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We would like to welcome Annemien v.d. Linde, Dinel Rumsey (Barnes) Olivia Belcher,

Antoinete Viljoen, Chris Langehoven (Leonard’s brother), Suzette Heath, Gordon Dwyer and Karen King. We hope that you have many wonderful years at Coelacanth. So far we have 102 registered members. Thank you all for being so prompt and paying before the penalty date. Thanks to Derek for all his hard work in this regard.


This event was held during the month of August . About 25 people were present at Hillcrest Pool on the 13th August, on a stunning hot day (believe it or not) and the water was heated, at a nice comfortable 26 degrees. Herman van der Westhuizen acheiving the best individual distance of 4,025m in one hour. Total metres swum was 70,850m. Lucky prizes were handed out after the event. Five members completed their challenge on their own, giving us a total of R2,300 for our chosen charity, which was Irene Homes.

The Rekord Newspaper published a photo handing over the monies to Irene Homes and a little story about us. Irene Homes were so so grateful! We are also going to be published in the Irene Crier in October. We hope this will encourage some readers to start up with their swimming again. Next year we will try and double our donation to Irene Homes!

Herman v.d. Westhuizen Kristel and Annemien

Greta Wallace breaking the ice Craig, Ann, Derek and Joyce at

Irene Homes

We had a great braai on our opening night on 6th September at DSG School, with Greta breaking the ice. The water is now much warmer and we have about 4 lanes going every Tuesday from 5h00. Come along and join us. Next braai night will be on 4th October.


The club has now decided to change the colour of our caps for the final time. We started with white, which 2 other clubs now have, then went orange, which Free State now have. Because orange is Cheetahs colour (and most of us are Blue Bulls, except for some Shark and Lions fans) we now have a teal cap. This is to enable us to pick out our swimmers at Nationals. They are selling at R50.00. Ann Hanson has them in stock if you would like to secure one, her cell is 0824111177 or home 012 348 8034. We have ordered tracksuits, which will be arriving this week, 2XLarge, 4Large, 5 Medium. We will definitely be ordering

some more shorts soon. The teal with the orange logo on the leg and with the zip pocket

Our New Teal Cap

2 Frostbite Galas and Gauteng Short Course Champs were held at Wahoo Pool. Thanks to Gauteng Masters for hosting the three galas. Tshwane Records were broken by Gail Geraty, Marieke Bouwer, Annemarie Dressler, Craig Stanton, Kim Foster and Derek Fyfe.

Sop, Swem and Sherrie Gala in Bloemfontein was unfortunately cancelled.

Sams (Tshwane) Winter Fitness challenge
Coelacanths 1500 on the 8th October,2011 Hillcrest Pool, 8h00 to 12h30. Entry form on Sams web. www.samastersswimming.com There will be physios present at the pool @R50 H/Hour.

Sun City Dam Swim 22nd October, 2011 at Sun City.

SAMS Short Course Champs 29th October, 2011, at Wahoo Pool. Entries are on the SAMS web. Pre-entry only! 13h30 Sunninghill.

Inter-Regional Gala to be held on the 5th November, 2011 Hillcrest Pool, 13h30 to 16h00. Afterwards we have our fantastic braai, free of charge, salads will be supplied by Tshwane members, drinks will be on sale.


Our meal at Ocean Basket on the 4th June was really very well attended. We invited 4 guests from Wahoo, who had a great time with us. Thank you to Kim Foster for organising the evening.

Rietvlei Midyear Braai. Was a chilly day but enjoyed by those who braved the weather.

Xmas function will be held at the Airforce Mess, where the AGM was held in Valhalla. Details to follow at a later stage.

Will take place from 14-17 March, 2012 at the University of the Western Cape. Accommodation lists have been sent out and I know of some that have already booked.

Please let me know if you need the list again. Time is running out, don’t delay. It is difficult to book together as so many members have friends or relatives that live in Cape Town. Get your comrades from the club and book together. The entry form will come out around the end of October/November from SAMS and will be forwarded to you all.





5th Kobus du Plooy

3rd Hugh Cable

1st Nellie Matatsi

2nd Kim Foster

3rd Michael Westdyk

5th Antoinette viljoen

5th Kobus du Plooy

5th Christo Fourie

7th Greta Wallace

7th Christoff Kok

6th Ushie Cable

12th Pieter Swanepoel

11th Chris Niewoudt

9thPaul Mulder

14th Ronald Lutteboer

11th Liz Ledbitter

11th Elsje v.d. Berg

15th Chris Lee

14th Sabine Verryn

13th Trish Armstrong

20th Francois Burger

14th Gustav Bester

19th Cheryl Arbuthnot

21st Greg Fyfe

15th Carola van Dam

22nd Natalie Geldard

22nd Derek Fyfe

16th David Arbuthnot

29th Arno Spies

23rd Harald Ruck

20th Shaun Bouwer

30th Jaclyn Dollenberg

25th Danny de Wet

24th Wendy Muir

26th Dirk Neethling

25th Monica Hefer

26th Gordon Dwyer

29th Salomie Hurwitz

30th Neville Muir

Hope you had/will have a super day. We wish you many more birthdays in the future. From the Committee

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