Word Processing Creative Writing Assignment

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Word Processing Creative Writing Assignment

  • Choose one item from the following five choices and save it in your student folder.

  • It has to be a minimum of one full page long and a maximum of two pages long.

  • Do not use fonts size larger than 14, but you may use any font that is not a symbol or over large clip art (no bigger than 1 in height).

  • Have at least 3 paragraphs

  • Put your Name, Date, Block, and Day in the header using only two lines – right align

  • Use .5 – 1 inch margin on all sides (top, bottom, right, left)

  • Your work must include all of the following

    • Clipart

    • Word Art

    • Check Spelling

    • Change the Font – use at least three different

    • Text Box or Border

    • Add page number in the center at bottom of page

    • Put in word count at the end of your paper ‘word count: xxx’

  1. School Principal - Imagine that you are the principal of Lakeshore Middle School. Write a story that describes what the school would be like with you as its leader.

  1. Technology Crash - Imagine that all of the computer technology in the world stopped working at the same time. Write a story that describes what you the the world would be like in this situation.

  1. Write a story that describes what you think the technology of the future will accomplish.

  1. Brochure - Imaginary Product or Favorite Sports Team

  1. Halloween – Write a short story or real experience on Halloween (for example something like your experience if you went to scarrowinds)

Be as creative as you want, make it yours through your own self expression.

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