Whats your wordpress story?

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Whats your wordpress story?

Everyone has a story about what they've done with Wordpress, what yours?
Mike has created a great community at the MWUG and back in February Siobhan posted on the website about public speaking, so why not share your story.
Speaking in public should be - and is - a fun experience. Your talk can be technical or non technical, just tell us what you enjoy about Wordpress and why. You don't need to be an expert, just a messenger.
Here are few questions you can use to help build your narrative.
1) Introduce yourself.
2) When did you first hear about wordpress?
3) What did you begin using Wordpress for?
4) Did wordpress get you into creating content, or were you doing that already?
5) What made you want to know more about wordpress?
6) A bit more about yourself. Hobbies and habits?
7) Since you started using it, have your goals changed?
8) Do you have any favorite plugins or themes?
9) What frustrations and triumphs have you experienced with your blog/website?
10) Where can we see your work?
Your talk doesn't need to be epic either, just long enough to tell your story.
Look forward to hearing your talk at a future meet up!

John Cooper, Apr 2017.

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