Whereas, The members and leaders of the L. D. Bell Blue Raider Marching Band won statewide and national acclaim for their outstanding performances in some of the most challenging band competitions held in 2004

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H.R. No. 675


WHEREAS, The members and leaders of the L. D. Bell Blue Raider Marching Band won statewide and national acclaim for their outstanding performances in some of the most challenging band competitions held in 2004; and

WHEREAS, This group of talented musicians not only earned the coveted and prestigious Sudler Shield award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation but also was named the 2004 UIL 5A Texas State Marching Band Champion, as well as the Bands of America Arlington Regional Champion and the Bands of America St. Louis Super-Regional Champion, sweeping all categories at each event; and

WHEREAS, Ably led by Jeremy Earnhart, John Pollard, Chris Ferrell, Wes Cartwright, Chris Scott, Chris Nolan, Nick Thomas, Joel Donley, Leah Stanfield, and Darrell Fife, the L. D. Bell Band includes Adam Abdulmujeeb, Carolyn Acker, Brittni Adams, Vanessa Adams, Stephanie Alvarez, James Anderson, Jennifer Armstrong, Ambrin Asgar, Zach Ashcraft, Sam Atkins, Sergio Atondo, Brian Balthrop, Ali Bandeali, Shaheen Bandeali, Jamie Barnett, Brandon Batchelor, Samantha Batich, Beckie Beam, Jake Bennett, Amanda Blair, Courtney Bombardier, Abby Brahm, Sarah Breslaw, Amanda Britton, Amelia Brock, Corey Brown, Amber Bucklaew, Jessica Burns, Jonathan Burrow, Steven Burt, Jonathan Bustos, Krista Champlin, Erin Chapman, Chrissy Clarke, Michael Clemmer, Kim Cleveland, Shelby Cleveland, Jessica Cofsky, Robert Cofsky, Danielle Cook, Caroline Cremer, Catherine Cyrier, Jacob Davidson, Chrissy Davis, Jaimie Davisson, Vita De La Vega, Maricela Diggs, Julia Dinser, Mitchell Dodd, Cash Dodds, Drew Donaldson, Katie Dowdey, Devin Drerup, Caitlin Dunlop, Michael DuPuy, Blake Dutton, Amy Edmonson, Chantara Ellis, Luriel Ellis, Mia Ellis, Robert Evans, Parker Fader, Ashley Feemster, Josie Ferrandino, Monica Ferrari, Jennifer Fife, Jon Fila, Micah Fischer, Victor Florez, Caleb Fults, Chantelle Fults, Isaac Gardner, Rachel Gardner, Turner Gauntt, Jasmine Gbollie, Brent Gentry, Amy Gillett, Ryan Gober, Laura Goerner, Danny Haddad, Alex Hamilton, Melissa Hansen, Samantha Hardeman, Alicia Harris, Josh Hay, Melissa Hendrix, Sarah Hendrix, Blake Henneberry, Cody Hicks, Kayla Hogue, Kimberly Horton, Nathaniel Howard, Nick Howard, Mohammad Islam, Stephen Jaime, Jasmine Jandreau, Katie Jennings, Jasmine Jeppson, Lyric Jeppson, Jamie Jernigan, Ben Johnson, Rachel Jones, Sean Jones, Jacqueline Juetten, Taylor Kamin, Ashley Kazyaka, Ariel Kleinsmith, Emily Kline, Jeff Kline, Kristin Kuskie, Aaron Lagrone, Ryan LaValley, Katie-Raines Lebron, Shelly Lee, Lauren Lieber, Jessica Lind, Dani Little, Tory Louthen, Sergio Luna, Rachel Mairena, Emily Mares, Sarah Martin, Michelle Mata, Julie Matherne, Julia Mattox, Brandon Matthews, Austin McCutchen, Emily Measom, Caitlyn Melton, Linda Miller, Clint Montya, Rosemary Monzon, Katie Morris, Steven Moseng, Krystal Muchow, Kelly Mulligan, Matt Myers, Raymond Neff, Elissa Nicholson, Alberto Ocasio, Bonnie Olden, Allison Owens, Leslie Parham, Joe Parris, Jenny Pegram, Preston Phillips, Karen Pichardo, Nick Powers, Emily Powers, Scott Proctor, Erika Purdy, Andrea Quinn, Stephanie Quinn, Nicole Rains, Charles Rambo, Megan Ramirez, Michael Rascon, Mikhael Rawls, Aubree Renfro, Jessica Retzlaff, Jenny Revell, Madison Roach, Nicole Rowlette, Brant Russell, Chris Salinas, Bethany Santiago, Casey Schauer, Jessica Schrubb, Jessica Schubert, Chancey Scott, Kacie Shelton, Kayla Sims, Kristen Skillman, Ben Skodak, Jennifer Smith, Katherine Smith, Kevin Smith, Richie Smith, Josh Snider, Parker Snyder, Kacy Sowell, Kara Sowell, Katherine Stacey, Richard Stacey, Aaron Stanfield, Nathan Stein, Cheryl Stickles, Jessica Story, Chris Strand, Calvin Sutton, Megan Tamez, Ryan Tamez, Wei-En Tang, Wei-Ting Tang, Jade Taylor, Missy Thompson, Kacie Tice, Victoria Torres, Robert Torrez, Aaron Trewitt, Shanice Trujillo, Ricki Tucker, Ryan Urbanek, Jesus Verduzco, Kelly Vernon, Jonathan Viana, Rachel Waite, Trey Watson, Alexandra Weeks, Ryan Wells, Eva White, Eric Wilkins, Heather Williams, Andrea Winters, Christina Wixom, Michael Wolfe, Kacie Woodward, Allie Young, Matt Zeringue, and Crystal Zuniga; and

WHEREAS, A source of tremendous pride to L. D. Bell High School, the community of Hurst, and the Lone Star State, all those associated with the L. D. Bell Band truly merit special commendation in recognition of their stellar 2004 year; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 79th Texas Legislature hereby congratulate the leaders and members of the L. D. Bell Blue Raider Marching Band and extend to them sincere best wishes for continued success in all their endeavors; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be prepared for the band as an expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives.

Smith of Tarrant

Speaker of the House     

I certify that H.R. No. 675 was adopted by the House on March 31, 2005, by a non-record vote.


Chief Clerk of the House   

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