Word Review and Picture Formatting Directions

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Word Review and Picture Formatting


  1. Type your name and room number above this box.

  2. Format the title: Center, Bold, Size 16, Arial Black. Color it Blue.

  3. Indent each paragraph, font size 12. (The letter should then fit on one page.)

  4. Use Page Setup in the File menu to change all margins to “1-inch”.

  5. Insert one clip art pictures in front of each of paragraphs 2-4. The pictures must make sense with the paragraphs. (Insert > Picture > ClipArt)

  6. Wrap the text around each picture using square or tight wrap.

  7. Use “format picture” to fine tune size and other settings.

  8. Undo your mistakes with “Control + Z”; redo with “Control +Y

Note: Make sure the story fits on one page (reduce picture sizes if needed); check your work; delete directions, and print only once.

Flat Stanley Report

Dear Adam,

I was very happy to get your letter and to have a chance to show Flat Stanley around California. We did a lot of fun things together.

We spent a wonderful day at Marine World. Marine World has great animal shows. They also added rides a few years ago to get more people to come and visit. It is a very busy place now, but Flat Stanley still liked the animals the best. Our favorite is the whale and dolphin show. I usually sit up front in the “Splash Zone” where we can get wet. However, it was a cool day so neither Flat Stanley nor I wanted to get wet. We also watched the Tigers play on Tiger Island, and saw a great Sea Lion show.

We also took a four-hour cruise on San Francisco Bay. Our boat went around Alcatraz, a famous prison on an island in the bay that is now owned and run by the Park Service. We saw where the prisoners of Alcatraz ate, slept and exercised. They even told us about a famous escape when the prison was still in use. The tour of Alcatraz was an hour long and we started to get hungry, so we ate crab and other seafood back at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Flat Stanley wanted to go and see the San Francisco Giants in hopes that we would see Barry Bonds break Mark McGuire’s record for home runs. Since the Oakland A’s are my favorite team, and their stadium is closer to where we live, we went to see them instead. We had peanuts and ice cream and watched the A’s collect another victory.

We also went to the Jelly Belly factory. We got to see how they make Jelly Belly’s and we even got free samples! Flat Stanley and I loved that! Flat Stanley’s favorite flavor was watermelon. 

I think Flat Stanley is pretty worn out from all of our adventures. I am sending him back with some brochures so that he can think about what he would like to do the next time that he comes to visit.

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