Wellbeing and health news for the voluntary and community sector Welcome to the December 2011 issue

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On the Hoof

Wellbeing and health news for the voluntary and community sector

Welcome to the December 2011 issue


In this issue

  • On the Hoof asks you

  • Call for representatives to Wellbeing for Life Board

  • Have your say: how will NHS reform affect your organisation?

  • Adult and Culture Services Commissioning Information

  • Newcastle City Council budget VCS meetings

  • Come and help develop HealthWatch Newcastle

  • Commissioning health services in Newcastle

  • News from Newcastle Bridges CCG

  • Moving Forward Newcastle

  • Safeguarding adults training for management committees

On the Hoof asks you
On the Hoof is the monthly NCVS newsletter on wellbeing, health and adult social care, and a key communication channel for the Wellbeing and Health Open Forum. Please help us to make it better by answering just 6 questions about On the Hoof – follow the link to take part. www.surveymonkey.com/s/onthehoofasksyou

Call for representatives for the Wellbeing for Life Board

Newcastle CVS is calling for two voluntary and community sector (VCS) representatives to join the Wellbeing for Life Board. The Board had its first meeting in December and its membership includes the City Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups, the NHS Trusts, Newcastle LINk and the city’s universities. The Wellbeing for Life Board will have a leading role in shaping wellbeing and health services in Newcastle and reducing health inequalities.

We are seeking two VCS representatives who are confident and articulate, have a strong track record of partnership working and can represent the VCS at the highest levels. The deadline for submitting an application form is 2.00pm on 14 January.
To find out more visit http://web.digbig.com/5bffth and http://web.digbig.com/5bfftj, and for an application form visit http://web.digbig.com/5bfftm
Interim VCS reps Jeff Hurst from Newcastle YMCA and Mandy Taylor from Children North East, along with other members form the VCS, Sally Young, Newcastle CVS Chief Executive, Ruth Abrahams Newcastle LINk Executive Board Chair and Craig Duerden, LINk Project Manager, took part in the first meeting on 6 December. The papers for the Wellbeing for Life Board are on the City Council website as it is a committee of the Council. Visit


Have your say: how will NHS reform affect your organisation?


Take part in a group discussion on Thursday 12 January, 2.00pm to 4.00pm or on Tuesday 17 January, 10.00am to 12.00pm, at Eversheds, Central Square South, Newcastle
Community Action on Health and NCVS are working together to assess the implications for Newcastle’s voluntary and community sector of the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill.

We need you to help us understand the voluntary sector’s experiences of working alongside the NHS before the reforms, and your experience/expectations as the changes begin to take effect.

  • Has your organisation ever had PCT funding to deliver services?

  • Have you tried to ‘sell’ your organisation to local GP practices or Clinical Commissioning Groups?

  • Has a local GP practice or NHS Trust referred patients to you?

  • Do you provide a service that could benefit local patients?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’d like to invite you to take part in a group discussion in January. We will run the event twice, to give as many people as possible the chance to attend one or the other.
After the event we will share your anonymised views with commissioners, policy makers and other providers to highlight the opportunities and barriers, and identify changes that would support better partnerships between the NHS and the voluntary and community sector.
To register for a place, contact Jaz Nagra at Newcastle CVS as soon as possible, indicating which discussion you would like to attend and giving your name, organisation and contact details. Call Jaz on 0191 235 7011 or email jaz.nagra@cvsnewcastle.org.uk
Eversheds at Central Square South is accessible but parking is limited. Please let us know if you need an interpreter or if you have any other requirements which would enable you to attend and enjoy this event

If you would like to share your views but can’t make the focus group, we would still like to capture your views and experiences. If you are willing to be interviewed or complete a questionnaire, please contact Lin O’Hara at Community Action on Health. Call 0191 226 3450 or email lin@caoh.org.uk.

