Winter of Terror


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1976 Earthquake hits Tangshan killing 242,000, schoolchildren spark uprisings in Soweto, S Africa, Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong die- fall of “Gang of Four”, Helsinki convention of Human Rights adopted, Big Thomson River flood in Colorado, Earthquake in Guatemala kills 23k, emergence of Ebola in Africa, Tsunami hits Philippines, Earthquake in China kills 255k, * Ford begins celebration of Bicentennial with President Kimball Jul 3, Ford wins UT vote – loses nationally, LDS “Mo” Udall defeated by Carter in Wisconsin primary by one percent, Senator Orrin Hatch elected, Reagan visits Utah on political visit, Deadly Cyclone moves across Bay of Bengal, killing 100,000, Nov - Record snowstorm hits Washington D.C., "Annie" debuts, Philippines quake and tsunami kills 5-8k, Saudis attempt to import iceberg at a cost of 90 million, Roman bronze coin found in Heavener OK originally from Antioch Syria in 63 AD, Alex Haley publishes Roots, School children killed in Soweto uprising in S Africa, death of musician and actor who recorded several spiritual numbers American Paul (Leroy) Robeson, death of French writer Andre Malraux, death of British architect Basil Spence, death of English composer Benjamin Britten, films: “Rocky”, Ebola Zaire outbreak first noted in Africa, Death of Abdul Razak Premier of Malasia - Hussein Onn leads, death of Chou En-lai Premier of China, Venezuela nationalizes petroleum, Maria Estela Martinez de Peron President of Argentina overthrown and Lt. General Jorge VIdela becomes president, death of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery British leader who defeated Germans at El Alamein EGY, Daniel P Moynihan resigns as UN ambassador – William W Scranton replaces, death of Nobe Prize winning French jurist Rene Cassin, Spain relinquishes colonial control of Spanish Sahara - Morocco and Mauritania divide the territory ignoring claim of independence, US and USSR limit size of undergbround nuclear explosions, Lebanon’s parliament elects Christian leader Elias Sarkis as president, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigns – James Callaghan succeeds him, Khieu Samphan named Chairman in Cambodia – Pol Pot (Tol Saut) appointed Premier, US celebrates bicentennial, N and S Vietnam reunited as one country with Hanoi as capital and Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City, Seychelles declare independence from Britain, General Antonio Ramalho Eanes elected President in Portugal, Portuguese Timor votes to become province of Indonesia, Thailand’s government falls in military coup, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt wins reelection in W Germany, Blacks in S Africa battle armed palice against apartheid, Ford and Carter debate three times on national television, Sweden’s Premier Olof Palme resigns after Social Democratic Party defeated, Republic of Transkei proclaimed 0 first South African black homeland to attain independence, Cearbhall O Dalaigh resigns as President of Ireland – Patrick J Hillery reigns, Senators Mondale and Robert Dole meet in TV debates as vice president, Mao Tse-tung of China dies, Parti Quebecois formed to promote independence, Civil war in Angola causes 9k refugees to flee to Namibia, Jimmy Carter elected, Hua Kuo-feng appointed Premier in China – coup attempt on Mao’s widow and counterrevolutionaries, Takeo Fukuda elected Prime Minister of Japan, Kurt Waldheim of Austria wins approval for second term as UN secretary general, Jose Lopez Portillo becomes President of Mexico in place of Luis Echeverria Alvarez, E Germany issues restrictions on emigration to the West, death of Richard J Daley Mayor of Chicago, Central African Republic renamed Central African Empire with President Jean Bedel Bokassa, death of Soviet Chief of Armed Forces Marshal Ivan I Yakubovsky, death of former Brasil presidents Juscelino Kubitschek and Joao Goulart, WRITE: Saul Bellow, Michael Bennett, John Ashbery, Enid Bagnold, William Luce, Alan Ayckbourn, Tom Stoppard, David Rabe, William Gaddis, Patrick Grainville, Lillian Hellman, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, Leon Uris, John Hawkes, Kurt Vonnegut, Alex Haley, Gore Vidal, Hedrick Smith, Michael Henry, Donald Barthelme, Gilbert Highet, Michael J Arlen, Deaths: Rilliam Sansom (ENG), Paul Gallico (USA), Richard Hughes (ENG), Stuart