, 3d animation and rigging.

Background Information and Prior Art

War is something that has been explored vastly in the video game industry. Especially today with the popularity of First Person Shooter games. Role Playing games involve medieval action, and First Person Shooters focus on modern warfare. However, what if these two could be combined? The idea of this project is to combine popular genres to bring a new, fresh idea. Visuals will be based on this new shape of society. With tall buildings made from bricks, all the way from cities being surrounded by giant walls. We will see the environment fully changed. Gameplay will have the basics of a First Person Shooter (First Person Point Of View, ranged attack with bows, maps and point directions), but will play like a Role Playing game (leveling up, unlockable skills, and weapon craft etc.).

A great example from a Role Playing Game can be the game Skyrim by Bethesday: http://vividgamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/6258076603_7049de30a7_o.jpg (Bethesda, 2011). This game brings an RPG and changes its perspective (Most RPG games are 3rd person). However, this game is unrealistic, which means that the game is fantasy and will involve monsters and such. Alter will be as realistic as possible, while still having some unreal assets. This means that our character will fight other soldiers from different parts of the world, but they will constantly keep on changing depending on their region. This also means that the visuals will keep on evolving according to the environments and countries the character is in.
Another example can be Age of Empires:
http://www.game-over.net/review/nov99/aoe2/Screen1.JPG (Ensemble, 1997). This game is a real strategy game, that requires the player to build troops and send them to fight other troops. While not having much to do with FPS or RPG games, Age of Empires lets the player fight other troops from different parts of the world. Alter will have this mechanic. Alter, while being drastically different from Age of Empires, will let the player fight against other troops from different parts of the world. The troops will range widely, and will play differently. Which will require the player to change strategies and tactics to defeat these troops. Alter will not play like Age of Empires either, it will be First Person, and can be played alone, or with a troop. The way to play is up to the player.

A great example of a First Person Shooter game is Call of Duty by Activision: http://www.lifelong-gamers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/call-of-duty-black-ops-4807-hd-wallpapers.jpg (Activision, 2010). We can see in this example that the POV (Point of View) is also First Person. We can see that the character is fighting other soldiers, and there are no monsters involved. This is because the game tells a story that happens during a war. While not being entirely true, the game keeps realism and there is no fantasy involved. We can also see that there are maps, as well as other HUD items, like inventory. Alter will be somewhat like this game. However, how can this happens if there are no guns? Well society changed, weapons and armor changed. Bows became more evolved (swords built in bows), and swords and axes changed as well (became lighter due to different metals, and increased in range and power due to skills and ranged wires). So Alter will have you fight other soldiers from other countries, but the gameplay will be totally different. This is what Alter wants with the genre mixture. Where it could be felt as both, a First Person Shooter, and a Role Playing Game.
An example of great interface that can be somewhat compared with Alter is Dead Island:
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-milw0zSFGp4/Ubeb2y2BooI/AAAAAAAAAas/0vsu6kGG9Dk/s1600/DeadIslandGame_x86_rwdi+2013-06-11+15-31-56-43.jpg (Techland, 2011). The game, while not having a lot in common with Alter, states a great usage of similar interface. The interface from Dead Island lets the player discover new abilities through leveling up and unlocking skills. This will be a big part of Alter, in which the player will discover new gameplay tactics and styles according to their level and current armor/weapon. Dead Island also lets the player craft weapons from different materials. Alter will have a crafting system, which will let the player craft new weapons and combine different materials to unlock unique armor. Dead Island might be a great example of a First Person Shooter Role Playing Game, but the game is totally unrealistic. Which means that the game is based around fighting zombies, and has no historical value whatsoever. Alter will have some of these systems, but will have a historical timeline, and will let the player fight other human troops, instead of zombies.

A great example of a FPS RPG video game is Borderlands 1 and 2: http://rlsgame.org/sites/default/files/pc_gallery/borderlands-2-pc-1.jpg (Gearbox, 2012). This game brings a First Person Shooter experience, while bringing great RPG assets, like a level up system and skills. However, this game is based on futuristic assets that evolve around guns. This game consists of a wide variety of weaponry (no armor change though), as well as other gun-related assets (like cars with guns). This game is also very unrealistic, which means that the character will fight humans, as well as monsters. This game also has a lot of comedy, which makes it a game of its own. While being a great example, this does not match Alter. Alter will evolve around swords and bows, and will take itself seriously. This means that the game will have no comedy, and will have a dark story to tell. Alter will have a wide variety of swords, axes, and bows, but they will range widely. This means that some swords will be heavier but more durable, and some bows will compromise damage from range. They will not be your average swords though, some might have electric powers to shock the enemy (based on other advancements in society), and shields will have a gravitational force (pushing enemies back). While being somewhat unreal, the game will try to remain as natural and as realistic as possible.

