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Art of Good Thoughts.

Gita, Goldin & God -


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By Swami Dwiroop. (Dr. H. K. Gandhi)

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Jacksonville, FL. 32257. USA.

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Edition: 1st. Edition. 1000 copies.
Year: 2003.

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With sincere thanks

and heart felt congratulations
I dedicate this book to You,

Mr. Paul Goldin.

(author and teacher of

Windmill of your Mind)

1. Introduction
2. Meditation and (Positive) Thought-Creation

3. Activity, Idea, and Being

4. The Conquest of Self. (Atma-Sanyama)

5. Thought.
My Divine Experience.
Salutations to Mahatma Gandhi.
Some time during 1980, March (? April), Mr. Paul Goldin was giving his wonderful classes of mind powers in Ahmedabad to an elite audience of local medical doctors. He was giving his booklet of “Windmills of Your Mind” to the students. I attended only one class, but I was highly impressed with that single class. I remember that I was not able to complete his course.

In those days I had turned to spiritual readings to understand God and Religion. I was seriously studying Bhagvat Gita. When I was reading the text of Goldin’s book I observed that Mr. Goldin’s teaching in the classes were running very parallel with the preaching of Eastern religious scriptures like Upanishads, and the Gita.

There is great similarity in noble ideas and divine messages in all parts of the world- only the words used for God and Religion are different. In his very opening remarks Goldin nicely observes this point,

Words are the crudest possible tools for conveying ideas, but, for most of us they are the only tools.

Therefore, as what we must call the philosophy of this wisdom is explained, you will also be instructed in mental exercises which will achieve the vitally important task of gradually creating a condition in which you will have the mental perception to grasp the principles expounded.”

I have a bad (or good?) habit of placing my responses, and remarks for what ever interesting I read in a book. It indicates I have understood what the author says. As I read this book, I constantly felt that Mr. Goldin had a noble goal of teaching transcendental living to all people in the world. To the spellbound audience of doctors, Mr. Goldin was demonstrating his various mental tricks like Telepathy, Telekinesis, Cryptaesthesia, Metagraphology, Clairvoyance, Hypnotism and Mesmerism, etc,. mentioned in the first chapter.

I was also impressed with the headings of the chapters, and some wonderful statements regarding Time, Space, Universal Mind (or God), and so on. Step by step in every chapter Mr. Goldin teaches how to develop higher mental abilities like clear thoughts, removal of angers and various fears, and faculty of concentration and developing correct attitudes of truthfulness and love. In entire book I had placed my remarks, similar preaching in Gita, and sometimes the complete verse also. He nicely teaches to develop ability of perfect imagination and clear goals of material things you want to get.

I had closed my medical practice in India in 1981, and immigrated to USA with all my children. This book remained in unattended bookcase for nearly 18 years. Searching some book for reference I accidentally opened ‘Windmill of Mind’, which I had totally forgotten. I was amazed to read my old remarks of 1980.

During this period I was reading and writing religious books on Yoga, Vedanta and Gita in Gujarati language, and visiting India every year or two, to publish them. I wrote two books in English- ABC of Hinduism (1988), and my life mission book “Mahatma Gandhi Ambassador of God for Entire Mankind during 21st Century” in 1992. In 1995 I completed a book on Ashtang Yoga (Raj Yoga or Patanjali Yoga). I am in India in 2003 to publish a Gujarati book - “Saints of Science” Part-1. It deals with Einstein theory of relativity, and proof of One God with facts of science and the Gita.

For last seven years, I was hesitating to publish Mr. Goldin’s complete book, and thought of presenting some paragraphs and my responses. But finally I thought that if I did not gave the complete text, the student will get confused about the objectives of Mr. Goldin and my message of One God and Eternal Religion in the Gita.

The book has no information about publisher, price, year or place of publication. There is no mention of any copy rights or any contact place, or details of text which I can give to a reader for author or publisher. To give complete justice to Mr. Goldin, I have presented complete text of original book in upper sections, and placed my remarks as foot notes. So during my last days in India I felt “Let me publish this book and dedicate it to its real author”.

I will conclude this preface with my final foot note written in 1997.

“A Very Good book about understanding the windmill of mind. Any student of comparative regions must read this book repeatedly and compare it with Eastern scriptures, particularly with Gita.