Adult and Culture Services Commissioning Information
A programme of information events and shared learning has been developed by Adult and Culture Services in discussion with Newcastle CVS, as part of Let’s Talk Newcastle.
Commissioning Information Event

Monday 9 January at 1.00pm to 4.00pm at Gosforth Civic Hall
The programme of events for the Let's Talk: Commissioning with the Voluntary and Community Sector has changed slightly to merge two of the scheduled events into one session. The Outcomes Based Accountability shared learning event that was arranged for 11 January 2012 has been cancelled, and incorporated into the Commissioning Information Event on 9 January.
This event is within the Council’s wider budget consultation. Speakers will include Councillor Veronica Dunn, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, Councillor Anne Schofield, Deputy Cabinet Member for Adult Care Services, and the Executive Director of Adult and Culture Services, Ewen Weir.
Please contact Joanne Griffiths to book a place

Email joanne.griffiths@newcastle.gov.uk or call 0191 211 6034

Newcastle City Council budget VCS meetings

Newcastle City Council is consulting on its budget for 2012 – 2013 and is very keen to hear your views on the proposals to understand the impact budget cuts could have on individuals and communities across the city. The proposals are for cuts of £30.3 million by making internal cuts of £21.8 million, raising £3.3 million in fees and charges, and making targeted reductions in services totalling £5.2 million. The consultation ends on 15 February before final decisions are taken in March.

There are two meetings for the voluntary and community sector, both on

Tuesday 24 January at Newcastle Civic Centre, at 2.00pm to 4.00pm and repeated at 6.00pm to 8.00pm
You can also share your views online, go to your local ward committee, or go to one of three area events which are in North Newcastle on 25 January, West on 26 January and East on 31 January. To find out more visit www.newcastle.gov.uk/news-story/a-fair-budget-a-fairer-city,

and www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk

Come and help develop HealthWatch Newcastle
Wednesday 25 January, 3.30pm to 5.30pm at Newcastle Civic Centre

Thursday 26 January 1.00pm to 3.00pm at Gosforth Civic Hall, Newcastle
Within the changes of the Health and Social Care Bill are proposals that will change Newcastle LINk to HealthWatch Newcastle. There will be additional responsibilities as well as a continuation of the work to involve people in having a say about all health services and about adult social care services. This is your opportunity to come along and say what you would like to see in Newcastle. Save one of these dates there will more information and booking details sent out in January. Please note that the time on 25th is later than as advertised in NCVS e-inform.

Commissioning health services in Newcastle

Newcastle Bridges and TyneHealth, the two Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Newcastle held a meeting on 6 December about their three strategic objectives for 2012 to 2013, which are

  • delivering care closer to home

  • joining up care services

  • improving prevention and wellbeing for all residents of Newcastle


  • 2012/13 sees the formal establishment of CCGs and the NHS Commissioning Board.

  • The CCGs will be fully operational in April 2013 while the PCT retains its statutory responsibilities until it is abolished in 2013.

  • There is an accelerating pace of transition as the CCGs work towards authorisation and develop ‘clear credible plans’ as part of the process.

  • Newcastle PCT plans for 2012 – 2013: the NHS North of Tyne Integrated and Strategic Operational Plan (ISOP) and the Newcastle Locality Delivery Plan, which are on Newcastle PCT website www.newcastlepct.nhs.uk

  • Some PCT functions will be transferred into commissioning support organisations, which are being structured now, including financial and business intelligence.

Healthcare spending

  • In the next three years there is a increase of 0.1% which means savings are needed to fund pressures due to increased demand and to make investments

  • The 2011/ 2012 Newcastle Health expenditure in Newcastle is £524 million with over 100 contracts with providers

  • The PCT/CCG allocations for 2012/13 are due to be announced in December

Joint commissioning

  • TyneHealth and Newcastle Bridges will be commissioning jointly for the Newcastle population, while retaining a local identity and engagement.
  • Some projects are being piloted in one CCG before rolling out city wide

