Words of Ramana Maharshi #1 If you make your outlook that of wisdom, you will find the world to be God


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This Consciousness when the mind is purified will become the absolute Consciousness and will be realized even in the waking state. It is the absolute Consciousness that is present always in the three states of Waking, Dream and Deep sleep. All these three states depend on the Self or Consciousness for existence & these are also just illusions on the Self.
When a person thus realizes Oneness in this Waking state, Maharshi calls that state as “jagrat Sushupti” – In Sushupti (name for Deep Sleep state) there is only the Self and a ignorance veil on it (as we experience pure happiness during that state but are unaware of it during that time). But when a person realizes that Self and its Bliss (that is enjoyed in Sushupti) in this waking state (called jagrat), it is called Jagrat Sushupti. This can occur only if the person is Self-Realized and sees Oneness everywhere. This is what is called Mukti or Liberation.
Yoga Vasistha calls Mukti and Bandha as

Man Eva manushyaanaam Bandha Mokshayoh

Bandhaaya Vishayaasaktam Muktaih Nirvishayam Smritam”
Mind alone is the reason for Bondage and Liberation.

Mind full of thoughts and craving for sense-objects is Bondage.

Mind free of thoughs is Liberation.
The Self is Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta – Ever pure, liberated and enlightened.
Only the mind thinks it is sad or happy – and this causes the person to think that He is affected – but the “I” ever remains unaffected as the Sun is never affected even though it seems to get veiled by clouds.

Thus the one and only way to Self-Realization is perceiving Oneness everywhere. This helps in removal of ignorance of the Self & which in turn makes the person realize his own true nature of Self – absolute Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.

Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #72
You must get rid of the idea that you are an ‘ajnani’ yet to realize the Self. You are the Self.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

The normal tendency in human beings and seekers (one who is progressing in spirituality) is the thought that “I am ignorant and I am not realized”.
These are all thoughts of the mind and spoken by the Ego.

This Ego is a reflection of the Self – Absolute Consciousness.
This Ego identifies itself with the body and the mind. This creates limitations to the Infinte Self by telling that some things and people are mine and others are not mine. This creates likes and dislikes which in turn creates happiness and sorrow.
When this Ego dies off by killing the thought that “I am this body and I am this mind” by the thought that “I am the Self – ever pure, liberated and enlightened”, the real nature of the Self is realized.
The very first obstruction to Self-realization is the thought that “I am ignorant and I am not Self-realized”.
That is why a Guru instructs his disciple that TAT TVAM ASI or THAT THOU ART.

When thus the ignorance about the Real nature of oneself is destroyed by Knowledge about oneself, then and at that moment a person realizes his own true nature of the SELF – Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta (ever pure, liberated and enlightened).

Even if a person identifies himself with the body, still the “I” or Consciousness remains the same.

The Consciousness that is present during likes and dislikes and during happiness and sorrow are one and the same. It is ever unaffected and untainted by anything.
But if a person doesn’t realize this, then the mind creates limitations and one seems to get affected by the sorrow and suffering in this world.
Sri Krishna says in Gita that

Anityam Asukham Lokam Imam Praapya Bhajasva Maam”

Having attained this temporary and sorrowful world, take refugee in Me (the Self or Brahman)”
In Yoga Vasistha, King Janaka (who was one of the Self-realized souls and yet did all actions of a king in a perfect way) tells to himself

Kim Upadeeyam Ashthi Iha Yatnaad Samsaadayaami Kim

Yatah Sthirasya Sudhasya Chitah Ka Me Asthi Kalpana”

What do I have to gain here, what should I gain by some effort. As I am the Ever-same and pure Consciousness, why should I Imagine something.
Na Abhivaanchaami Asampraaptam Na Sampraaptam Tyajaami Aham

Swatcha Atmani Thistaami Yan Mamaasthu Tadasthu Me”

I will not gain anything that I don’t have nor will I leave anything that I have got.

I will remain the pure Atman or Self whatever may happen.
This is what is required in life. One needs to constantly repeat to himself that “I am the SELF”. Even if one doesn’t repeat this, still HE is THAT. But to get realized of the real nature, one needs to repeat it so that it is always there in memory and mind.

When thus a person starts to realize and repeat to himself that “I am the pure Self, nothing has ever affected me and nothing can ever affect me”, he slowly enjoys the calmness and bliss present in the Self.