Except for words to express different terms like - Sharira =-physical body; Mana = conscious mind, Chit = Subconscious mind, ATMA = Self or innermost divine consciousness, Universal Mind = Vishva Roop, this book is very near to Brahma Vidya and Yoga Shahtra, described in the Gita.

Many times Mr. Goldin uses scientific words and sentences which explain E = MC2 relativity of time-space and Mass-Energy. We can understand perfect laws in mother nature (Prakruti), with known facts of sciences. The laws of motion and gravity govern fine atoms in space and all gross material bodies on globe earth and entire universe in a wonderful and perfect manner.”

I hope this booklet will prove useful to all Yoga students, speaking any language, and to all curious open-minded people of any religion who wish to learn true views about God. Indian scriptures teach “know and unfold your divine spiritual self within, purify your intellect, believe in equality of all beings, and universal brotherhood of mankind”.

Let us hope this publication will become instrumental in bringing better understanding about God and One religion of Global humanity, in present days of religious fanatism all around.

Let this book “Lighten a spark of transendental living and spiritual understanding” in minds of all lost path religious leaders and short sighted egoistic political heads of various countries of the world.

“God is Truth” and “Truth is God” Mahatma Gandhi has Said. My Namaste (salutations) to God dwelling in hearts of all people.

Swami Dwiroop.

(Dr. H. K. Gandhi).

Naroda, Ahmedabad, India.

Date: 20 July, 2003.


This course, correctly studied, will bring knowledge and powers far beyond those of normal human being. You, the student, will come to know the secrets and to learn the art of transcendental living.

What is Transcendental living?*1

It is not possible to grasp fully the significance of the phrase “transcendental living” unless and until you have applied your mind to the many esoteric explanations which will be given through the full course; until you have intuitively perceived the truths which will be put before you, and until you have practiced the mental exercises in which you will be instructed, and from all this, attained at least to the threshold of transcendental living, with the knowledge that the fullness of it is within your grasp.

Do not imagine that there is any magical formula which can put vast and superhuman powers within your easy reach. It is vitally necessary for you to understand the basic principles of wisdom which is not a new discovery but which has been latent in humanity since mankind came into existence.

*2Words are the crudest possible tools for conveying ideas, but, for most of us they are the only tools. This is not enough. Therefore, as what we must call the philosophy of this wisdom is explained, you will also be instructed mental exercises which will achieve the vitally important task of gradually creating a condition in which you will have the mental perception to grasp the principles expounded.

This mental perception is not “cleverness” or “aptitude”. It is a heightening of *3the intuitive powers, for only by intuition -which transcends the mechanics of conscious mind (Jagrut mana,) you will perceive and grasp the truths.

This intuitive development will automatically be accompanied by a development of powers which are super-normal. They are not super-human, for they are latent in all men. They will come automatically, for they will be manifestations of the release of mental faculties hitherto untapped.

These powers will run in several channels, and their varied forms will be described later in this first lesson, so that you may be aware of their nature.

Be warned at this point. To peruse mental and physical exercises for the purpose of attaining these powers is almost bound completely to inhibit their development. You will understand the reason for this later, as you grasp the occult principles which are involved.

The aim of the full course can be simply stated. It is to develop in the student the condition of transcendental living by making him complete master of himself (Swami)-in the deepest sense of SELF (Atman). The man who achieves this is also master of his destiny (Bhagvan, Bhagya-vidhata). He becomes a different and better personality, lives a fuller and incomparably more serene life, is able to think and perceive with far greater clarity, and to understand and cope with the baffling tribulations of his human existence.

At the out set it can be safely said that the student does not fully understand what he is looking for, nor why he is looking for it. He will come to learn that. He is looking for something within himself, which by intuition he knows will carry him into a higher sphere of understanding.

The failure of the bulk of mankind ever to let this seed burgeon and develop, is primarily caused by the determination and anxiety with which its development is sought. It is by analogy, like the pursuit of happiness- a sad and tragic chase.

Will and determination have no part in this development to the sphere of transcendental thinking and living. The goal must be forgotten, obliterated from the mind, for it does not lie ahead. It is within us now. Let the patient but contented, search in itself be the goal, an ever developing goal which, you will come to realize, is not limited by the universe itself.

