Willamina city council meeting

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Mayor Corey L Adams
Council Members:
Jeri St Onge, Council President

Rita Baller

Allan Bramall

Gerald L Hill Jr

Heather Stritzke

Katie Vinson

Mariah Woodward, Honorary City Councilor


City Staff:
City Recorder, Sue C Hollis

Pro-Tem City Recorder, Andrea Wyckoff

Library: Melissa Hansen & Denise Willms

Office Coordinator: Debra Bernard

Office Specialist: Amber Deibel

Public Works Director: Jeff Brown



City Staff Present:

Others Present:

Councilor Baller

Councilor Hill

Councilor Vinson

Councilor St Onge

Councilor Stritzke

Honorary Councilor Woodward

Mayor Adams

Councilor Bramall

Sue Hollis, City Recorder

Andrea Wyckoff, Pro Tem City Recorder

Jeff Brown, Public Works


Denise Willms, Youth

Services Librarian

Sergeant Russ

Vandewettering, YC

Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Kent Stewart, Code Enforcement Officer YC Sherriff’s Office

Deputy Jerry Drury

Planning Commissioner

Dennis Ulrich

Yamhill County Commissioner Allen Springer

Paul Daquilante, News Register

Kevin Nortness, Citizen

Ila Skyberg, Mayoral Candidate


Thursday, September 11, 2014

7:00 PM

  1. Roll Call

Councilor Jeri St. Onge called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Sue Hollis, City Recorder, conducted roll call. A quorum was present.

  1. Flag Salute

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

  1. Approval of Minutes

  1. Minutes of Regular Session of August 14, 2014

The minutes for the August meeting are not yet ready for review. Tabled until the next council meeting.

  1. Public Input

    1. Yamhill County Commissioner Allen Springer presented the applications and information for both the Strategic Investment Fund Grants and the Yamhill County Economic Development Small Grant Program. These grant programs are set up to funnel Oregon Lottery dollars into local economic development at the county level. Key words for this program are economic development, business growth and expansion, job creation, employee retention and education. Applications for the Strategic Investment Fund Grant can be submitted at any time. The Economic Development Small Grant application is available in January of each year for submission to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioner’s office by March 1, with funding limited to $10,000 or less, and the money is dispersed in November of each year.

    1. Jackie Lang from Waste Management presented the proposed master plan for the Riverbend Landfill. The plan includes 37 additional acres to be used for a landfill, 25 acres set aside for some kind of green technology, and 450 acres for stewardship lands which will include farming, park access, and future community use. Waste Management is also presenting Yamhill County with a Green for Growth Community Partnership Grant Program with $150,000 to be dispersed among the 10 cities in Yamhill County, so each city will be eligible for $15,000. Applications will be available in January 2015 and awarded in spring of 2015. Grants are for economic development, business/industry, education, recreation, culture/arts, stewardship, and innovation. Jackie extended an invitation to the City Council to take a tour of the landfill and stewardship lands.

  1. Old Business

  1. Hearing – Sidewalk Repairs at 372 NE C Street

Joi Bailey was present to address a notice of violation to repair 53 feet of sidewalk in front of the building she owns at 372 NE C Street. She presented the council with photos of other sections of sidewalk owned by the city that she felt were also in disrepair, and noted that she didn’t feel it was fair to be targeted to repair her sidewalks, if the city wasn’t doing the same on its sidewalks. Joi believed that the section of sidewalk with the most damage was due to a water leak that happened sometime before or during the year 2008, and was repaired by the city in 2008. Joi felt the city was at least responsible to fix the sidewalk near where the water repair had happened. The council decided to postpone making a final decision until the next meeting, as to what percentage of the 53 feet in front of Joi’s sidewalk was the city’s responsibility to fix, if any at all. Jeff was asked to mark out the property lines using a best guestimate based on plat maps, as an official survey would cost a sustainable amount, and then each

councilor will take a look at the sidewalk during daylight hours before the next special city council meeting on September 25th.

Councilor Hill moved that the City continue the hearing at the special meeting on September 25th.

Councilor Woodward seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. Citizen Request for a stop sign on Pioneer at Oak Street

Jeff recommended that the Utility Committee review the transportation plan to see if adding the stop sign on Pioneer at Oak Street is a viable option, and if so it can be completed after the paving is done. Sargent Vanderwettering recently did a speed audit by staying hidden on Pioneer over the course of two days and tracking the speeds. The highest speed anyone went was 17 mph. Sargent Vanderwettering offered to set up a speed tracking trailer and leave it for a few days to alert people as to the speed they are going on Pioneer. Councilor Vison noted it would be hard to speed on that road due to the current disrepair of the street. Councilor St Onge asked Sue to send out an electronic scanned copy of the city’s transportation plan for the councilors to review before making a final decision on the stop sign request.

