Why have people been protesting in the us and Australia recently

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Questions for discussion
Episode 31

1st November 2011

ank business

  1. Explain the Bank business story to another person.

  2. Why have people been protesting in the US and Australia recently?

  3. Describe the profits some of the big banks make.

  4. How do banks make money from their customers?

  5. The money that banks charge people who borrow money is called _____________.

  6. What services do banks provide for their customers?

  7. Why do people need banks?

  8. Do you think the money banks make is justified? Explain your answer.

  9. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?

  10. The BtN story Bank business is an example of a

  1. Narrative

  2. Procedure

  3. Argument

  4. Report

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Shark attacks

  1. What was the main point of the BtN story?
  2. What sort of shark was thought to have killed a man in WA recently?

  3. What was the name of the 1970’s film about a rogue shark?

  4. What has the WA Fisheries Department been trying to do since the shark attack?

  5. Since 1997 Great White sharks have been __________________.

  6. What has impacted on the shark population?

  7. Humans are not part of a shark’s normal diet. True or false?

  8. How can humans protect themselves from shark attacks?

  9. Do you think a shark should be killed if it attacks a human? Explain your answer?

  10. Respond to the following statement: `We are more of a threat to sharks than they are to us.’

`Should a shark be killed if it bites a human?’ Vote in the BtN online poll http://www.abc.net.au/btn/

Malaria vaccine

  1. Which insect carries the disease malaria?

  2. In Africa, malaria is the biggest killer of kids under 5. True or false?

  3. What is a parasite?

  4. Draw a diagram that shows the spread of malaria through the body.

  5. What are the symptoms of malaria?

  6. How does malaria spread from person to person?

  7. What can be done to reduce the risk of getting malaria?

  8. What is the recent scientific breakthrough described in the BtN story?

  9. What are some challenges facing the prevention of malaria in Africa?

  10. Illustrate an aspect of the Malaria vaccine story.

Play the Malaria Challenge game to learn more about the disease http://www.peacecorps.gov/kids/index.cfm?challenge=5

GPS rival

  1. Briefly summarise the GPS rival story.

  2. GPS stands for…

  3. What does GPS help people do?

  4. Who developed GPS and what was it used for?

  5. Small mistakes were built into early GPS receivers. Why?

  6. Give three examples of where you might find a GPS.

  7. Describe the new satellite navigation system being launched by the European Union.

  8. Who was Galileo?

  9. What do some people say are the advantages of having another navigation system?

  10. Name three facts you learnt watching the GPS rival story.

Write 5 true or false questions using facts from the BtN GPS rival story.

Sheepdog trials

  1. Which sport involves a dog, a whistle and a herd of sheep?

  2. Which is a female sheep?

    1. Mare

    2. Ewe

    3. Heifer

  3. Describe how dogs were used on farms in the past.

  4. What are the sheepdog trials?

  5. Is speed important in the trials?

  6. How long has Lew been a sheepdog handler?

  7. How are they trying to get younger people involved in the sport?

  8. What part do kids play in the Barmera Sheepdog Trials?

  9. How do sheepdogs and their owners work together to herd sheep?

  10. Give an example of a command used to control the dogs.

Test your knowledge in the online Sheepdogs quiz. Go to the BtN website and follow the links.

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