Words of Ramana Maharshi #1 If you make your outlook that of wisdom, you will find the world to be God

This Supreme Being can be known only when this superimpositions are removed


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This Supreme Being can be known only when this superimpositions are removed.

A person is seeing snake in a rope. The rope can be known only when the snake-concept or idea is removed from the rope.

This is done by purifying the mind through good actions and devotion to God or Self.
Due to devotion and good actions, the mind becomes purified. When thus a purified mind tries to realize the eternal Truth or Knowledge through a Guru or the scriptures – the realization that it is the Absolute Self – of the nature of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss – fully dawns unto him. With this comes, the experience of true Bliss and the Ultimate Reality that there is only One thing in this world – called as Self or Brahman or God or Christ-Consciousness.
Only on forgetting the Real nature, one falls into this duality-world and suffers. The moment a person realizes and gains this Self-Knowledge that this small individual “I” is not different from the Supreme Being or God or Brahman – he relishes the eternal Bliss. At that moment, like a person waking from a dream, this Self wakes up from this long dream of Waking world and merges into the Brahman or God.
At that moment, the mind completely vanishes and merges into its source – the Self. In reality, the mind is only a reflection of the Self and this reflection when destroyed, what remains is the eternal Self.
Let the Almighty guide us to this non-dual Self – The Witness to all this changing things and that which is wrongly perceived as the changing things.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #86

By remaining in contact with realized sages, man gradually loses the ignorance until its removal is complete. The eternal Self is thus revealed.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Maharshi is here explaining the effect of Sat-sanga or Sadhu-Sangama (Being near or with realized sages).
As a magnet slowly attracts an iron peace, so does a Guru attract the disciple and makes him pure.
Sri Krishna is called Hari. One meaning of the word is “one who destroys the evil and makes the mind pure”. Krishna made the mind pure of all the Gopis who came to him with the burdens and impurities of the mind. This is how Gopis became pure and very much devoted to Krishna.
Swami Vivekananda was able to get Self-Realization due to his Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.
Paramahansa Yogananda – had companies with saints at all point of his time. This could be said to be one of the main reason for his never falling down from spirituality and always progressing in the path of Self-Realization.
The suffering and duality in this world is all created due to ignorance about the Ultimate Reality that “I am the Self – above everything else, the One without a second”. This is like seeing snake in rope. The ignorance of the rope and its nature gives rise to the seeing of snake in it. Thus one gets the qualities such as “becoming afraid” of the snake.

Thus when a person is ignorant about the Ultimate Reality that there is only the Self here or Non-duality – he sees duality everywhere in this world. He perceives multitude. He likes and dislikes things. Because of his liking and disliking, he tends to get sad over the likes and happy over dislikes. He loves a person and hates another. When something bad happens to his love, he tends to become sad. When something good occurs to the person he hates, he becomes sad due to jealousy. But if something bad happens to this person he hates, he becomes happy.

This is the Ultimate Reality of this changing and unreal World.

It is a Real Pity that people thus fall into this dual world, forgetting their own real nature and fall a prey to the cravings of the sense objects.”
But when a person remains with a realized Being – as a higher power conquers or rules a lower power – so the Guru (or self-realized being) slowly makes the mind of the disciple pure (due to his control over the surrounding). Here one should become aware that for a Guru, there is nothing but the Self and for such a person, all the Devas and nature will be always waiting to help.
Thus the mind of disciple is made pure – this means ignorance veil that deludes the disciple that “I am so and so. So and so are my people, so and so are my enemies” is slowly removed. When mind becomes pure, the disciple thus sees his real nature of Self – Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.
This Sat-Sanga is very important in a seeker’s life. Adi Sankaracharya mentions in his famous work, Bhaja Govindam

SatSangatve Nissangatvam

Nissangatve Nirmohatvam

Nirmohatve Nischalatatvam

Nischalatatve Jeevanmukthi”
From Satsang arises, Nissang or detachment to all the things in this world. From this detachment (not merely external detachment, but complete internal detachment), delusion is removed. When delusion is removed, the mind becomes calm and Steady. This calm and steady mind leads one to Jeevanmukthi or Liberation while living.
Thus Mixing with good people is able to give one liberation within a short period.
Scriptures mention that “staying with a Guru for a single day is like doing Tapas for 100 years”.

A person when he is in the midst of bad people, tends to get some of the bad qualities of the people. Similarly he tends to get good qualities when mixing with good people. The mind is such that he gets attracted towards its nearby people and objects, and when the mind is surrendered or kept in midst of good people – it naturally turns good and becomes calm.

Only a calm and pure mind is capable of getting Self-Realization or seeing God.

This is easily got through a Guru and Satsang.
Let the Almighty guide us to have Satsang at all points of time.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #87
How does one know the world to be transitory? Unless something permanent is held, transitory nature of the world cannot be understood.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

Sri Krishna says in Gita

Anityam Asukham Lokam Imam Praapya Bhajasva Maam”

Having attained this transitory and sorrowful world – take refuge unto Me (as the Supreme Being or Self).
Maharshi is here bringing out the deep essence of this statement in a simple way.
As Sri Krishna says about the world in Gita, Chapter 15

Na Roopam Asya Iha Tatopalabyate”

The Form of this tree (samsara or world) is known in reality when seen from here.
Sitting in the world, one can never see and gauge the world. One has rise above the world and then the nature of the world will be known in reality.
One may think that everything in this world is changing – so the nature is known.

But this is false.