Councilor Hill moved that the City approve Jeff’s recommendation to review the transportation plan before making a final decision on the proposed stop sign.

Councilor Stritzke seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. Approval of Pro-Tem City Recorder Personal Services Agreement

The council approved the contract the city attorney put together for Andrea Wyckoff to work as the contract Pro-Tem City Recorder during the time City Recorder Sue Hollis is away for surgery.

Councilor Baller moved that the City approve the contract services agreement for Pro-Tem City Recorder services effective September 10, 2014.

Councilor Hill seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. Open Carry of Firearms in Public Buildings

It was decided that the easiest way to try and discourage loaded weapons from being brought into the library, was to post a sign that reads: “Please do not carry loaded weapons in the library”. The Oregon law allows for citizens to carry loaded weapons in public, so the city would have to enact a special code to change that law within city limits if it wanted to be able to enforce it. It was agreed to that policing a new code like that, and asking people to unload their weapons once inside the library building could create a greater risk, then simply posting a sign asking people not to bring loaded weapons into the first place. Sue commented that her conversation with the City Attorney also leaned in the direction of simply posting a sign, and avoiding a code change. Denise Willms is going to make a sign.

  1. New Business

  1. Possible Ordinance to Adopt Marijuana Tax

Sue informed the council that Measure 91 has a preemptive clause, that once it is adopted you cannot later add a tax. If the city wants to have the option to tax marijuana sales in the future, it needs to have an ordinance in place before the November 4th election. The council is reviewing a similar ordinance already adopted in the City of Ashland where they have a 0% tax on medical use marijuana (that can later be increased) and a 10% tax on recreational use marijuana.

Councilor Hill moved to work on the ordinance for the September 25th meeting at which point we can adopt or not, and further moved that the tax rates should be 0% and 10% and the amounts of the tax be revisited every two years in case they need to be changed.

Councilor Stritzke seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Bramall, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. An Assessment of Intergovernmental Cooperative in Polk County, Oregon

Brief review of the information available about working with Polk County.

  1. Mayor’s Report

1. None (absent)

  1. Council Liaison Reports

1. Chamber Liaison from Councilor Jeri St. Onge
      1. The Chamber is having a bark dust sale on Sept 27th at the old city maintenance shops. They will also be working on repairing Christmas lights during the bark dust sale. Jeff asked permission to use the City Dump Truck to deliver the bark dust, as has been done in the past.

Councilor Hill moved to allow Jeff to help with the bark dust.

Councilor Vison seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Bramall, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. The highway cleanup is Saturday, Oct 25th at 8:00 am, meet at Coyote Joe’s parking lot, 4 mile cleanup on Hwy 18B, for an hour & a half.

  2. Paper of Record – there is talk of using the High School Newspaper as a paper of record.

  3. Fourth of July Committee is meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm, in the old building where old White Wolf Karate studio was.

  4. West Valley Fire District Open House Sunday Sept 21, 11:00 to 2:00 pm, program to introduce people to the fire department. They will also be introducing the Yamhill County Coordinated Care Program, for folks who are released from the hospital or doctors’ offices and need special care. This program is being funded through special partnerships and grants so that a paramedic is always on duty to help provide medical care locally.

  5. KLYC Radio Station will start streaming football games on the radio station, and they are hoping to have high school kids do the radio announcing for the games.

  6. Tri Cities little league is in the process of receiving $10,000 from Kiwanis to go towards a new little league site.

  1. School Board Liaison Report from Honorary Councilor Woodward

    1. There are five new teachers at the high school.

    2. With the bond passing they are working on building the new Ag shop with a tentative completion date of August 2015

    3. The bond will also allow for two new elementary school classrooms, as currently there are two elementary classes taking place in the gym.

    4. New softball and baseball fields are in the works.

  1. YCOM Update from Councilor Baller

    1. Meeting next week, working on a bond for the November ballot.

  1. Council Committee Reports

    1. Finance Committee

      1. Minutes of Meeting of September 2,2014 – on hold

      2. Check Registers – August 1-31, 2014

      3. Public Works Committee – last meeting no Quorum. Jeff reported that for the last few meetings only one committee member has shown up, so it can be a waste of time to hold the meetings if the members are not participating. The meetings are typically held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Councilor Hill is going to join the committee to increase participation. Councilor Woodward is going to step down to make room for Councilor Hill.

    1. Planning Commission Report – Planning Commissioner Ulrich had to leave the meeting early for a family medical emergency.

  1. Reports of City Officers

1. City Recorder Report
    1. Sue reported that the city’s insurance agent, Gary Hampton, called today to let the city know SAIF will be giving the city an approximate $4,000 dividend in the next couple of months.

    2. The city received the 2010-11 audit draft this week, and Sue is working on the management letter. The final audit report is scheduled to be published at the end of September.

