Winter Study 2016 – spec 21

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Winter Study 2016 – SPEC 21

Experience the Workplace: an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents

Course Description (from the catalog)

Field experience is a critical component of the decision to enter a profession. Through this internship, students can clarify their understanding of the rewards and challenges that accompany the practice of many different aspects within a profession, and understand the psychology of the workplace. Field placements are arranged in two distinct ways: some students live on campus and are matched with a local professional, while others make independent arrangements to work with a distant professional. The expectation is that each student will observe and participate in some aspect of the profession for the better part of the day, five days per week, but least 25 hours per week. It is also expected that the instructor will assign a specific project to be completed within the 3–4 week duration of the course depending upon appropriateness.

Participation in this winter study will require the student to quickly assess the work environment, make inferences about corporate culture, performance norms and expectations, and to take initiative not only to learn from this experience, but also to contribute where and when appropriate. Understanding the dynamics within a work environment is critical to success in any organization and this hands-on experience will illuminate lessons learned in the classroom. Upon completion of the winter study, it is expected that the student write a thorough report evaluating and interpreting the experience.

Requirements: It is expected that students will complete assigned readings, keep a daily journal, and write a 5–page expository review and evaluation that will become public record as a resource for other students.

Prerequisites: interested students must attend an information meeting on Tuesday, September 29th, Friday, October 2nd, Tuesday, October 6th, or Wednesday, October 7th. If you are unable to attend one of these meetings, please make an appointment to see Dawn Dellea. Preference for placements will be given on demonstrated interest in the sponsor’s profession and is totally at the discretion of the sponsor.

Enrollment limit: 60

Cost to student: if the internship is off campus, the student will be responsible for transportation and living expenses at the internship site. Students may apply for a rebate on their January meal plan; those on financial aid may approach the Financial Aid Office for additional assistance for travel expenses.

Meeting time: The expectation is that each student will be in the field to observe and participate in some aspect of the profession for the better part of the day, five days per week, but at least 25 hours per week. In addition to observation there may be an opportunity to work on distinct projects generated by the instructor depending upon appropriateness.
DAWN M. DELLEA, Manager, Alumni & Parent Engagement Programs, Career Center

Dean’s Office (Sponsor)

Course Syllabus

Outline of Requirements

Important Note: Students are responsible for all costs necessary for completing the course, including travel to the site location, costs of food and accommodations, and any commuting costs. Please do not apply for an internship if you have no idea how to find housing. Those students receiving financial aid from the College are eligible for some assistance and should check with the Financial Aid Office for details. All students working off-campus are eligible for a food plan rebate.

  1. Application: students may apply to as many of the individual placements as they wish, however, they must prepare separate applications for each because each opportunity may require unique components. Please read each description carefully to determine what is required.

  1. Deadline: All application materials must be submitted on-line by e-mail by Friday, October 16h at 4:30pm, to Dawn Dellea at the Career Center ( Please attach each piece of the application as a separate document in PDF format with your name and internship number in the file name (e.g. Jones12resume, Jones12cover, Jones12sponsor). On a separate sheet, please list all of the winter study internships that you applied to this year.

  1. Required reading: Working by Studs Terkel, New Press, 2004 ed. or What Should I Do with My Life? by Po Bronson, Ballantine Books, 2005.

  1. Required writing: minimum 5-page expository piece on your experience during the course, what you learned about the profession, and what you learned about yourself – whether or not you see yourself pursuing this profession in the future explaining why or why not. Due: Thursday, January 28th at 4:30 p.m. by e-mail to Dawn Dellea (


Acceptance into the course will be determined as a result of the review of your application by the alum/parent sponsor and a possible telephone interview. Determination of acceptance will be made as soon as possible after the application deadline. In order to apply, you must register for SPEC 21 Experience in the Workplace: an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents. Selection into the course comes as a final decision from the alum/parent sponsor and will be based solely on his or her evaluation of your application materials and any interview that may take place. Seniority by class will be only one factor.

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