Cloete (S AF), Paul Robeson (USA), Margaret Leighton (ENG), Dame Agatha Christie (ENG), Paul Morland (FRA), Same Sybil Thorndike (ENG), Henri Bosco (FRA), Eyvind Johnson (SWE), Mikhail K Lukonin (RUS), Andre Malraux (FRA), Dadme Edith Evans (ENG), Martin Heidegger (GER), Samuel Eliot Morison (USA), Lin Yutang (CHI), Kathryn Kuhlman (US faith healer), Rudolf Bultmann (GER), Arnold Toynbee (ENG), Gilbert Ryle (ENG), US copyright laws revised, Episcopal Church approves ordination of women to be priests sand bishops – Anglican Church of Canida ordains six women as priests, French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre suspended by Pope Paul VI for rejecting reforms by Second Vatican Council – continues to day Latin Mass and ordains 13 deacons at his seminary in Econe SWI, Roman catholic Church accuses Brizilian military government of violating human rights, Pope Paul VI asks Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski to continue as Poland’s Catholic leader, Reverend Moon ends US ministry with rallies – parents protest against brainwashing of young members, US Lutherans split over interpretation of Bible and administration, ARTS: Deaths: Adolf Zuckor (USA), Alvar Aalto (FIN), Max Ernst (GER), Josef Albers (USA), Lee J Cobb (USA), Luchino Visconti (ITA), Mark Tobey (USA), Rosalind Russell (USA), Man Ray (USA), Jean Gobin (FRA), Fritz Lang (AUS), Laexander Calder (USA), Leo Kerz (GER), Alastair Sim (ENG), Aquiles Badi (ARG), Films: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” “All the President’s Men” “Rocky” “Taxi Driver” (De Niro), “Face to Face”, Television: NBC Broadcasts “Gone with the Wind” with high ratings, “Happy Days” and “Charlie’s Angels” among top tv, MUSIC: Carlisle Floyd, Gian-Carlo Menotti, Deaths: Geza Anda (HUN-SWI), Elisabeth Rethberg (USA), Alexander Brailowsky (RUS), Meyer Davis (USA), Rudolf Kempe (GER), Jean Martinon (FRA), Lily Pons (USA), Percy Faith (USA), Guy Lombardo (USA), Roland Hayes (USA), Benjamin Britten (ENG), Walter Piston (USA), Rosina Lhevinne (RUS-USA), Lotte Lehmann (GER-USA), Gregor Piatigorsky (RUS-USA), Gina Bachauer (ENG), Popular Songs: artists include: Wild Cherry, Four Seasons, KC & The Sunshine Band, Starland Vocal Band, Lou Rawls, SCIENCE: Soyuz spacecraft docks with Salyut space station, New atomic particle detected known as upsilon particle – family of psions, Deaths: RUS mathematician Nikolai I Muskhelishvili, Danish biochemist Carl Peter Henrik Dam, Werner Heisenberg of Germany, George Hoyt Whipple US pathologist, American chemist Lars Onsager, Swiss chemist Leopold Ruzicka, National Academy of Science proposes aerosols harm ozone layer, detailed radar observations on the surface of Venus, Landing vehicles from Viking I and II set down on Mars, MIT scientists construct synthetic gene, Arcaeologists discover civilization of Ebla in N Syria, death of Russian geneticist Trofim D Lysenko, Milton Friedman wins Nobel Prize for Economics, Richter and Ting wiand Lipscomb win nobel prizes, along with Blumberg and Gajdusek, death of Alexander S Wiener discoverer of Rh blood factor, death of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, LDS – “Mormon Will” of Howard Hughes supposedly going to Melvin Dummar ah Utah gas station operator, Argentina devalues peso and British and Italian currency fall against US dollar, 12th Winter Olympics at Austria, Concordes take off from London and Paris to Washington – regular service begins, death of publisher Roy Herbert Thomson (CAN-ENG), Israeli commandos rescue hostages in Uganda taken by Pro-Palestinian hijackers, US Air Force Academy admits 155 women, death of American oil billionaire J Paul Getty, worst British drought on record, Hurricane Belle hits US east coast, Summer Olympics in Montreal, Mysterious illness kills 29 American Legion members in Philadelphia – named Legionnaire’s Disease, “Smokey (the) Bear” US symbol of fire prevention dies at Nantional Zoo in Washington DC, death of NY Mafia boss Carlo Gambino, Orient Express ends Istanbul-to-Paris run, 176 die in crash of two airliners over Yugoslavia, Violent earthquakes in northeastern Italy Peking and Tientsin in China Mindanao in Philippines eastern Turkey Bali and Guatemala, Hank Aaron retires, manslaughter abortion case overturned by MA court, Tanker “Argo Merchant” runs aground off Nantucket MA spilling oil, video game “Odyssey” introduced, Ford begins celebration