The first lesson as I have said, can do little more than describe the nature and form of the studies which you will undertake, and the various manifestations of so-called “supernormal” powers. These powers will develop only in proportion as your mind becomes attuned to the philosophy which is the basis of transcendental thinking. This attunement will bring in its wake the faculty of being able to still (calm) the eddying pools of intellect and logic- the surface crust of the mind- and to plumb the depths, or rather the heights, of the super-conscious, where there lies a knowledge that is not subject to Time and Space, but which, if it could be fully tapped, would be found limitless as the universe itself.

Even the greatest adepts can probe no more than a little way into this vast sphere of “knowing” that we call the super-conscious; but that little way is so far beyond the limits of intellectual discernment that its achievement gives a perception and power which seems to border on the miraculous.*4

The first approach must be through intellectual philosophy. Then comes the mental preparation which leads to supersensory faculties. The determination as to which channel of supersensory faculty should be developed as the most appropriate and effective for the individual is a point which must be settled at a very much later stage.

Before a student of this course can attain any degree of enlightenment or power, it is necessary that a strict moral code should become a part of his attitude towards, and understanding of, life in general. *5

This standard can be attained by a conscious obedience to the inner spark of unchallengeable knowledge that lies within each human being. Conventionally it may be called “conscience” but to think of it in these terms is not enough. Profound meditation, in the form in which it will be explained to you later, will bring an awareness that, conduct in every aspect of life can be readily settled, without thought, by intuitive reference to this inner “knowledge”.

Even without this mental preparation, you should be vaguely aware that beneath all the web of tangled emotions which beset every decision, beyond the battle ground of will and desire, beyond the tumult principle and expediency, there lies a small, untroubled depth of mind which is above and beyond all things and which is infalliably correct in its judgments. *6

It is not by any means easy to develop a state of mind in which automatic reference is made to this inner knowledge, for intellectual considerations are as natural to us as breathing. But attainment to this condition is a tremendous stride towards achieving the ends which this course is intended to achieve.

When emotional or intellectual considerations hold sway, true intuitions and perceptions are lost. Therefore it is necessary to strive constantly for emotional purification; each step gained makes the succeeding step easier. A second very important point must be made concerning the basic mental standards and attitudes which are pre-requisites for developing the super-consciousness.

It is this. We all have five recognized senses, and these are used by the average person to about twenty percent to their potential*7. It is utterly pointless to attempt to rush into the practice of supersensary powers before the normal sensory powers have been trained to full use.

This does not refer, for example, to the difference between myopia and long sight. It refers to the actual use of the senses in their mental interpretation. The student must constantly train himself to see all that is to be seen, to absorb the full beauty of all the sense of sight can bring to him, and discern the incredible beauty that lies, often hidden, in the meanest thing-for those who have eyes to see.

This is in fact a form of meditation as used by the Fakirs of the East, but its application (as with all matters in this personal course) is suited to the civilization in which we live. This seeking out and meditative concentration upon, the beauties which the five senses can bring us, is superb training for the would-be adapt. It serves to still the emotions, and at the same time to develop them in a pure form.

This tenet does not apply to only sight, but the other four senses (See Foot-note 7). Concentration upon the sense of touch, for example, will in time develop the same extraordinary sensitivity of touch that many blind people acquire. Allied to the general mental development of intuition, this will in turn lead to the faculty of what I must call supersensory touch-i.e. to be able to feel something, to be aware of it in a tactile sense, without actually coming into contact with the object in question. *8

Please note that when we come to the supersensory stage, knowledge is obtained in a way which is not allied to any of the normal five senses, nor to any improved implications of these senses. Knowledge (not in the educational or intellectual meaning, but in the meaning of “awareness of truths”) is attained by other, extra senses. I do not know how many of these “extra” senses there are, but I do know that they can be awakened, and that they have a common denominator.

This common denominator is rooted in the Universal Mind-(Paramataman, Vishveshvara, God Supreme) a metaphysical term which has different meanings with different people. Do not try to visualize the nature or form of the Universal Mind. It is simply unknowable. *9Simply be aware that it IS, and that it can be penetrated, and that it holds All Knowledge.