This Bliss is not there in anything else in the world – but only in the Self.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #73
Fear is always of a second one. Be the Self; there will be no second thing to cause you fear.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Everywhere people fear for one or the other reason.
A wealthy person fears loss of his money.

A youth fears loss of his beauty.

A singer fears loss of his voice.

A working person fears loss of his job.

Some sanyaasins fear that there will be no person to look after them during old age and disease.
Above all, everyone fears Death.
Why is this Fear creeping in the minds of all, whether a sanyaasi or a householder???

Maharshi says here that “fear is always of a second one”. Nobody fears themselves. Everyone fears for something different from them.
This proclamation of Maharshi is from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad or Vedas which tell that

Dvitheeyaad Vai Bhayam Bhavathi”

Fears occurs due to Duality.
Fear occurs because a person sees something different from himself & thus he sees duality.

But when a person sees only Oneness everywhere, there is nothing to fear. Because fear occurs due to the difference between objects and one’s liking and disliking of things.

When a person sees the Self or GOD everywhere – there is complete and perfect Oneness. At this state, there is no other thing separate from GOD or the Self to become afraid of.

Mira drank poison without any fear – because for her everything was just Krishna (only Krishna was there).
Once Maharshi was sitting in Virupaksha cave (the cave in Tiruvannamalai where Maharshi spent most of his life), a devotee came to see him. The devotee, from a distance, saw a tiger sitting near Maharshi. The devotee became frightened. At that time, Maharshi (seeing the devotee) signaled the tiger to go away and the tiger went away. The devotee then approached Maharshi.
Such is the great state of mind of Mahatmas that they see only Oneness everywhere. When they see only Oneness, all the creatures and the duality of the world will become Non-dual & hence everything will help them in their pursuits.
Isavasya Upanishad says

That person who sees the Self in all and all in the Self, he does not have any hatred.

The person who realizes that the Self has become all, he because of this Oneness has no fear or delusion.”
Thus when a person sees just Oneness everywhere – the Self or form-God or formless-GOD – he has nothing to get afraid of or deluded.
Is this seeing Oneness related to Self-Realization???

Seeing Oneness brings concentration to the mind & due to this one-pointed concentration of the mind – the mind slowly becomes pure and devoid of impurities like Kaama, Krodha and all. As one can see his own face in a pure mirror, so the Self shines as itself in a pure mind. Thus with the help of Oneness, Self-Realization is gained.
As when the dirts of the mirror is removed by a cloth, so the impurities of the scattered mind is made pure by making it one-pointed. A one-pointed mind is easily able to realize the true-nature of the Self.

As Maharshi says here, when the Self is realized and a person remains in the pure Be-ing of the Self, there is nothing to fear & everything becomes Blissful.

Lastly a short incident in the life of Sri Tapovan Maharaj, who used to stay in upper Himalayas and who is the Guru of the great renowned Swami Chinmayananda.
Once when Tapovan Maharaj was sleeping, a wolf came and caught hold of him.

Unlike normal persons who would cry during such time, Tapovan Maharaj uttered the words “Sivoham Sivoham” – (siva I am or the auspicious Self I am). Hearing this uttering, the wolf left hold of Maharaj, leaving him there and ran away.
Thus is the state of a Self-Realized Being who fears nothing as for him, nothing but the Self exists.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the SELF and repeat the thought that “I am the SELF”.
Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #74
Do action without caring for the result. Do not think that you are the doer. Dedicate the work to GOD.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Maharshi is bringing out the truth about Karma Yoga or Path or Action here in this quote.
Sri Krishna says about Karma Yoga in the most famous verse of Gita

Karmanyeva Adhikarah te Ma  Phaleshu Kadaachana

Ma Karma Phala Heturbhoor Ma te sangotsa Vikarmani”
You have the rights only to Action and not to its results. Hence you do your work without caring for the result – as well as don’t be without doing work.”

Human Birth can not go on without work. This loka or world of Bhoo is full of work. Even a sanyaasin has to do work. Even a Brahma Nishta like Maharshi did work (even though for them it is not work at all – as for them there is only the SELF and nothing else).