of Bicentennial with President Kimball Jul 3, Ford wins UT vote – loses nationally, LDS “Mo” Udall defeated by Carter in Wisconsin primary by one percent, Senator Orrin Hatch elected, Reagan visits Utah on political visit, Drought in California results in water rationing, Tangshan China earthquake July 28, Sep 10 two planes crash over Yugoslavia, Heavy rains expose Love Canal chemicals, Apple computers founded (Apple I - unassembled), Apr 3, 2 new sections of the Doctrine and Covenants added, Teton Dam bursts ID Jun 5, James E (Jimmy) Carter elected #39, Bicentennial, Sep 3 Viking 2 lands on Mars, Jun 25 Missouri Gov, rescinds extermination order, US Bicentennial, Guatemalan earthquake kills 23,000, Mao Tse Tung dies, Argentina's "dirty war" begins between military and guerrilla fores, Vietnam reunited, Indonesia annexes East Timor

1977 Eruption of Nyiragongo in AFR, 240 Czech intellectuals sign charter stating freedoms denied, Johnstown PA flood, Rift Valley Fever emerges in Egypt, volcano erupts in Zaire * Gerald and Betty Ford visit Utah and are given books, President Tanner attends Inauguration and LDS Senator Cannon from NV asked to chair the event, President Kimball meets with Carter, presents Carter with genealogy, scant few Mormons in Carter White House, Reagan visits Utah on political visit, Jan - Snow falls in Miami, major citrus damage, Mar - first use of man-made snow in CO as high pressure in UT deflects storms around, Romania quake kills 1500, Alex Haley’s Roots miniseries debuts, Toni Morrison publishes, the Gossamer Condor flown, first coronary angioplasty accomplished, US backs military ruler of El Salvador in coup that kills 70k Salvadorans and four American nuns, Yves St. Laurent launches “Opium” perfume, death of Sir Charles (Charlie) Chaplan, death of Robert Anthony Eden first Earl of Avon, death of Greek-Italian opera singer Maria Callas, in exchange for 20k salary cut George Lucas retains merchandising rights to all Star Wars films, films: “Annie Hall”, death of Ethiopian leader Teferi Bante, Ethiopia’s ruling military council names Mengistu Haile Mariam head of state, President Carter grants pardon to draft evaders, death of Tom Clark US Supreme Court justice, New human rights manifesto signed by Czechoslovakian activists – harassed by police, death of former British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, death of Lebanese politician Kamal Jumblatt, Angolan forces invade Shaba (formerly Katanga), Russian Helsinki accord monitoring group (many from Israel) arrested by Soviet authorities, Carter warns that energy crisis in US could bring a national catastrophe amd calls for changes in oil consumption, First black mayor of Los Angeles reelected, Indire Gandhi resigns as prime minister of India- Morarji Desai rules, Palistinian National Council calls for independent state, Jacques Chirac former French Premier elected Mayor of Paris, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin resigns and Menahem Begin becomes sixth, French territory of Afars and Issas becomes Republic of Djibouti, US Justice Department looks for South Korean lobbyist coverup, death of W German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, US Dept. of Energy established, Pakistan’s army overthrows government and imposes martial law, Turkey’s government divided – minority government setps down and Suleyman Demirel becomes Premier until his coalition falls, death of President of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios III, Leonid Brezhnev elected Soviet president, Ethiopians halt Somali=backed guerrillas in Ogaden, Pol Pot named Secretary General of Cambodia’s Communists, G Gordon Liddy released from prison, Nobel Peace Prize to Amnesty International, Panama chief Omar Torrijos and Carter sign new Panama Canal treaties, Egypt’s Anwar Sadat arrives in Israel – first visit by Arab leader, Edward I Koch elected Mayor of NYC, Military junta takes control in Thailand, Chancellor of Austria Kurt von Schuschnigg dies, Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith announces government will work out political settlement with black majority, Socialist minority government of Premier Mario Soares falls in Portugal, President for life Jean Bedel Bokassa of Central African Empire crowns self Emperor Bokassa I, South Africa declares black homeland of Bophuthatswana independent, death of former US ambassador David KE