Where does the story start? What does Alice chase down the rabbit hole?

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Chapter 1

  • Where does the story start?

  • What does Alice chase down the rabbit hole?

  • How would you have felt if you kept falling for a very long time?

  • What does Alice wish she could shut up like?

  • Why did Alice decide to drink the liquid in the bottle?

  • What happened to Alice after she finished drinking?

Chapter 2

  • What happened to Alice after she had eaten the cake?

  • How did Alice feel when she realized that she still couldn’t fit through the door? Why?

  • Find three adjectives that describe the rabbit.

  • Which child does Alice think she is? Why?

  • How does the mouse react to Alice?

  • What adjectives could be used to describe Alice’s personality?

Chapter 3

  • What does ‘consultation’ mean?

  • Is it easy to understand what the mouse says? Why do you think this is?

  • What were given as prizes at the end of the race?

  • Why is the mouse’s tale set out differently on the page to the rest of the writing in the book?

  • Who is Dinah and why does Alice wish she was there?

  • How does Alice feel now?

Chapter 4

  • Who the rabbit keep referring to?

  • Why does Alice drink the liquid in the bottle?

  • Would you have drunk it? Why?

  • How do the animals try to Alice out of the room?

  • Do you feel sorry for Alice? Why / why not?

  • Is this story easy to follow? Why / why not?

Chapter 5

  • Has Alice made any friends in her adventures so far?

  • Find four adverbs in this chapter.

  • How tall is the caterpillar?

  • Why are there stars on the page whenever Alice eats/ drinks something?

  • What does the pigeon think Alice is? Why?

  • How could you describe the pigeon?

Chapter 6

  • Why did Alice have to run back into the wood?

  • What did Alice see when she walked into the kitchen?

  • Why does the baby cry so much?

  • Do you like the Duchess? Why / why not?

  • Would you like to be in Wonderland? Why / why not?

  • What does Alice keep eating to make herself change size?

Chapter 7

  • What are riddles?

  • What is different about the Hatter’s watch?

  • Have you ever been to a place where lots of things were new or confusing? If so, where?

  • Why do you think Alice finds Wonderland so confusing?

  • Who do you think is rudest, the Hatter or Alice? Why?

  • What do you think will happen next?

Chapter 8

  • Why are the roses painted red?

  • What are ‘courtiers?’

  • What phrase does the Queen keep saying?

  • What do they use instead of croquet sticks and balls?

  • Why can’t the Queen chop off the Cheshire cat’s head?

  • Does the Queen in this story remind you of anyone? Who?

Chapter 9

  • Why is the Duchess so pleased to see Alice?

  • What’s a moral?

  • Why is nobody executed?
  • Why does this story contain so much speech? Think about what Alice thought about her sister’s book?

  • Do you like books with lots of conversations in them? Why / why not?

  • What is uglifying?

Chapters 10

  • Does Alice remind you of anyone you know? Why / why not?

  • What is a Lobster Quadrille?

  • Why does Alice do whatever the Gryphon and Mock Turtle ask her?

  • Find five adverbs in this chapter.

  • Find five adjectives in this chapter.

  • Why has the author included so many descriptive words?

Chapter 11

  • Why did Alice think that the King was the judge?

  • Why did Alice steal one of the juror’s pencils?

  • What does ‘suppressed’ mean?

  • How was the guinea pig suppressed?

  • Do you think people get suppressed in the same way?

  • Who do you think is most in charge, the Queen or the King? Why?

  • How do you think this story will end?

Chapter 12

  • What did you think of this story? Did you like it? Why/ why not? Would you recommend this book to anyone? If so, who?

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