Why Not? Agnes Story Transcript

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Why Not? Agnes Story - Transcript:

I asked when I came in here at first, when I wasn't long in and it was a sister that I spoke to, navy blue dress on, grey collar and what have you and she said you will never be out of here and if you do go out of here it will be into a home. Well, to be quite honest with you I bubbled the whole day after that. I broke my heart. I love my home and I've got it just the way I want it, you know what I mean. I would love you to see it, you would realise why I want home. I have my leather suit, my two mahogony units, my grandmother's china, all these sorts of things, you know the things I actually treasure.

Some of the staff can be very, very nice but others are a bit nippy. It's just the way they answer you at times. I mean they think nothing of telling you that you are in here for good. I mean I think if I was in here for good I think I would like the walls to give. I'm not very good at accepting these kind of things. Things like that really dump you and you can't get out. I mean I cannot get out to the shops or anything and I said I wanted to go to the Halifax and I was told I wasn't going there either. Now why not?

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