West Side Story Cast List

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West Side Story Cast List

Congratulations to all of you! We will have a fantastic show!

Maria – Millie Tebbutt

Anita – Cynthia Ntpieta

Bernado – Tony Garcia-Cosin

Chino – Jake Pursey

Tony – Sam Nason

Riff – Bewlay Stanton

Anybody’s – Caitlin Allen

Officer Krupke – Ben Smith

Detective Schrank – Molly Smith

Doc – James Reed

Glad Hand – George Stanbrook

Somewhere Duo – Georgia Dimmock, Holly Carter


Diesel – Oliver Mansfield Ford

Action – Harry Gell

A-Rab – Travis Seamarks

Baby John – Sam Seuke

Snowboy – Rhys Ackroyd

Big Deal – Taigan Fry

Gee- tar – Stanley Taylor

Mouthpiece – Scarlett Llewellyn

Tiger – Lucy Watts


Pepe – Travis Hampton

Indio- Kia Munns

Luis – Rebecca Cooke

Anxious – Jade Mushore

Nibbles – Tegan Smith

Juana – Trinity Neal

Toro – Ellie Trice

Moose – Katie Laws

Senior Dance Troupe

Ashleigh Baker

Rhiannon Devlin

Emily Pearson

Kayti Gray

Megan Jansen

Lucie King

Marcie Davison

Emily Draper

Erin Roache

Keira Kavanagh

Ella Harrison

Sophie Bassano

Alex Mitchell

Amy Ellis

Junior Dance Troupe Captains

Chelsea Morris

Chloe Holmes
Junior Dance Troupe

William Moverley

Lacey Kellingray

Ellie O’Neil

Mia Scott

Molly Janson

Macy Oxley

Tianna Cooke

Ellie Wilson

Tayla Purser

Ella-May Dilley

Kyra Dempsey

Millie Hughes

Karis Tully

Harmony Goodman

In the following groups there are odd lines available which will be allocated during rehearsals to committed students.
Jet Girls

Cacia-Lee Arzu

Laura Williams

Shona Marriot Smith

Harley Caswell

Abbie Small

Demi Brown

Mollie Middleton

Katie Donald

Natasha Fuller

Nieve Bale

Faith Ryan

Olivia Harris

Natasha Deny

Sinead Conner

Chantelle Sparks

Seanna Rolfe

Libby Ransom

Isobel Slater

Catherine Kurtis Rose

Lara Underwood

Leonie Emmer

Leticia Tuti

Isobella Davies

Orla Spyer

Sophie Bathurst

Zac Danzig

CJ Gooding

Edward Marriott-Smith

Grace Adkins

Ebony Mynott

Aaron Scudder

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