Words of Ramana Maharshi #1 If you make your outlook that of wisdom, you will find the world to be God

Once a person realizes his true nature of SELF – one without a second, he realizes that whatever he was seeing in the world was a long dream


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Once a person realizes his true nature of SELF – one without a second, he realizes that whatever he was seeing in the world was a long dream.
Yoga Vasistha says

Vipra Prithivyaadi Manastam Na Baahyastam Kadaachana.

Swapna Bhrama Padaarthesu sarvaireeva Anubhuyathe”
O Brahmin, the universe consisting of the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether exist in the mind and never outside. People experience this in Dream and Illusions (like water in desert).”
Dattatreya, the Avatar of Vishnu & great Avadhuta tells in Avadhuta Gita

Pancha Bhootatmakam Vishwam Mareechi Jala Sannibham”

The Universe consisting of Five Elements is like Water (mirage) in a desert.
As a person sees water in desert, in reality there is only desert there and no water at all – similarly the different things that one sees is nothing but the SELF – it is just an illusion created by the mind.
Once a person realizes his true nature by enquiring into the SELF – he realizes that in fact he was in a long dream.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF.
Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #66
Question : I do not feel my inherent happy nature.

Maharshi : Because the Self is now identified with the non-self. The non-self too is not apart from the Self. However, there is the wrong notion that the body is apart and the Self is confounded with the body. This wrong identity must be ended for happiness to manifest.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

SELF is of the nature of Absolute Existence, Consciousness, Bliss. This is our real nature. This real nature is fully experienced in deep sleep, though one is unaware at that moment due to veil of ignorance.
A person suffers because of mis-identification of the “I” or Consciousness with the Body, Mind and Intellect. The “I” or pure Consciousness is the SELF & each person is THAT. This is what the great Mahavakya says “Prajnaanam Brahma” or “Consciousness (Pure) is Brahman” and the Mahavakya of “TAT TVAM ASI” – “THAT THOU ART” says.
A normal person identifies himself with the Body. What is effect of this??? Whenever the body grows or decays, he becomes happy and sad respectively. The person identifies himself with all the six vikaaras of the body – Birth, Existence, Growth, Change, Decay and Death.
So when a person gets identified with the body, he feels sad when the body undergoes disease.

Also here he identifies some people as HIS and others as OTHERS. So he likes HIS people and dislikes OTHERS. So Whenever HIS people are affected, he becomes sad & whenever OTHERS are affected, he becomes HAPPY.
In fact whatever we see is nothing but the SELF only. Without the Consciousness or the SELF, there is nothing else. Hence, it is the same Consciousness that when passes through the mind creates things & makes them seem to be different from the Consciousness.
Once this wrong identity of the non-Self with the SELF is ended, Happiness or Bliss is enjoyed.
What is Self and non-Self???

Vedanta calls these two Drik or Seer & Drisya or Seen.

Drik is the Real thing – the Consciousness or the SELF.

Drisya is the unreal thing – all that is not SELF.
Drik has existence of its own, but existence of Drisya depends on Drik – It has no existence of its own.
When a person identifies or realizes his true nature of Drik – he realizes the Truth that there is nothing separate from Drik. It was an illusion that created the Drishya separate from the Drik like water seen in desert.
Thus when a person identifies himself with the “I” Consciousness that keeps repeating to itself “I Exist, I exist” – then he realizes his true nature of Bliss & realizes that whatever is there is only the SELF – and nothing else.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #67
Peace is in the repose of the Self. It can be gained anywhere. Peace is your natural and permanent state. By continuous practice it will become natural.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

What is Peace???

Peace or Peace of Mind is that state of mind in which there are no thoughts at all.
Swami Chinmayananda gives a great simile about the mind of a jnani or jeevan mukta. He says “the mind of a jnaani is like an ocean without waves!!!! “.
The mind is full of thoughts – it is like the water in a lake which is disturbed by ripples of stones thrown in it and the impressions caused by these ripples. When the mind is concentrated on the SELF – that which is beyond the mind & that which is full of BLISS & full of Peace – the mind becomes calm and quiet.  