Bruce, WRITE: Richard Wright (posth), Richard Eberhart, Wallace Stegner, James Merrill, Vicente Aleixandre (ESP), Didier Decoin, Jerzy Kosinski, John Cheever, John Le Carre, JRR Tolkien (posth), John Fowles, Colleen McCullough (The Thorn Birds), John Toland, Simon Gray, Bert Brecht-Kurt Weill, Martin Charnin (Annie musical), David Mamet, Michael Christofer, Bruno Bettelheim, Raoul Berger, Deaths: Konstantin A Fedin (RUS), Vladimir Nabokov (RUS-USA), James Jones (USA), Jacques Prevert (FRA), John Dickson Carr (USA), Anais Nin (FRA-USA), Carl Zuckmayer (GER-SWI), Sir Terence M Rattigan (ENG), Mackinlay Kantor *USA), Robert Lowell (USA), Ethel Waters (USA), Mark Schorer (USA), Zero Mostel (USA), Alfred Lunt (USA), Louis Untermeyer (USA), Dennis Y Wheatley (ENG), Cyril Ritchard (AUSTR-USA), Ernst Bloch (GER), Rev. Martin Cyril D’Arcy (ENG), William L Langer (USA), Sir Charles Petrie (ENG), Tanzanian black activist Bishop Josiah M Kibira elected head of Lutheran World Federation, John Neopomucene Neumann canonized as first male US saint, Jacqueline Means becomes first woman ordained Episcopal priest in America, SAT Scholastic Aptitude Tests show steady decline since 1963, US Orthodox Church selects first American-born prelate – Archbishop Theodosius, ARTS: Deaths: Robert Rossellini (ITA), Joan Crawford (USA), Henri-Georges Clouzot (FRA), Peter Finch (ENG), Henri Langlois (FRA), William Gropper (ISA), Jan Zrzavy (CZE), Uday Shanker (IND), John N Nash (ENG), Naum Gabo (RUS-USA), Groucho Marx (USA), Joe Musial (Katzenjammer Kids USA), Howard Hawks (USA), Charlie Chaplin (ENG), Andre Eglevsky (RUS-USA), Television: Miniseries Roots draws audience of 130 million, “Three’s Company” and “60 Minutes” among top shows, Film: “Rocky” “Star Wars” “Annie Hall” (Woody Allen), “Julia” “Saturday Night Fever” “Oh, God!” “New York, New York” MUSIC: Australians choose “Advance Australia Fair” as national song, Rudolf Barshai the Russian conductor emigrates to Israel, Deaths: Leopold Strokowski (USA), Elvis Presley, Nunnally Johnson (USA), E Power Biggs (USA), Sidney Foster (USA), Erroll Garner (USA), Thomas Schippers (USA), Richard Addinsell (ENG), Bing Crosby (USA), Maria Callas (GRE-USA), Bruce Hungerford (USA), USSR adopts new text for national anthem, Popular Songs: artists include Abba, Queen, Commodores, Marvin Gaye, The Trammps, Eagles (Hotel California), SCIENCE: US space shuttle “Enterprise” makes first manned flight, US probes atmosphere of Venus, US scientists note rings around Uranus, British scientists report first complete genome of an organism, Nobel Prizes in science: Rosalyn S Yalow, Roger CL Guillemin, Andrew V Schally, John H Van Vleck, Philip W Anderson, Sir Neville F Mott, Ilya Prigogine, Bertil Ohlin, James E Meade, US Voyager I and II begin journeys to explore outer solar system, US confirms neutron bomb which kills with massive radiation and leaves buildings intact, discovery of methanogens (first archaea), possible discovery of quark – one third electron charge, sun’s magnetic field determined by Pioneer II spacecraft, King Philip II of Macedon’s tomb discovered in N Greece, discovery of mini-planet between Saturn and Uranus, US National Institute of Health reports successful treatment of herpes encephalitis, Deaths: Wernher von Braun (GER), George C Cotzias (USA – L-Dopa research), American polar explorer Rear Admiral George J Dufek, Edgar D Adrian (ENG), Peter C Goldmark (USA), Jean Rostand (FRA), Jacob Marschak, Worst aviation disaster when two plains collide on runway of Los Rodeos Airport on Canary Island of Tenerife, death of NYC celebrity confidant Bernard “Toots” Shor, death of US Selective Service leader General Lewis B Hershey, Offshore Norwegian oil well in North Sea capped after blowing for eight days – 8.2 million gallons spilled, US seizes two Soviet fishing vessels for violating 200 mile zone, Massive blackout in NYC leaves 9 million without electricity for up to 25 hours – 3700 arrested for criminal activity, death of leader of women’s movement in US Alice Paul, death of Romanian adventruess Magda Lupescu, trans-Alaska pipeline ships from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez port, Queen Elizabeth II of England celebrates Silver Jubilee, Volcanoes in Japan Italy and HI, Sadaharu Oh of Japan hits 756th home run, “Seattle Slew” wins Triple Crown, death of South African black leader Steven Biko, French adopted as official