    3. Sue’s last day before the surgery is next Tuesday, September 16th.

  1. Public Works Monthly Repot

  1. Jeff discovered a sinkhole at 4th St and B St, found a water leak there, dug into it today, and discovered a 2” water line that the City did not have record of. To repair the leak, the main 12” line on 4th street will have to be shut down next Monday for the repair. The town will then be fed by a 6” or 4” line coming down Willamina Drive, the only houses that will need to have their water shut off during the repair are all of 4th St. upper B, upper C, if the valves work. Work will be done in the evening when the town water usage is less active. Notices and door hangers will go out tomorrow.

  1. Jeff has been searching for a road sander, for a decent price, new or used and is asking for approval now before Sue leaves for surgery. Jeff is also seeking approval to replace a hydrant and add a hydrant extension that will go along with the upcoming Main Street sidewalk project.

Councilor Hill moved to approve the purchase of the replacement hydrant and a hydrant extension for a cost of $2,470, and the road sander to not exceed $4,260.

Honorary Councilor Baller seconded. Councilors Baller, Bramall, Hill, St. Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

  1. Library Report

  1. Denise reported the school has given all students 6th grade and up iPads, and the library is the only free and public WiFi spot in town. The library has been very popular for the students to use their iPads via the free WiFi.

  1. Library Calendar of Events - When Denise returns from vacation, story time will start October, 1st. October 15th the sheriff is going to visit the little people. Pumpkin painting Oct 26th, Oct 29th is the fall costume party. Magic meets the first Saturday of every month. Nature’s Way is a free outdoor science exploration program sponsored by the Yamhill County Watershed Stewardship Program, and Laura will bring this free program out to Willamina Friday, Oct 10th, a no-school day, aiming for 10am to 12pm, there will be a large display in the children’s section with microscopes and magnifying glasses, then they will access the creek at the Garden Spot Park. March 21st, Mark Huddle will be here to do a pirate program.

  1. Junior Maker Spaces Award The Lego Company has donated a maker space program to the Library via the state capital. It will contain over 10,000 Legos. The 3rd Saturday of every month will be Lego Maker Space.

  1. Sheriff’s Office Report

    1. Code Enforcement Report – August 2014 (handout)

      1. Councilor Vison asked Officer Kent about a house at 640 Hill Drive. Officer Kent has been trying to track down the owner, who listed himself as a transient as far as records from the City of Newport are concerned. Security checks have been done to investigate some calls that were made concerning the smells coming from the property, which were suspected to be coming from dead animals or a suspected dead baby (though none were found). Officer Kent brought up the point that because the city does not have an ordinance requiring garbage pick up, some people interpret this to mean they can pile up garbage in their yards until Officer Kent comes by to ask them to haul it to the dump.

      1. Councilor Vison also asked about another place on 680 Hill. Officer Kent responded it is currently owned by private investors, and is managed by Safeguard, and he is in contact with Safeguard regarding the yard maintenance. Officer Kent reported the problems he runs into when dealing with companies who own local vacant properties, where they often do not respond to the certified letters he sends out, so this is why eventually tickets will need to be issued, which can then turn into liens on the property.

      1. 725 NE C Street is a property clean up effort Officer Kent is working on, and a local contractor is being hired to haul away the debris. 611 NE C Street is another property Officer Kent is working on to get the tall grasses cut and request regular maintenance of the yard.

      1. Sue explained that while Officer Kent is currently able to issue citations for up to $300 a day, the final monetary amount of the citation is up to the judge. Setting up a system that allows for fixed rate fines to be issued, instead of violations is something that the council would like to work on in the near future.

    1. Crime Summary – August 2014 (handout)

      1. Sergant Vanderwettering talked about a few changes to the current deputy work schedules.

      2. Deputy Trambla went to the School Safety Course in Newport this summer and got some very good information to use in coaching teachers how to deal with a school shooting. This included a power point presentation that was shared with the staff at the Willamina School District.

XI. Adjourn
Councilor St Onge called for a motion to adjourn.

Councilor St Onge moved to adjourn.

Councilor Vison seconded. Motion carried unanimously, with Councilors Baller, Hill, St Onge, Stritzke and Vinson voting aye.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Corey Adams, Mayor


Andrea Wyckoff, Pro-Tem City Recorder

Next Council Meeting Date

Regular Session – October 9, 2014
Persons with hearing, visual or manual impairments who wish to participate in the meeting should contact the City of Willamina at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date in order that

appropriate communication assistance can be arranged. The City of Willamina Council Chambers are accessible to the disabled. Please let us know if you need any special accommodations to attend this meeting.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

411 NE “C” Street, Willamina, Oregon 97396-2783 - Telephone: (503) 876-2242 / Fax: (503) 876-1121


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