TyneHealth vision for Newcastle

  • to improve health and reduce health inequalities

  • to improve the quality of service we offer our patients

  • to improve equity of the services available

  • to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes achieved by our patients

  • and to embrace the principles of cost effectiveness and improving value for money in order to ensure we deliver an overall balanced budget

Newcastle Bridges vision for Newcastle

  • to have a health service genuinely centred on patients and carers

  • to reduce inequalities in health

  • to focus on quality and outcomes

  • to provide safe care of the highest possible standards

  • to give our patients and communities a greater say in how the NHS is run

3 commissioning objectives

The priority areas within each of the three commissioning objectives, as below, were discussed and other potential priorities identified.

Delivering care closer to home

  • Diabetes – Desmond programme

  • Care homes – linking GPs to care homes

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema

  • End of Life care (EOL)

  • Musculo-skeletal (MSK) single point of access – the pilot reduced admissions to secondary care by 10%

  • GPs with a special interest (GPwSI) such as ENT

Joining up care services

  • Community Services which are now part of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Older people

  • Mental health

  • Urgent and emergency care

Improving prevention and wellbeing for all residents of Newcastle

  • Falls pathway

  • Blood pressure

  • Bone health

  • Social prescribing

  • Prescribing

Next steps

  • Developing the 2012/13 plan to be published in April 2012

  • Providing assurance to the Wellbeing for Life Board in January

  • Continued engagement with patients public and partners to listen to their views, involve them in decision making and give updates on local and national changes

News from Newcastle Bridges CCG

Mandy Taylor reports on the meeting held on 15 November

  • The Bridges CCG have been assessed against specific criteria as part of the authorisation process, which highlighted areas of strength and areas for further developments.

  • The next step is for the Bridges CCG is to prepare a clear and credible plan of its commissioning intentions. A business plan needs to be completed by the end of December 2011.

  • The CCG clear and credible plan will take account of existing plans e.g. children & young people plan, to help prevent duplication and facilitate the identification of priorities.

  • There will be one Commissioning Support Unit for the North East.
  • The financial report identified areas where improvements have been made and identified commissioning overspends, which require further understanding/work.

  • During the coming months the CCG will be engaged in consultation meetings to help inform and influence the commissioning intentions and priorities for the coming year.

Moving Forward Newcastle
Moving Forward works with people in Newcastle who have mental health needs and want to find things to do in their local area, whether that’s preparing to get back into the job market or finding a walking group, a cookery class or someone to go to the gym with. Other staff working with people in Newcastle are very welcome to link in with their resources to help find activities and interests for the people they are supporting. They publish a monthly news sheet with information about all the new groups or interests they are starting and their website has the full programme of current activities. To find out more visit http://movingforwardnewcastle.co.uk/ or phone 0191 222 0467

Safeguarding adults training for management committees
Thursday 12 January, 5.30pm to 8.30pm at MEA House

Saturday 28 January, 10am to 12 noon at West End Customer Service Centre
Newcastle City Council’s Safeguarding Adults unit is working with NCVS to hold these two free sessions to increase awareness of safeguarding adults and the role of Trustees and management committee members, as well as providing practical guidance and support. Please contact Joanne Griffiths to book a place Email joanne.griffiths@newcastle.gov.uk or call 0191 211 6034

On the Hoof is published by Newcastle CVS.

The information in On the Hoof is published in good faith, but Newcastle CVS accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy in the items. Organisations are welcome to copy any or all of this publication for use in the promotion of voluntary and community activity. For more information email Pam Jobbins or call 0191 235 7017

NCVS provides many services to the voluntary and community sector, many free. To find out more about our free membership and our services, contact askNCVS.

Call 0191 235 7037 Email askncvs@cvsnewcastle.org.uk

Visit www.cvsnewcastle.org.uk

MEA House, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XS.

Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service is a registered charity (number 1125877) and company limited by guarantee (number 6681475) registered in England and Wales | Our registered office is as above

Visit wellbeing and health @ www.cvsnewcastle.org.uk

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