The only thing that binds one to the result of work is the thought that “I am the doer”. This doership is to be renounced and not the work. Even Adi Sankaracharya and the parampara or tradition of Sankaracharyas in various Mathas do work. Thus work is inevitable in human birth.
But one has the choice to get either attached to it or be detached to it. When a person renounces the doership, whatever be the result of the action, he is not affected by it.
When a person thinks that I am writing the exam, the result of the exam affects him. If pass, then he becomes happy. If fail, he becomes sad. But If the person offers the “writing exam” as a pooja or offering to all-pervading GOD, then it becomes sacred. Also here the result does not affect his state of mind as the result, even if bad, is a Prasad or gift from GOD (love from GOD to his beloved devotee).
When the work is thus dedicated to GOD, everything becomes sacred and one leads a life full of Happiness only.
Maharshi says this same thing in his work Upadesa Saram

Iswaraarpitam Na Icchaya Kritam.

Chitta Shodhakam Mukthi Sadhakam”
There are mainly two types of work

1) Sakamya Karma – or work with desire for fruit

2) Nishkaam Karma – work without any desire for its result.
Work that is done as an offering to GOD & without any desire for its result helps in purifying the mind and hence a way to liberation.”
Thus work done without the sense of doership results finally in liberation – the ultimate Blissful state devoid of sorrows and sufferings.

Sri Krishna says in Gita Chapter 9

Patram Pushpam phalam toyam Yo me bhakthya Prayatchathi

Tadaham Bhakthi Upahritam Asnaami Prayataatmanah”
Whoever offers to Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I appear in person to him and delightfully partake of that article offered by him with love”
Yat karoshi Yadashnaasi Yat juhosi Dadaasi Yad.

Yat tapasyasi Kaunteya Tad Kurushva Mad Arpanam”
Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer, whatever gift you give, whatever penance you do, offer it all to Me”
This is what is the essence of Karma Yoga & when this is followed in full, leads to Chitta Suddhi & hence to Mukthi or liberation.
Let the Almighty guide us all to offer everything unto GOD and perform this Karma Yoga.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #75
The thoughts are the enemy. They amount to the creation of the Universe. In their absence there is neither the world nor God the creator.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

The thoughts are the main obstruction to liberation or Moksha. Liberation here means freedom from bondage and sorrow.

Thoughts are synonymous with mind.
Where there is mind, there is thought. A thoughtless-mind is called Self or Pure Chitta.

As a mirror without any dust reflects one’s own true form, so does a mind devoid of thoughts (which are impurities) reflects the real nature of Self. Thus when the mind is made pure, the Self shines and the eternal Bliss of the Self or Brahman or GOD is enjoyed.

In a day, everybody has three states of mind.

1) Waking state – Here the waking world is created by the mind. Here the body (called gross-body) also exists.

2) Dream state – Here the dream world is created by the mind. There is no external or gross-body here. Everything in this state is created by the mind and the Self or “I” in itself becomes the creator and the things created.

3) Deep sleep state – Here there is no mind and hence no thoughts and pure Bliss. The only problem in this state is that one is unaware of the happiness that one gains during this state. But as soon as a person wakes up, he says “I slept happily, peacefully”. Thus there is pure Happiness or Bliss in this state. In this state, there was just the “I” or Pure Consciousness. This is called Self of the nature of Absolute Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.
Realizing one’s own true nature of the Self or GOD is called Self-Realization or liberation or Moksha.
Yoga Vasistha, a scripture that Vasistha teaches to Sri Rama tells about Moksha

Man Eva Manushyaanaam Karanam Bandha Mokshayoh

Bandhaaya Vishayaasaktam Muktaih Nirvishayam Smritam”
Mind alone is the cause for liberation and bondage.

Mind full of craving for sense-objects (external things in the world) is in bondage.

Mind that is pure without any craving and any thoughts is called Liberation.
Yoga Vasistha further says

Prithivyaadi Manastham na bahyaastam kadaachana.

Swapna Brama Padaartheshu Sarvaireva Anubhuyathe”

Everything in this world consisting of the Five Primal Elements of Earth, water, fire, air and Ether are created in the mind and not outside at any time. People have this experience in dream and illusions”.

In Dream, there is only the “I” or Self present. This same “I” becomes many different-different things. But after one wakes up, he realizes that there was nothing other than “I” and that this “I” only became all the things in the dream world.
Similarly this waking world is a long dream where one sees duality everywhere. This waking world is also a creation of the mind.
Is the waking world creation of the mind???