language of Quebec, Cyclone kills 20k and leaves 2 million homeless in India, earthquake devastates NW Argentina, typhoons in Taiwan and N Philippines, Pele (BRA) plays last professional soccer game, Canadian Cindy Nichold completes round-trip swim across English Channel, Janelle Penny Commissiong of Trinidad-Tobago becomes first black Miss Universe, regular passenger service begins on Concorde between US and Europe, Gerald and Betty Ford visit Utah and are given books, President Tanner attends Inauguration and LDS Senator Cannon from NV asked to chair the event, President Kimball meets with Carter, presents Carter with genealogy, scant few Mormons in Carter White House, Reagan visits Utah on political visit, Indira Gandhi ousted in India, Apple II computer introduced, Smallpox wiped out, Elvis Presley dies Aug 16, Jimmy Carter in office, Carter offers amnesty to draft evaders, Department of Energy is created, Oct. Church publishes Topical Guide, Mar 27, worst major airline disaster reported over Canary islands, killing 581, Jan 1, General Conference schedule announced, solidified, Alex Haley's Roots broadcast, tomb of Philip of Macedon found, Rings around Uranus discovered, NY City blackouts, atrocities in Uganda under Amin regime, last run of the Oriental Express between Paris and Istanbul, Panama Canal Treaty signed, Spain's first postwar elections take place following the death of Franco in 1975, Civil war in Beirut, Somali forces clash with Ethiopia in a claim over the Ogaden area, Communist regime in Laos signs a friendship treaty in Vietnam, Egypt's president Sadat visits Israel, initiating Middle East peace process

1978 Camp David Summit between Israel and Egypt, first “test-tube” baby born in England, Earthquake in Iran 7.7* Ford visits Utah and President Kimball’s biography is presented – FHE with Dallin H. Oaks family, Carter concerned with LDS opinion of Panama Canal treaties due to outspoken Ezra Taft Benson , but Church proclaims neutrality, Carter sends congratulatory telegram to Church regarding Priesthood to all worthy males, Carter speaks in Tabernacle during National Family Week, last Carol Burnet Show broadcast, Jan - Hartford CT coliseum collapses under snow - stadium was empty, Feb - Great Blizzard of '78 in New England, "Garfield" comic strip begins, King Juan Carlos I ratifies Spain’s democratic constitution, Louise Brown – first test-tube baby- born, Prozac approved by FDA, Velcro hits the market, death of American heavyweight champion George Tuney, death of Italian author Ignazio Silone, British Prime Minister James Callaghan decides against holding elections – despite his likelihood to win… eventually leading to Margaret Thatcher, Georgi Markov the Bulgarian dissident shot by ricin pellet by modified umbrella, Emanuel David cult commits suicide in Salt Lake as children thrown off SLC building then mother (11th floor) – one child survives severely injured, film: “The Deer Hunter”

Violence sweeps Nicaragua as Sandinista guerrillas try to overthrow the government of President Anastasio Somoza, Prime Minister Junius Richard Jayawardene becomes President of Sri Lanka under new presidential system, Sprtos Kyprianou the Cypariot lawyer becomes president of Cyprus, Hubert H Humphrey dies, Bulent Ecevit named president of Turkey, Wadi Haddad the PLO leader dies (terrorist), Former Italian Premier Aldo Moro kidnapped and murdered by Red Brigades group, Military junta takes power in Afghanistan, US senate ratifies Panama Canal treaties, death of President of Ireland Cearbhall O’ Dalaigh, Premier Chiang Ching-kuo elected president of China, US and China announce full democratic relations, Antonio Guzman elected President of Dominican Republic – first peaceful transfer in Dominican history, Zaire’s Shaba (Katanga) province invaded – Europeans evacuate – US airlifts troops fromMorocco to help repel invaders from Angola Cuba and Russia, death of Philibert Tsiranana president of Malagasy Republic, President Giovanni Leone of Italy resigns and Pertini elected, Peace Prizes to Israeli Menahem Begin and Egyptian Anwas Sadat, Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala elected president of Colombia, President Ferdinand E Marcos of Philippines becomes Premier, Former Prime Minister of Australia Robert Gordon Menzies dies, Solomon Islands of Tuvalu (formerly Ellice Islands) and Dominica beome independent, Russian Yuri Orlov