What’s Happening in Room 107!!!

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hat’s Happening in Room 107!!!
Reader’s Workshop: The first and foremost strategy that readers need to understand is that reading is about making meaning or sense of a text. During this past month students have learned that good readers think and read at the same time. One of the most important things proficient readers do is make connections from what they already know to information in the text. Mrs. B’s students know that using their schema (prior knowledge) helps them to better understand and interact with the text. Ask your child what schema is. I tell children to search their brain for a specific mental file, open it, and make connections between what they know and the new information they are reading. There are many ways readers use schema, but my second graders have learned to use schema to make connections from their reading. They know that when they can make a connection from the text to an experience they have already had it helps the text to be more meaningful. Ask your child what a text-to-text connection, text-to-world connection, and a text-to-text connection are. Encourage your child to make connections as they read.
We have also been discussing how readers think about books when they are finished reading. One way readers can do this is by retelling the story to themselves or someone else. Ask your child to retell stories he/she reads to you. This is a good way to see if you child is making sense of what they are reading. Rules to remember when retelling:
Readers identify the characters.

Readers identify the setting.

Readers identify the events, (beginning, middle, end)

Readers use time words. (first, next, then, finally)

Readers can check the book if they get stuck.

Featured lessons in comprehension for October will be: Questioning.

Reading Goals: A few students have already made their reading goal for the first nine week period. This nine week goal ends on October 15th. You can locate your child’s reading goal in the front of his/her reading log. Your child should be bringing home one book each evening to read at home. Please continue to record books that your child reads in his/her reading log. I am asking students to please put a star on the last reading log entry for a chapter book. Then I will be aware when the book was finished, so I can count it toward student’s goal.
Writer’s Workshop: We love Writer’s Workshop in Room 107!

Students have chosen a story idea from their Interest Inventory or Me Web and have begun the writing process to produce a personal experience story. During the prewriting step, students have sketched pictures of the beginning, middle, and end of their story on a story box sheet. Then students write down thoughts that go with each story box. Next, students are ready to begin drafting. In the drafting step students have been working on writing strong leads for their stories Students will be choosing the best one to begin their draft. Students are then ready to begin the actual drafting of their story. It is during the drafting step that students put their ideas down on paper. We are learning ways to improve our personal narratives everyday. Ask your child what vivid word choice is. Don’t let them forget to tell you how action verbs, adjectives, and adverbs can help paint a better picture in the reader’s mind. We work hard developing our writing skills all year. In May we will invite you to our Author’s Tea to hear our wonderful stories!

Featured lessons in October will be: Revising and Onomatopeia.

Math: Practice turn-around facts with your child such as 6 + 4 = ? Then

try 4 +6 = ? Take turns creating turn-around facts and quizzing

each other.
Roll two dice and practice addition and subtraction by adding or

subtracting the two numbers. Alternate turns with your child and

have him or her check your answers.

Gather a handful of coins with a value less than $2. Have your

child calculate the total value.

��Ask the time throughout the day. Encourage alternate ways of

naming time, such as half past two for 2:30. Practice reading an analog clock.
As you practice math flash cards and play math games at home please initial your child’s Math Practice Chart and return to school daily. We have begun timed tests!! Students are currently working on the Fact Family of 5. When a student passes the test twice they may move on to the Fact Family of 6.
Science: We have begun our Life Science study. We went on a living and nonliving hunt and students charted their findings. Be watching for pictures on our classroom website. Students in Room 107 should be able to tell you several classifications of animals and be able to tell you characterestics of each group. Ask your child to tell you the different classes of animals. Students did an awesome job filling out a graphic organizer on each animal group we discussed. BrainPop was a tremendous source of information for us during this study. Ask your child what BrainPop is. Thank you PTO for renewing our classroom subscription!!!!!!!

We have begun our study of spiders. Ask your child what animal group spiders belong to (Arachnids). Students are developing a great appreciation for these interesting creatures. Students constructed spiders that are hanging from our classroom ceiling. Spooky! Please help your child with their “Spider Web Hunt” homework over the weekend. We are headed to the Nature Center on Monday!!! We can hardly wait!!! Don’t forget a sack lunch!!!!!

Social Studies: We have wrapped up our globe and map study. Ask your child to tell you about making our layers of the Earth pudding.
Featured lessons in October: Landforms
Poetry Notebook: Part of teaching reading is motivating the children to practice, practice, practice! I have found that using children's poetry is one way to do this. Reading familiar poems helps children improve in reading fluency and expression. Your child is bringing home their Poetry Notebook today! Please listen to your child read the poems in their notebook. Encourage your child to read with expression and fluency. Please be sure the notebook is returned to school.
I greatly appreciate your donations for our Banana Buck store!
We’re having a fabulous time learning in Room 107!

Mrs. Broadbent

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