Two persons seeing the same thing have different feeling about the thing. Thus the world that we see depends on our mind and its nature. Thus the world is the creation of the mind as the mind creates dream world during dream. When one awakens from this long dream of waking world, he realizes that there was nothing other than the SELF or Pure Consciousness.
Maharshi here tells that if the thoughts are removed from the mind, then there is no world as well as God – the creator.

The God Maharshi refers to here is Brahma, the creator. Brahma is just one of the trinity who also has life-span and who also takes birth and death (even though his life span is very huge compared to human beings).
Swami Chinmayananda says that “God is a celestial being sitting amidst clouds showering his blessings on selected individuals.” He is the person supporting life in this world. He is substratum for this changing world. A Self-Realized person realizes that the world is nothing but Self or Supreme GOD in manifestation with a name and form.
Supreme GOD is one who is omni-present, omni-potent and omni-scient. Supreme GOD is the only being existing in this world. He is one without a second. This Supreme GOD is called as Brahman or Self in the Vedanta. Supreme GOD is beyond creation, protection and destruction. HE is beyond time, space and causation.

This Supreme GOD is mentioned by Sri Krishna in Gita as residing in the spiritual heart of all beings.

Krishna says

Ishwarah Sarva Bhootaanam Hrideshe Arjuna Thistathi”

Arjuna, GOD resides in the heart of all beings”
Who is this Supreme GOD???

This Supreme GOD is the Self or the person who is giving life to this body and mind and all other things.
Once the thoughts are removed in the mind, this Self is realized and at that time one realizes the Supreme GOD. At that moment a person realizes that the Self in him is the same as the Supreme GOD.
Let the Almighty guide us all to realize the GOD in our heart.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #76
Question: I do not feel Grace.

Maharshi: Sincerity is wanting. Surrender should not be verbal or conditional.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

What is Grace???

Grace is called Kripa (Guru kripa or Ishwara Kripa).
GOD is omni-present and he is the knower of all things.
Patanjali declares GOD in Yoga Sutras as

GOD is special being who is above sorrow, work and its fruits.

GOD is a person who has knowledge in its full.

GOD is the Guru of the foremost Guru as he is beyond time and space”
As GOD knows everything, his Grace is always present on all beings.
Then whey do people not get the Grace???

The Sun throws its light everywhere in earth. But a person sits inside a room closing all the windows and doors. For such a person, will the sunlight be available? No it will not  be. It is not that Sun is partial and not throwing light on the person, but the person is not willing or ready to receive the light of the Sun.

One must open one’s heart to receive the Grace of the Almighty.
When a person has unconditional and full surrender to GOD, his Grace automatically follows.
When draupadi was catching hold of the saree with one hand in the hall when dusshasana was removing her saree, Krishna did not come to help her. The moment she left hold of both of her hands and called Krishna, Krishna helped her out.
The Surrender should be complete and unconditional. One should have such surrender that he should not even have a single doubt in the mind about Almighty’s help and grace.
Sri Krishna says in Gita

Kaunteya Prathi Jaaneehi Na Me Bhaktah Pranashyathi”

Arjuna know that My Devotee never perishes.
Krishna also says

Api Chet Suduraacharah Bhajathe Maam Ananya Bhaak

Sadhureva Sa Manthavyah Samyak Vyavasito hi Sah”

Even if a devotee of mine, who thinks of me always, does most bad work – he is sacred and considered a sadhu because he has the steadfastness and the clear knowledge that “I” am the Truth to be remembered always.
What is unconditional devotion?

Devotion that moves aside all other things for HIS service and HIS rememberance is unconditional.
One must be able to set aside all things from family to work to even Guru (who does not help in Self-Realization and its progress).

An incident – an avatar of Vishnu - is cited here.

Mahabali gave Vara or boon to Vamana that he will give Vamana three feet of Earth. At that time (after he gave the boon), Sukracharya came to Mahabali and told him not to give the boon – that Vamana is Lord Vishnu and he will take away all your possessions. Hearing this, Mahabali was happy that he could at least get the great Lord Vishnu to ask a boon from him and could get the Darshan of Vishnu which even Devas don’t get. Hearing this, Sukracharya cursed Mahabali. Mahabali accepted the curse smilingly.

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