In reality, the “I” or Consciousness that keeps on repeating to oneself that “I exist, I exist” is the Self. This is the real nature of every human being. Once a person realizes this, he enjoys the real Peace of the Self. This Self is the real nature and hence peace is the natural and permanent state of a person (who is nothing but the Self).

One may have a doubt here that then why come there is no peace for human beings???

This is due to mis-identification of oneself with the body and the mind. A person when he thinks that “I am the Body” called “Dehaatma Buddhi” (I am the body thought), he enjoys the things related to body. A body undergoes changes & due to this changes, the person thinks that I am changing, I am going to die, I am having disease and so and so. This leads to sorrow & hence the natural state of Peace seems to be forsaken. This is like a person seeing a dream in which he is being chased by a tiger. Suddenly he wakes up and realizes that there was neither a tiger nor was he chased. At that time, he realizes that there was only the “I” and  only Peace and happiness was there – but due to his ignorance, he saw different things & caused his own sorrows.
What one needs to do to regain the natural Peace of the SELF is to concentrate on the Self. When a person thus concentrates on the Self with the mind, he realizes his own true nature of Self & thereby he regains or realizes his real natural state of Peace and Bliss Absolute.
What is practice or Abhyaasa???

Patanjali Maharshi in his Yoga Sutras says

Tatra Sthithau Yatno Abhyaasah”

The effort to stay in the natural state of the Self is Abhyaasa or Practice”.
He further says

Sa tu deergha Kaala Nairantarya Satkaaraasevito Drida Bhumih”

That is made strong by continous practice and devotion to try and stay in the natural state of the Self”.

The moment a person realizes or at least tries to repeat in his mind and intellect that “I am the SELF beyond all this duality of joy and sorrow, like and dislike, kaama and krodha and all” – he enjoys the Supreme Eternal Bliss of the Self & he enjoys the Peaceful State of the Mind.

For repeating to oneself that “I am the SELF beyond all things, ever-liberated, ever-pure, ever-enlightened” one does not need any scripture or any other holy book. Just this thought is enough to give Bliss and in realizing the Self. Maybe it will take time (according to the purity of the mind of the individual). But after some days of repeating, one will definitely realize the Bliss and Peace of the Self. Once a person gets this even for a single second, he can never again stay for a long time without tasting it again.
Hence he will try to stay in that state forever & such a person is called as Jeevan Mukta or Jnaani or Bhakta by Self-Realized Souls.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

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Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #68
You see the physical body and so you find limitations. Time and space operate on this plane.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

All the sorrows and suffering in this world is caused due to misidentification of the SELF or “I” Consciousness with the Body. The thought that “I am the Body” creates all sorrows and sufferings.
There are mainly three states for a person in a day. The insight and clear understanding into these three states ensures one the final eternal Bliss of the Self. These three states are the waking state (where there is the body and the mind), dream state (here there is no physical body, but the mind exists) and the dreamless deep sleep state (here there is no mind also and only pure Consciousness).

Is there eternal Bliss in the Self?

The eternal Bliss is enjoyed by everybody during deep sleep. That is the reason why the person after waking up tells that “I slept happily”. But there is also a veil of ignorance that hides the bliss during deep sleep for the person. This is why he is not aware of the happiness at that time.
During deep sleep, there is only the Consciousness (pure consciousness) and there is no mind. The mind in the states of waking & dream state creates duality and different-different things & hence the inherent happiness is not enjoyed fully.
The Self is beyond all limitations. But when a person identifies the Self with the non-Self (for eg: the body or the mind), the limitations of the non-Self seem to affect the Self. But in reality, the Self is not at all affected by anything as it is Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta (ever pure, liberated and enlightenend).
The Self is that which pervades all these three states and still is unaffected and is just a witness to all these three states. It is the experiencer of all these three states and still unaffected by the outcomes of these three states.
Time and space operates in the mind & from the mind, the body takes shape.
There is no time and space during deep sleep because there was no mind at that state. The moment a person wakes up the time and space comes into play and here starts the body, its limitations together with sorrow and sufferings.
For time and space to exist, there needs to be a substratum. That substratum is the mind. The mind in itself is a jada or insentient thing. It gets its light from the Self. Hence the substratum for the Mind and therefore for time and space is the Self – Pure Consciousness.

