Weekly Lesson Plans

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Weekly Lesson Plans

Teacher: Levi

Semester: 1st

Subject / Grade: Reading, 6th, pre-ap

Week of: October 25-29, 2010

Daily Plans and Activities for Monday 10/25


Objective: Unit 2 Test/Silent reading

Procedure: 1) Students complete Unit 2 test 2) May go to the library after finishing 3) Read silently


Daily Plans and Activities for Tuesday 10/26


Objective: Theme vs. Topic

Procedure: 1) Read and discuss pages 318-320 completing guided notes 2) Use Lightning in a Bottle pictures to determine theme statements 3) Read Mercury and the Woodman, The Blackbird and the Peacocks—develop theme statements


Daily Plans and Activities for Wednesday 10/27


Objective: Theme vs. Topic/Elements of Historical Fiction

Procedure: 1) Review theme/writing theme statements 2) Divide into group and distribute fables The Frogs and the Well, The Milkmaid and Four Oxen and Lion. Students read, develop theme statement, write on sticky note, share with class 3) Teach characteristics of historical fiction using guided notes 4) View Dog of Pompeii—You Tube to introduce story for Thursday


Daily Plans and Activities for Thursday 10/28


Objective: Determine theme in a short story

Procedure: 1) Read and discuss pages 324-325 to introduce story 2) Divide into groups of 3 to read The Dog of Pompeii pages 326-336 3) Make graphic organizer while reading—loyalty in center, look for three ideas in story to support that topic

Evaluation: create theme statement

Daily Plans and Activities for Friday 10/29


Objective: The Dog of Pompeii (continued)

Procedure: 1) Show short video of eruption reenactment 2) Share Pompeii pictures 3) Complete story from Thursday and complete theme statement


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