Week Ending 28th November 2014

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Week Ending 28th November 2014

News from Class 1

On Tuesday, we arrived at school to find large, muddy footprints all over the classroom leading from the time portal. We assisted the Totnes police investigating what had happened and in the end we discovered that a woolly mammoth had fallen through the time portal. Inspector Jones was keen to clean the mammoth up to prevent anymore mess around the school and village. Luckily, Mrs Wilson happened to have a copy of the book 'How to wash a woolly mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley. We learnt the text off-by-heart and recited it down the phone to Inspector Jones, who has managed to successfully trap and clean the mammoth. We then took the opportunity to find out about instructions, using imperative verbs and writing sentences with question marks.

In phonics the Phase 3 Reception group have learnt four new sounds: y,z/zz/qu/ch (chin)

and the Year 1 Phase 5 group have learnt /oo  (look and boot)/, /ow (like in cow and snow)/, ir (bird)

In maths we have continued investigating numbers to 100, particularly focusing on teen numbers and tens and units in bigger numbers. We used the theme of Frozen playing games collecting ice blocks and jewels to help us understand and familiarise ourselves with these numbers. We have also been practising correctly forming numbers and checking they are the right way round.

You may have noticed our ice palace which will be the theme for our role-play area until Christmas. We are planning to make an igloo out of 4-pint plastic milk cartons in conjunction with the pre-school. If you have any clean cartons with lids they would be much appreciated- please send them in.

Everyone should have a reading book with a number on it which relates to our new reading system. And you will also find the pink phonics books have new letters to practise plus some 'tricky words (words that have to be learnt by sight). Thank you for all your support with reading and phonics. The work the children do at home really supports their learning in school.

News from Class 2

It has been a great week for Class 2. Today we had the pleasure of Beryl Aston who visited Class 2 to talk about her experiences during World War 2. We prepared questions in preparation for her visit and we had the chance to ask these questions and find out lots more! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and it put into context all of the things we had been learning about; a big thank you to Zach’s Grandma. 

In English we have started our new book The Boy Who Cried Ninja, a fabulous book full of wonderful language and comical moments. We started off writing about The Boy Who Cried Wolf and we talked about it being an Aesop’s Fable and then we drew similarities to the more modern version in The Boy Who Cried Wolf and the morale behind this story. We have started to learn our text map and we have written about the characters, using adjectives to extend noun phrases to write in as much detail as possible, some of us included similes within our character descriptions.

In maths we have focused on number, we have looked at number patterns, multiples, factors and counting in 2s, 4s, 5s, 10s, 50s, and 8s. We have done some investigations where we have had to identify patterns using number tracks and dominoes and have started to devise our own patterns representing them in different ways.

In PE we had our last session of badminton where we practiced all of the skills we have learnt over the past 3 weeks and we have had Plymouth Argyle Football coaches in again today for another great skill based session. In RE we have looked at humanism, a non-religious belief and compared it to Christianity and identified the main differences. In French with Mrs Hockings the children have integrated their knowledge of body parts into a French story which we will be continuing with until the end of term.

News from Class 3

Class 3 have been focusing on our weekly theme of relationships in all that we do. This is also the theme for our PSHE lessons this term. In Maths we have been revisiting graphs as our last assessment showed we hadn't quite mastered the objectives. The children have been creating hypothesis, collecting and recording data, displaying data in a graph and interpreting the data. They have also started work on their new sequence covering angles and shape. In English we have been orally developing, altering and rehearsing our stories through hot seating, partner work and text mapping. The children have written some fantastic stories on World War One. In PE they have been playing netball and practising their throwing, catching and attacking and defending skills and in

French taking part in conversations and talking about the different parts of the body.

In Art Leanne Christie a local artist has worked with the children, teaching them some techniques that she uses in preparation of an art project next week.

There will be a short talk about next year’s residential for Year 5&6 parents on Monday 8th Dec at 3.30pm, Class 3
School News and Dates

Reminder please for consent slips for Buckfast trip for Class 2 on 8th Dec and also Pennywell for Reception on 12th Dec. Please see Sue or Linda in the office if you haven’t received a letter (or lost it!)

There will be NO Kurling on the 1st Dec, last one for this term on the 8th Dec, back on the 12th Jan.

There will be NO Library on the 11th Dec, so last session will be on the 18th for returning books only

for all classes.

Tues 2nd Dec – Year 3&4 Keviccs Design & Tech afternoon

Tues 2nd Dec – School Committee Meeting 3.30pm

Mon 8th Dec – Class 2 trip to Buckfast Abbey

Mon 8th Dec – Year 5&6 Parents 2015 Residential Talk 3.30pm

Fri 12th Dec – Pennywell Trip Reception & PreSchool

Fri 12th Dec – FODS Xmas Disco

Tues 16th Dec – Year 3&4 Keviccs Design & Tech afternoon

Weds 17th Dec – School Xmas Carol Service 6.30pm

Thurs 18th Dec – Xmas Craft Morning with Fods followed by school Xmas Dinner

Fri 19th Dec – Last day of term, finish 2.30pm

Correspondence out this week

No correspondance out this week

This weeks Achievers

Achiever of the Week for Class 2 is Max Moorman for his inquisitiveness in maths when finding number patterns and for really engaging with our new book The Boy Who Cried Ninja.


George Gopal is Achiever for Class 3 this week for demonstrating excellent understanding of relationships and always supporting and working well with others.

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