Women’s safehouse (a two-Act Play) By tuncer cücenoğLU

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(A Two-Act Play)


Copyright © March 2010 by Tuncer Cücenoğlu



English Translations From Turkish By

Muzaffer Eriğ, M.S.E. & Gülsün Paydak, B.A.

Copyright © September 2010 by M. Eriğ & G. Paydak

muzaffererig@gmail.com, paydakgulsun@gmail.com




Dedicated to my close friend Güner Erdemir








Born in Çorum/Turkey in 1944.

Graduated from the University of Ankara, College of Language, History, and Geography.

Member of the Turkish Writers Union and International Pen Club Turkish Center.

Dramatic playwriting professor in Near East University of Cyprus and MSM (Müjdat Gezen Art Center) Private Conservatory.

Theatre section director in “Mitos Boyut Publishing House”.


Chaos, The Teacher, Poor Women, Dead End, The File, Biga – 1920, The Gamblers, Helicopter, Kemal The Thunder, Matrushka, The Visitor, The Hat, The Painter, Neyzen Tevfik, Red River Ballad, The Avalanche, Theatre Men , Who Killed Sabahattin Ali, Green Night, If I Were a Poor Man, Che Guevara, My Mustafa Kemal, The Nightclub, Women’s Safehouse.


Tobav(2),Turkish Women Association (l), Ankara Art Society (2), Abdi Ipekçi (l), Ismet Kuntay (l) , Avni Dilligil (2), ITI (l), Kasaid (l), Lions (2), Cultural Ministry (l), Muhsin Ertuğrul and 2 international awards (Yugoslavia and Holland).

His plays are translated into Russian, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Swedish, Georgian, Urdu, Japanese, Romanian, Azeri, Tatar, Polish, Chuvash, Serbian, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi (Persian).

Some of the plays (The Avalanche, Matrushka, Dead End, The Hat, The Painter, Poor Women, Red River Ballad, The File, Helicopter, The Visitor) have been performed or in the repertory of various companies in more than 40 countries.

Bio-sketches of the Translators of the Play “Women’s Safehouse”, September 2010

Muzaffer Eriğ, M.S.E. (muzaffererig@gmail.com)

Mr. Eriğ has been serving as a language instructor and translator for the University of Michigan Romance Languages Department, School of Education, and the Health Management Research Center located in Ann Arbor-USA, as well as an adjunct faculty of the Eastern Michigan University, College of Technology located in Ypsilanti-USA. He is a former instructor of the Turkish 402, Turkish 202, and Turkish 550 -Anatolian Poetry- courses taught in the Near Eastern Studies Department of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus. Mr. Eriğ is a published author of several academic journal articles, IIE Journal, Clinical Biomechanics, AIHA, Assembly, Fabricator, etc. He also is the sole editor and translator of the English version of the “OSMAN HAMDI BEY, The Archeologist, Publications of the Turkish Business Bank 87”. While he was working as a "Human Factors" research scientist for the College of Engineering of the University of Michigan, instructor Erig carried on translation and interpretational duties in the languages of Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and English for eight years. 

Mr. Eriğ has been a multi-lingual editor and a contracted translator to the UBE Industries of Japan, under the BELCAN Services Corporation of the USA. Instructor Erig has served as a North American Free Trade Act Programs teacher consultant for the General Motors Corporation since 1993 and the Ford Motor Company since 1990, in addition to his public school instruction deliveries in English Language Arts, Academic Writing, and Spanish Language for the Washtenaw County School Districts of the State of Michigan since 2005. Mr. Erig is the University of Michigan alumnus (85& 86) with a Master of Science double major degree in Human Factors & Applied Mechanics, the Graduate of Arcadia University American Language Academy (83) with a minor in languages, and the ITU alumnus (Istanbul Technical University, 82) with a major in Mechanical Engineering.
Gülsün Paydak, B.A. (paydakgulsun@gmail.com)

Mrs. Paydak-Steen studied English literature and history at Ataturk University of Erzurum province, Turkey where she got her B.A. in English Literature & History. She worked for Turkish State Theatre and private theater companies as an actress and performed in numerous plays. She took part in the TV series while working for the Theatre...Theatre...Magazine as an editor, interpreter, and the coordinator for the international theatre festivals that took place in Istanbul. Mrs. Paydak-Steen also was a pupil of Mr. Tuncer Cucenoglu, a renowned play-write. She took classes on “Play Writing Art and the Technique” from him.

The first theatre play that Mrs. Paydak-Steen wrote was awarded by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Women ' s Social Life Association (KASAID) in 1999. She joined several international theatre workshops in Istanbul-Turkey, London-England, and Scotland. Her theatrical interest include, but not limited to; Children’s Theatre and Agusto Boal's Forum Theatre, seminars of Grips Theatre- Wolker Ludwig of Berlin, and works of Simon Malbogat of Toronto, who is an artistic director of Mixed Company theatre group in Toronto. She has actively been delivering instructions of English Language Arts and Drama in High Schools of Izmir, Mugla, Istanbul and Ankara provinces. She is an oral exam committee member and a mentor of the AFS (American Field Service), an international exchange student program.


Worldly renowned poet Nazım Hikmet describes the women in his poem as follows.


Some says about woman;

She is for long winter nights to sleep with

Some says a woman is meant to be

In the middle of a green harvest

Getting her to dance as a hired dancer

Some says, “she is my dream lady

An obligation that I carry on my neck”.

Some says she is meant to be kneading the dough

Some says she is meant to make kids though.

Neither is she for this or that, for bed or for dance,

She is my arms, legs, my head, my counselor,

My baby, my wife, my sister, my mother,

All and all, she is my life partner.

The founder of our republic and our supreme leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk elevated the status of women numerous times as follow:

“There is no scientific probability or a technical feasibility for a society to develop unless it advences to a common goal with its women and men together.”

“The very reason for a failure to succeed in our society is our neglegt and fault toward our women”

“Our objective is to make Turkish women our partner in our work, to continue our lives with her, and to deem Turkish woman man’s partner, friend, associate, supporter in scientific, ethical, social, and economical life.”

It is so fortunate that our supreme leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and our public poet Nazım Hikmet lived in our world.

May their final resting be in peace and light

I am dedicating my new play “Women’s Shelter” to all the women of the world because today is March 8th, World Women’s Day.


8 March, 2010, İstanbul.

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