Anatoly Shcharansky and Alexander Ginzburg convicted of anti-Soviet agitation and convicted, South Yemen’s President deposed and blown up by pro-Soviet faction, President Moktar Ould Daddah of Mauritania ousted, Red Brigades members convicted in Torino Italy, Arab League separate Syrian and Christian militias and restore peace to Lebanon, John Vorster resigns as Prime Minister of South Africa and Pieter Willem Botha rules, death of Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Military junta takes control of Honduras, US House Committee investigates Korean lobbying scandal, Discord between Portugal’s political parties brings vote of no confidence, Army ousts Bolivia’s president 0 200th coup in 158 years of independence, Soviet Union and Vietnam sign 25 years of friendship, Begin and Sadat agree on framework for mideast peace negotiated by Carter, death of Algerian ruler Houari Boumedienne, Japanese Premier Takeo Fukuda and Chinese Deputy Premier Teng Hsiao-ping attend signing of Japanese-Chinese treaty of peace and friendship, death of Golda Meir of Israel, Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlavi imposes martial rule to end anti-government demonstrations (religious riots) in Iran – Iranian oil industry shut down by striking workers and self-exiled Moslem leader Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini appeals for labor strife to topple the Shah – modern reforms result in revolt – Abadan movie theater torched killing 377 – martial law, Soviet fighter attacks Korean jet over Russian territory, Foreign Intelligence Surveliance Act becomes law by Carter – Ethics in Government Act results in partisan fights – Presidential Records Act calls for release of Presidential papers 12 years after administration – should go into effect 1981 but 2001 repealed, Guatemalans elect new president but Lucas Garcia continues brutal dictatorship, Rhodesian civil war continues, death of presidents of Guinea-Bissau and Kenya and South Africa and Paraguay, Namibia planned as independent government from South Africa, Sino-Japanese treaty protested by Moscow – Washington recognizes China and announces it will sever ties with Taiwan although it negates a 1954 treaty, Vietnamese invade Cambodia to stop Khmer Rouge, Lawyer Smauel S Leibowitz dies, US Supreme Court upholds reverse-discrimination ruling, South Africa jails Helen Joseph for refusing to testify against Winnie Mandela, NY Times strike due to sex discrimination, WRITE: James Joyce (posth), Joyce Carol Oates, Herman Wouk, Mario Puzo, Hugh Leonard, Mary Lee Settle, Howard Memerov, James Alan McPherson, DL COvurn, Michael Bennett, William Manchester, Graham Greene, Iris Murdoch, John Updike, Barbara Tuchman, James A Michener, Richard Maltby Jr. (Ain’t Misbehavin’), Isaac Bashevis Singer, Betty Comden, Liza Minelli wins third Tony, Theodore H White, Hannah Arendt, Deaths: John Hall Wheelock (USA), Faith Baldwin (USA), Harry E Martinson (SWE), Freda Utley (ENG-USA), Leon Damas (FRA-Guiana), Phyllis McGinley (USA), Sylvia Townsend Warner (ENG), Ignazio Silone (ITA), Janet Flanner (USA), Robert Shaw (ENG), Louis Zikofsky, Jamed Gould Cozzens (USA), Bruce Catton (USA), Frank Raymond Leavis (ENG), Mario Pei (ITA-USA), Margarete BIeber (GER), Bergen Evans (USA), James B Conant (USA), Jacques Chastenet (FRA), Gilbert Highet (USA), Margaret Mead (USA), Etienne Gilson (FRA), Pope Paul VI dies and Cardinal Albino Luciani becomes Pope John Paul I – dies and Cardinal Karol Wojtyla becomes Pope John Paul II – first non-Italian in 456 years, death of Kuo Mo-jo Chinese scholar, Pakistan president resigns and General Mohammed Zia ul-Haq rules, ARTS: US television drama “Holocaust”, Deaths: Charles Boyer (FRA actor), Edward Durell Stone (US architect), Duncan Grant (ENG painter), Karl Wallenda (GER high-wire), Peggy Wood (US actress), Ilka Chase (US actress), Abraham Rattner (US painter), Dan Dailey (US entertainer), Giorgio de Chirico *(ITA painter), Norman Rockwell (US painter), Television: “Mork and Mindy” “The Ropers” among top shows, Movies: Annie Hall, Grease, “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, “Interiors”, “Coming Home” “Autumn Sonata” “A Dream of Passion” “The Deer Hunter” and “The Goodbye Girl”, MUSIC: Soviet Union rescinds citizenships of musicians Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya (wife), Krzysztof,

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