As you accept the Universe, accept also that the creative force behind the Universe is purposive, not blind; accept that Mind is the link between mankind and begetter of mankind. The Universal Mind will not be revealed by splitting atoms and developing ever more high-power microscopes. When the last physical secrets of the Universe have been laid bare by the mathematicians and physicist, the nature of Mind-the very power that enabled them to solve those secrets- will still remain as the last imponderable mystery.*10

The human mind has a vast potential. When its conscious activities can be stilled, and the super-conscious allowed to reign, then the human mind can attain penetration of the Universal Mind. Its evolutionary destiny is to attain Unity (Yoga means union) with the Universal Mind (Vishvashvar, Paramatma, supreme God). But at the present level of development, Man has far to go. (Atma is a part of Parama-atma).

You, studying this course, can attain at least to the degree of contacting and penetrating the Universal Mind within certain limits; of drawing from it knowledge-and hence powers -which are unattainable in the realms of conscious.

11The subconscious mind is, in fact, continually linked with the Universal Mind; this is seldom apparent because the subconscious impressions are vastly distorted in passing from the subconscious to conscious or intellectual realms.

We can illustrate this by example. * 12 Dreams are normally strange medleys of events, fantastic and illogical. Our awareness of a dream is the extent to which the subconscious impressions have impinged upon the conscious. If one could clear the barrier between the conscious and subconscious and train the conscious mind to accept without reflection and instantaneous distortion, then the road would be clear. The pure stream of intuition would be flowing.

Of course, this can be done. Under hypnosis, a subject can be made to dip into the well of subconscious and produce memories long forgotten; he can be made to show startlingly increased mental ability; he can be made to display telepathic faculties. All this, and many other things, spring from the situation of direct and comparatively pure contact with the subject’s subconscious mind. But normally the subject will remember nothing of this afterwards, for the conscious mind is inactive and union between the two has not been effected.

Now let us suppose that a man is able, by development of his own superconscious faculties, to attain the stage where he can bring the full and unrestrained subconscious into play, undistorted by conscious intellectual conceptions; and let us further suppose that the impressions received can be passed to the conscious mind - once again without distortion - and there accepted as a conscious concept, the same concept as that conceived in the subconscious.

There you have a significant example of the power that can accrue to any human being who is capable of the faculties set down as suppositions above. In fact, they are not suppositions. What I have described is quite possible to everybody. To some in a very great degree, but to all in some degree.

In our normal conscious lives we use only fractional part of the true powers of the mind. Learn to use the mind fully--first the conscious, then the subconscious, then the superconscious, and you will be striding along the road towards the goal we have set out to achieve: transcendental living and transcendental thinking.

In normal life, we sometimes touch upon the fringes of these faculties by accident. You may have experienced, and you will certainly have read of the phenomena of prophetic dreams. Of course they occur. Some unspecified mental accident permits a prophetic subconscious impression to slip through the barrier undistorted and register in the conscious.

This course is aimed at producing such phenomena at will and not by accident.

Do not let this make you imagine that we are out to develop a condition of' metaphysical fortune-telling. You will learn, as we go on, that phenomena which are spectacular to the lay mind are simply by-products of knowledge and developing power to the adept. Prophecy is but one of these by-products.

All that I have so far written has been an attempt to give the philosophical background to this course in broad and sweeping, outline. It is vitally necessary that every student should start off on the right basis. It would be a poor approach to concentrate exclusively on the philosophy of the subject, leaving all the mental exercises and training to the later lessons, for only by practicing the mental exercises will you be conditioned to grasp the more detailed philosophy which will be dealt with as we go along,

On the other hand, it would also be pointless to set students to work on the exercises without having given this outline of the philosophical background, for the mental development must stand on the twin pillars of understanding and conditioning by mental exercise. One pillar cannot be built in advance of the other.

To sum up. The Universal Mind, (Vishva -Swaroop, God) which is unknowable but which can be interpreted by each individual according to his normal beliefs, can be penetrated by the human mind when intellectual conceptions are stilled and the superconscious is dominant. The ability to produce this mental condition at will is latent in us all, and can be developed by mental exercise and philosophical study combined. The supernormal powers which will automatically appear as development progresses should be considered as by-products. Profound meditation on all the philosophical conceptions involved is important to progress.

It is necessary that you should understand the nature of these supernormal powers, and the form they will take. Investigators in psychic research have established a complete range of terminology to describe these powers, and as we shall be using many of these words throughout the coming lessons, a clear -understanding of them must be gained at the outset.

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