While The auto Waits by O. Henry Pre Reading

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While The auto Waits by O. Henry

Pre Reading

Look at the picture. What kind of person do you expect to get out of the car? (Wealthy)

What can you say about this person's life? (Lives comfortably / comfortable life )

Go to fancy parties have enough money to do whatever he wants.

Would you like to have that kind of life?

Vocab part 1
Setting character narrator

Basic understanding part I
Hot: compare and contrast

While The Auto Waits by O. Henry

Part I p. 67-69 lines 1-52
Basic Understanding

Write the meaning in Hebrew next to the following words.

curious _________________

cover______________ unspoiled ____________________

previous _____________ wealth______________ wealthy_____________
get lucky _____________ attract attention_________________________
slip ________________ sick of _______________________
politely ________________ pleasure_______________________
ordinary ________________ jewels_______________________
neat __________________ luxuries____________________
common ______________ hesitatingly_______________________
doubtless_______________ comfortably_____________________
satisfaction______________ wave of her hand________________________
shame ____________ drives me mad___________________________
change the subject ______________ fashion ______________ fashionable___________

accurate ____________

amusement _________________
the common public______________

Literary Terms:
Setting- The time where things in the story happen and the place where they happen.
Character- a person in a story or play

Narrator- the person who tells the story or who explains what is happening.

Answer the following questions:
1. a. What is the setting of the story

b. Who are the characters?

c. Is the narrator a character in the story? Who is the narrator?
2. Name Three facts about what the girl look like.

3. It wasn't the first time the man saw the girl in the park.

Copy the sentence that proves it.
4. Name two facts about what the man looked like.
5. Why did the man apologize to the girl
6. Why does the lady come to the park?
7. What doesn't the lady like about her life? Name three things
8. a. What does the girl know about cooling champagne? Copy the words that support your answer.
b. What does the man know about cooling champagne? How did he get that information?
c. What did the girl say to justify ( להצדיק) herself about this?

While The Auto Waits Part II lines 53-88

Write the meaning in Hebrew next to the following words.
Profession remain
Modest sigh

Draw back the same old routine

Service frown
Cashier deceive


Night shift rude
Deceive remain
Rude figure

Entrance sidewalk



Basic Understanding questions
1. Where did the Man say he worked?
2. What did he tell her about his profession?
3. What did the girl tell the man about the white car at the corner of the park?
4. What did the girl order the man to do after she left?
5. What was the young man doing while she was leaving the park?
6. Where did she go?
7. Who was the owner of the white car?

8. Why is the ending surprising?

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