Where Asia and America Meet

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Where Asia and America Meet

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“Global Awakenings” documentary premieres in Houston

Houston, TX, November 29, 2006—Most Americans lack even rudimentary knowledge about Asia, despite the region’s strategic, economic, and cultural importance to the U.S., says a recent study by the National Commission on Asia in the Schools. They lack even the rudimentary knowledge of world affairs and cultures beyond our borders that is necessary to lead America in today’s global environment. Young people in particular are dangerously uninformed about the rest of the world, subject to a kind of educational isolationism that ill-equips them to meet the demands of an international, interconnected century.

"Global Awakenings: Young Americans Living and Learning Beyond US Borders" tells the story of the positive transformations that happen when American youth step out of mainstream western culture and learn firsthand about issues such as cultural identify, globalization, Eastern religions and philosophies, poverty, community, leadership and a host of ways of being and living that are fundamentally unfamiliar to most of us who call the US home.

In a time when report after report heralds a growing global anti-Americanism, especially in the Middle East and large regions of Asia, "Global Awakenings" is a story of hope and possibility, a story of young Americans seeking to learn, connect, and serve well beyond familiar borders.
"Global Awakenings" was produced by Global Learning Across Borders (Global LAB), an educational non-profit organization that exists to educate and inspire new generations of people to become responsible and committed global citizens in their local communities and beyond. Global LAB does this through international cultural immersion and community service programs for young adults; global studies professional development programs for educators; and by partnering with schools to help design and implement experiential global curricula and service programs.

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