Week Ending 23rd May 2014

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Week Ending 23rd May 2014

News from Class 1

This week in Numeracy Year 1 have been looking at recognising what makes a number multiples of 2, 5 or 10. FS have been ordering different sizes of clothes and thinking which would be suitable for daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear.

In Literacy we visited the library and used computers to research information about different animals. We looked to see the different breeds and will be continuing to see what the animals eat and any interesting facts. We will then use this information to create our own information page about our animal.
In Science we looked back at our investigations and whether plants need light and water to grow.
For our light experiment we put 1 plant in the dark cupboard and 1 in the windowsill. We discovered that the plant we put in the cupboard did not grow but the plant in the window did. From this we decided that plants need light to grow and be healthy.
We used three plants in our water experiment; no water, watered once and watered daily. All of the plants grew but the plant watered daily grew the best. We realised that plants needed to be watered often to grow strong and be healthy.
It was interesting to see that the plants grew at an angle- towards the light.
On Friday Year 1 visited Janet's farm. We were able to see her chicks and chickens and see the different ways that they collect eggs.
Foundation Stage had a great time at forest school with Josie.
Have a lovely half term.

News from Class 2

This week the children have worked very hard completing reading and writing assessments. In between we have fun preparing for the Year 3 presentation onboard Brittany Ferries. We have completed some beautiful Breton doorways and painting in the style of Alain Pondeville, an artist from the Breton town of Pont Aven.

They also completed a maths assessment and once again we had a bit of fun in between and coloured some beautiful symmetrical patterns. Some of us have also been writing our own books and we took the opportunity to share them with the rest of the class.
The swimming and athletics is going well and it is a joy to see the children have such quality coaching in small groups. Progress is already evident.

News from Class 3

In Literacy this week the children used their story maps and text mapping to write their own mystery stories. They were focusing on the techniques they had learnt, in order to build up suspense for the reader. After receiving feedback on their stories the children began planning and inventing their own ideas for a mystery story. Work was carried out to refine the use of dialogue in stories and the correct way to punctuate it. They looked at character descriptions and thought carefully about the vocabulary choices they make. After that they had another go at writing a mystery story trying to develop their writing to improve against their previous feedback.

In Numeracy the children have been exploring fractions and percentages. First looking at fractions of amounts and consolidating their methods. They moved on to finding percentages of amounts and easily succeeded when following a clear method. At the end of the week the class looked at equivalent fractions and how to change fractions to make them equivalent.

In Geography the children brought all their learning on maps together to produce a sketch map of the route one of the characters took in our story, 'Hetty's Unicorn'. The children had to plot the route marking the human and physical surroundings and creating their own keys. Some children have a little finishing off to do over half term.

All the children now know their parts for the school play and have lines to practise at home. Lines need to be learnt for the week beginning 16th June 2014 when rehearsals will commence.

Please don't forget the year 5 & 6 residential is the first week back. The year 4's have an exciting topic week planned and will have lots of peace and quiet without the year 5 and 6.


School News and Dates
2nd -6th June Year 5 & 6 Residential at Heatree

2nd June Take Brittany Launch Year 3

4th June New Reception pupils visit school, pm

6th June Swimming & Athletics Marjon Year 2-6

10th June Ivybridge College visit the Year 6’s here at Diptford

11th June Surf Club starts at Bantham

Diptford Primary School Tennis Match on the Monday 19th May at Avon Vale LCC.

Our Mini Red 8 & Under Team representing Diptford Primary comprised of Zach Hawkins, Max Moorman, Hector Kennerley and Arabella Faulkner. Against the visiting School of Aveton Gifford our players Zach, Max & Hector won all of their matches against each of their 4 opponents. Arabella showed great promise and confidence to participate in this her first match, after only training for such a short period of time winning 1 of her 4 matches. All the school team displayed great talent, skill and composure for children so young.

Our Mini Orange ball 9 & under team representing Diptford Primary comprised of Finlay Hawkins, William Savery, Thomas Wild & Riley Lunt & Mini Green Charlie Savery. They also performed incredibly well winning the majority of their matches but also against opponents much older and playing up using the faster green ball instead of the regular age appropriate orange ball.

Much thanks goes to the visiting Schools of Aveton Gifford Primary School & Thurlestone Primary School and the parents of all the children involved who helped in the transportation, assisting in the umpiring and the fabulous cakes made by the Diptford mums which made the match intervals even more enjoyable ! Not forgetting Avon Vale Tennis & Croquet Club, which kindly supports the Monday tennis coaching through the free use of the club facilities that includes grass & hard tennis courts.

Within the two hour match we managed to complete 25 matches giving the children much needed match experience, fun and competition to complement the Monday after school training sessions funded by Diptford Primary School, for the school’s talented and gifted children. This will be the pre curser to many more school matches. Please contact us if any child expresses an interested in tennis we have a number of opportunities for the children to receive coaching, including our Monday & Friday school/club link sessions and other groups as part of the Tennis Club Junior Programme. Please contact Sue our school administrator or myself Tim the school tennis & club coach on 07972895975.

Correspondence out this week

Free School Meals for Key Stage 1 form

Plymouth Argyle consent form for After School Club
This weeks Achievers

Class 2 Achiever for this week is Harry England for

excellent reading and writing.


Ben Parnell is Achiever for Class 3 this week for  working extremely hard during SATs week and
completing the most number of tests.

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