The moment a person realizes this & gets detached from the thought that “I am the Body” or “I am the Mind” – he starts enjoying the real Bliss and Peace inherent in the Self.

Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #69
Repeated practice strengthens the mind; and such mind is capable of holding on to the current. In that case, engagement in work or no engagement, the current remains unaffected and uninterrupted.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

What is current???

Current can be said to denote the Atman or the thought about the Self.
Mind is a drunken monkey says Swami Vivekananda. Control of the mind is really very tough.
Krishna says in Gita

Asamshayam Mahabaaho Mano Durnigraham Chalam.

Abhyaasena tu kaunteya Vairagyena Cha Grihyathe”
O Arjuna, mind is always moving from one thought to another and its control is very tough indeed. And this is possible only through Abhyaasa or practice and Vairagya or dispassion”
Regular practice of singing makes a person a good singer.

Practice of asanas or postures for long periods and for years makes one fit (the body fit).

Repetition of certain text for a number of times makes the text by-heart for the person.
In ancient days, there were no written texts for the Vedas and scriptures taught by Guru to his shishyaas. Everything was oral & the shishyaas would remember the slokas and whatever is taught in mind & would repeat it a number of times to make it clear without any mistake.

A mind that is used to concentration and meditation gains high strength. For a person with such a mind, learning anything is very easy. He grasps things quickly as well as he is able to concentrate on anything with 100% concentration. This yields more productivity and more effective usage of mind towards all work.

It is said that Swami Vivekananda had to just glance through the page of a book and he could recollect the page from memory. Such is the strength of concentrated-mind (with practice of Meditation).
A wonderful incident in Adi Sankaracharya’s life can be quoted to state the mind of a Jnani (fully concentrated one).
Adi Sankaracharya wrote commentary on Brahma Sutras of Veda Vyaasa. Sankara’s disciple Padmapada wrote a sub-commentary on Sankara’s commentary on the first four sutras or aphorisms. Then he showed the sub-commentary called Panchadeepika to Sankara. Sankara just glanced through it & gave good remarks and gave the manuscript back to Padmapada.
Somehow Padmapada lost the manuscript & told it to Sankara. Sankara, who had just glanced through the voluminous work recollected the whole work which the writer, Padmapada himself could not recollect.
Work or Action is there when there is duality – the worker & that which is to be achieved through work.
But when a person’s mind becomes concentrated – there is only ONENESS & there is no duality. Hence work does not affect it at all.
Sri Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita

Na Me Partha asthi Kartavyam Trishu Lokeshu Kinchana

Nanavaaptavyam avaptavyam Varta eva cha karmaani”
O Arjuna, I (the SELF in all) have no duty, not even single, in all the three worlds. I don’t have to attain anything new that I don’t have now. But still I keep doing work (for the ignorant, a Jnaani seems to be doing work, but for the Jnaani there is no work & only SELF or Brahman or GOD).”

A Jnaani whatever he does, his mind is fully residing in the Self and he sees only the SELF everywhere. And hence no work or nothing in the three worlds affect him (because for him, there is nothing apart from the Self, so what to gain, what to lose. What to be happy with, what to be sad with).

Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #70
That which does not rise will not subside. ‘It is’ and will be for ever. That is the universal ‘I’, the perfect ‘I’ or realization of the Self.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Sri Krishna says in Gita Chapter 2

Na Asatho Vidhyato Bhaavo Na Abhaavo Vidhyate Satah”
Asat is insentient & Sat is sentient or Real thing.

Vidhyate means exists (or has light or life).
Krishna says that “The unreal has no existence and the Real never ever ceases to exist”.
Only Real has existence. Existence is Reality. We can say that “I exist” because “I am real”. This is what Vedanta call as “Sat”.
Whatever is real has existence forever. It exists beyond time and space.
In Yoga Vasistha, Vasistha says to Rama

Yad Asthi Iha Tad Eva Asthi” – “Whatever exists here, always exists”.
The Pure Consciousness or the “I” always exists. It exists in all the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. The concept of time is always given value or life based on the Consciousness “I”. Without this Consciousness, there is no world, no time, and no space.

This “I” always exists. Nobody ever says that “I don’t exist” & also nobody needs to tell to himself that “I exist” – because he is that pure Existence. As he is that existence, how can he be conscious of it or how can he know the existence of the Absolute Existence.