The best example is Bioshock:
http://stylefavor.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/bioshock_2_2010-gameplay.jpg (2K, 2007). Bioshock is a great game that takes itself seriously, it tries to stick to a real historic timeline, while still giving it its own touch. This game (even if it has machine humans, and powers you use like fire and ice), it is very realistic because of the way the story is told. Alter will aim to tell a story like Bioshock. It will be based on a historic timeline, with true events. However, it will state reasons why explosive chemical reactions never emerged, and will then make powers like sword lighting, and anti gravity shields feel realistic. Bioshock also adapts to the player. This means that the player can make the character to best fit its style. From changing weaponry, to different skills. The player can change and adapt to a wide variety of tactical styles of gameplay. This means that you can freeze enemies and blow them up, or set fire traps and make them fly through the air. Alter will require the player to be tactical, especially because there are no guns. So close combat is very deadly. Camouflaged armor will help blend in with surroundings, but the player will have to sneak around, or charge with a troop to get rid of its opponents. This means that the gameplay will adapt to the player. From best weapons, to best tactics, the player can feel comfortable, and can try new things. Which can make the game have replay value. Bioshock could be a great example for Alter, but it lacks some major things: there is no level up system, and the gameplay is based around mostly guns. So Bioshock is a great example, but it just doesn't quite match Alter.

The background information of this project is that explosives were never invented in the past, it traces back to the Chinese, they never fully developed gunpowder, which made the world lose interest in in explosive chemical reactions. Over the years, the possibilities and desire decreased, which meant that humanity never discovered explosives. This will change society drastically, buildings will be very different from what we see today. Armor and weapons will be evolved, and will have their unique style. Different societies, as well as war methods and the environment will be widely distinctive. By bringing these ideas together, there will be new ways to explore genres so developers can start to have similar ideas on their own. Alter will also be a good change for the player.

Project Description and Innovation Claim
After seeing some great examples, we can already start to see how Alter will be like. Not only will Alter have its own innovative story, but it will combine all of these different systems and become a game on its own. The player will experience new gameplay mechanics from the very beginning. By having sniper bows (which are made of light/or durable metals, as well as durable and stretchy wires, with built-in scopes) or light swords made out of durable metals, which also have wire systems so they can stretch and reach farther, wider areas, the different mechanics will be felt right away. The game will have a clean, easy interface which will let the player have a smoother experience. This interface will consist of a level up system, a skill system, a crafting system, and inventory. The player will fight against other troops and soldiers from around the world, so the environments and armies will keep on changing. The player can then change the gameplay style, to fight these armies. A unique Alter mechanic will be that the player will be able to use different armor and weapons from different parts of the world as well, that is, if level requirements are met. This opens the door to many possibilities for the player. Overall, the main focus of the gameplay is customization for the character. So the player can best find its needs, and can feel comfortable or challenged when playing.

Alter will also allows us to see how developed other parts of the world became, without the creation of the explosive chemical reaction. However, the game takes place when the first ever explosive reaction happened. The research was stolen, and the Queen from the character's land was killed. This rises tensions from all over the world, and the first World War occurs. Players will get to see a whole new story, with its unique and dark touch. This also opens a lot of opportunities to explore new land and explore different societies.

In conclusion, not only will Alter be a mixture of so many traits and two big genres, First Person Shooter and Role Playing Games. It will also allow the player to explore many possibilities, not only for the character, but from the evolved world as well. Alter will be innovative from its rich story, all the way to the evolving and changing gameplay.

Usage Scenario
The player will be submerged in a whole new world since the very beginning. By going to meet the Queen to celebrate the accomplishment of the first explosive reaction, the player will get to explore various parts of the changed city. Buildings will be made of bricks and stones, but will have the resemblance of skyscrapers and modern buildings. Carriages with horses will fill highways. Other parts of the city will have more modern buildings made of metals, and everything will be surrounded by a giant wall , protecting the city from invaders. This will make city feel very unique. This will also be felt going through different parts of the world, like China. Not only will we see different armor and weapons from armies, but their buildings will be vastly different from one country to another. Alter will make the player want to explore, and see what this new world has to offer. The major objective of Alter is to recover the stolen data, but great challenges await. So the player must be ready for change every step of the way.

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria will be crucial in this project. Mostly because it has to stand out, and has to be as innovative as possible. Customization will be highly criticized in the game. Each customizable asset must be original, innovative, and must feel new. Level up and skill system will also be evaluated strictly. These assets must be original, and mechanics such as skills must match the innovative weapon and armor assets so they can have smooth animations and great visuals. Story will be highly evaluated, the story is what makes Alter so innovative, because it creates so many possibilities for customization and change. From changes in armies from around the world, all the way to finding unique swords and armor, Alter's story is the most important part of the game. By evaluating the story, Alter will feel like a game never seen before. With so many gameplay mechanics, and even different genres, Alter is a game that will not only bring innovative ideas, but will also let the player explore a rich, dark, and unique story, as well as fun and evolving gameplay.

Project Logic Model

The goals of this project is to bring a new story, a new innovating idea, and a technologically advanced game that provides modern 3d assets and integration. Objectives for this will be to create accurate concept art models, as well as 3d assets to fulfill the projects goals. Another objective will be to spend time on research so the story can be solid, and unique. Activities for this project will be spend almost entirely in the computer by using 3d modeling programs, as well as 2d software and Internet.

Tasks will require research on a daily basis until the basic idea is done. After that, research will be necessary for comparisons and for other ideas required for other assets. Second task will require drawing to create innovative concept art. Whether it is in a sketchbook, or in a drawing software like Photoshop or Sai, concept art will be very important to complete this project. Drawing will occur in the after research, and when creating 3d assets. 3D modeling assets, animation, texturing, and rigging will be the longest task. However, this will occur after the research and concept art are finished, which will make it easier to create. The last step will be game integration, and polishing. This task will require some programming, as well as scripting, which will require some research outside of my major. Nevertheless, the most important part of this project will be the dark and rich story, the unique visuals, and the evolving gameplay.


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