What Makes Community Radio Tick

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Week Four of

“What Makes Community Radio Tick”

A Mendocino College ComEx class in conjunction with KPFZ

Purpose of class: understand how KPFZ functions technically/practically, problem solving, and having fun

Last week, class members successfully did the first live stereo broadcast of music from the Green Room – setting up the equipment and running the stereo feed into the board and putting it on the air.

  • Input, gripes from class on Week 3. Falling behind? Dazed and Confused? What things do you want to know? Please share with the class.

  • Review of Week 3 – The Board – in all its detail

  • Homework assignment

  1. Review: go over class notes from week 4available on-line
  2. Continue reading Programmer’ Guidelines – next 10 pages or so.

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