The moment a person attaches this Pure Consciousness with the Body or the mind – he suffers due to this misidentification. If a person considers a snake as a rope and tries to catch hold of it, he will suffer due to the biting of the snake.
Similarly if a person gets attached or gets identified with the Body and the mind – he is bound to fall into the duality of Sorrow and Joy.
A person should think that “I am different from the Body. During deep sleep, there was no body or the mind, but I existed. So I am different from tahis body and mind. The things in the world that I see are nothing but mirage in a desert. The waking world negates the dream world & the dream world negates the waking world. The waking world is a longer version of dream world. There exists only the pure “I” that gives light to things in the world. If the “I” refuses to see the world, there is no world.”
Haven’t it occurred many a times that one may be sitting in a lecture class – but his full attention will be somewhere else – at home or other things. This occurs because the “I” (mixed with mind) refuses to give attention.
When a person thus differentiates the Real thing (the Self or “I” consciousness) from the Unreal or the other things separate from Real thing, he enjoys the eternal Bliss of the Self.
Is there Bliss in the Self?

Yes. This Bliss is being enjoyed by everyone during deep sleep. That is the reason why a person when he wakes up exclaims “I slept happily.” But here there is a veil of ignorance & hence he is unable to be aware of that Bliss. The happiness enjoyed here is the Bliss of the Self.

Vedas proclaim that the Self is Sat Chit Ananda – It is Existence, Consciousness Bliss Absolute. When the Consciousness is made pure (unattached through the mind with body) and pure existence is felt – the Bliss or Ananda is felt & one becomes that Ananda.

Adi Sankara in his famous work Nirvaana Shatkam tells

Chidaananda Roopah Sivoham Sivoham”

I am the Divine Self (Siva means prosperous and divine) of the nature of Consciousness-Bliss.”
When a person realizes his pure Be-ing – that is present always in the background of all activities & all thoughts – this is called Self-Realization or Moksha (liberation).
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #71
The Real Existence is the only One devoid of objective knowledge. That is absolute consciousness. That is brought about even in this waking state. It is called “jagrat sushupti”. That is “mukti”.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Adi Sankaracharya in his introductory commentary on Brahma Sutras called “Adhyaasa Bhashyam” splits the world into two.
One is called Sat or Brahman or Drik (seer).

The other things apart from Sat are Asat or Jada or Insentient or Drishya (seen).
The Seer is the Self. The world that we see is the Seen.
But Advaita and the Vedanta tell us, and also experience of saints reveal that there is no two here. The Seen is nothing but an illusion over the Seer or Self.
As a person sees mirage (water) in desert and as a person sees snake in rope, so is the illusory world seen in the Self.

As mirage is not different from desert and has just a temporary existence, similarly this illusory world is not different from the Self  & has the temporary existence till one realizes that the world is nothing but Self with a name and form.

How can one know that the world is illusory?

The best analogy provided for this is Dream state. During dream, only the pure consciousness exists. But this “I” creates duality by itself (not actually created but temporary existence until one awakes). Then the same “I” becomes all the dual things ranging from a small object to the large sky and even space. This illusion exists until one awakens and at that time one realizes that there was no duality and there was only the Pure Absolute Consciousness – one without a second.
Can a normal person experience such a non-duality during waking state?

Yes it is possible. It has been tested throughout from the ancient Vedic Periods upto date by various Self-Realized Souls.
What one needs to do for this is to make the mind purified by various sadhanas of Bhajan, Chanting, doing good work (without expectation), Yoga, Meditation and all.
As a person concentrates on these things, he sees a single GOD (with form or without form) everywhere. He perceives Oneness in Duality. Slowly the mind gets purified. As a person can see his face in a pure mirror, similarly a person with a purified mind can see the Self being reflected in the mind. He then enjoys the real BLISS of the Self – Such a person is called Self-Realized and a JeevanMukta. He is liberated even while living in this world of duality.
Even though others see a Jeevanmukta having body and actions – but for there is nothing other than the Self – the pure Consciousness.

This Pure Consciousness is Knowledge itself & Knowledge cannot know itself. Hence it is not the normal objective knowledge that we have and gain in this dual world. It is knowledge itself.

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