World is a tree in which people can be considered as a leaf. The leaf can never know the tree fully till it is a part of the tree. But when the leaf gets separated from the tree, then it is able to find out the tree in its true form.

My Guru, Mata Amritanandamayi says

The world is a big tree. We are all the leaves, flowers, fruits, branches in it. We speak of my and mine within this tree – thereby making a liking and disliking. But once the perception is made universal and infinte – then the tree is viewed as a whole from the top or above & its real form is considered as just ONE (and not as the multitudes of leaves, flowers and all).”
Thus the world is just One Reality which is wrongly perceived. Due to ignorance, world is not known in its reality as Brahman or the Supreme Being or the Self.
Maharshi says

Drishtim Jnaanamayeem Kritva Pasyet Brahmamayam Jagat”

Once the outlook is made that of wisdom, the world is seen as Brahman.
To Know the nature of the world, one needs to find out the substratum of this world. There should be something real and unchanging that is the substratum for the changing world. Every changing thing has a changeless thing as its substratum. The substratum that is unchanging and eternal is the Self or Brahman.
When one thus inspects, one finds the Reality behind the changing world as the unchanging and eternal Self. That in which all these duality rests, is the eternal Self.
Due to ignorance the dual world is seen as separate from the Self and as distinct from it.
When one thus realizes the nature of the Self and holds on steadily to the Self, then the nature of the world is known.

In Reality, the world is seen as different from Self due to ignorance. As the dream world is created and supported by the single dreamer or “I” Consciousness, similarly the waking world is also created and supported by the single Self of the waker.

When a person thus holds on to the Self, the permanent and eternal thing – all this world of duality becomes just a single Self. At that time, he relishes the eternal Bliss of the Self.
Let the Almighty guide us to hold on to the Self at all times.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #88
Mukti”, i.e., liberation, is not to be gained hereafter. It is there for ever, here and now.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi

What is liberation or Mukti???

Maharshi said to his attendant during his last few days (just before Maha-Nirvana) that Liberation is just removal of the ignorance veils that causes all sorrow and misery. It is called Mukti.
Thus Mukti is “Poorna Dukha Vimochanam” – or Complete removal of Sorrow.
The Self is termed Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta – Ever-pure, ever-liberated and ever-enlightened.
The Self is all-pervading and ever-existing. It is that which is pulsating in every being that “I exist, I exist”. It is the Seer of all that is seen. It is the Consciousness that is giving light to this huge and voluminous world. Without this “I” Consciousness, there is nothing else in this world. This Consciousness when misidentified with the body and mind gives rise to sorrow and the sufferings in the world. In deep sleep, everybody experiences the pure and eternal Bliss of the Self. That is the reason after waking up, a person exclaims “I slept happily, I slept peacefully”.

Maharshi tells that when we seek some external sense object and we gain it, we become happy. This happiness is not in the object as the same object will lead one to sorrow at another moment. It is the happiness inherent in the Self that is enjoyed during such times of gaining external sense objects. But one doesn’t realize this and thinks that gaining external things will make him happy.

Tripura Rahasyam brings this out in a beautiful simile.

It says “a person can never gain happiness from external things. The beautiful wife, from whom one gets happiness (some times), can not give happiness by embracing the husband when the husband is pierced in his heart with a sword.”
This is the exact reason why Adi Sankaracharya says in the starting of Bhaja Govindam that

Mooda Jahihi Dhanaagama Trishna

Kuru Sad Bhuddhim Manasi Vitrishnaam

Yal labase nija Karmopaattam

Vittham tena vinodhaya chittam”

O Fool!!! Leave up the quest for external objects (here wealth indicates all sense objects), fix ur mind unto the Ultimate Reality of the Self devoid of any external quest. Whatever you gain from daily work, rejoice your mind with that.
Unknowingly each person rejoices a part of the eternal Happiness inherent in the Self – but misidentifies them as coming from external objects. The same object, let’s say, President-post, will give happiness to Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Sonia Gandhi, but it will not give happiness (as it did not give) to Ramana Maharshi and other great saints.
Maharshi Mahesha Yogi was offered the post of Sankaracharya – he did not accept it.
Thus, Happiness is inherent in the Self and not anywhere else.
Yoga Vasistha says

Mind alone is the reason for liberation and bondage.

When it goes outward and craves for sense objects, it is in bondage.

When it turns inward into its Source of Self, it is liberated.”

Thus “I” Consciousness is ever-liberated and Blissful in nature. It is not something to be gained fresh. Liberation is not something that is to be attained after death from this body or through the external Grace of a Supernatural Being called God (normal religious person’s GOD sitting in Heaven). Liberation is there always. One just needs to get rid of the ignorance that “I am not liberated” and try to realize his true real nature of the Self.

Whether a person knows or not, he is the Self – Absolute Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. He is the Self – ever liberated and Blissful in nature. It is upto the person to decide whether he tries to realize this true nature or to get himself misidentified with the body and the world – which in turn leads him to sorrow or suffering.
Even this suffering is not for the Self. The Self is the witness to everything. This suffering and sorrow is only for the mind and it is created by the mind. As different scenes and pictures are seen in a screen, but the screen remains ever unaffected by the scenes – similarly the Self is unaffected by everything in the world.
One just needs to realize his true nature and find out the Reality behind all changing things. According to Maharshi, this is done through enquiry as to “Who am I” – then the Self will shine as his real nature and as the unchangeable One without a second.
I” am not the body, nor the mind. I am the “Consciousness” underlying all the three states of waking, dream and deep-sleep. “I” am always present and am the Seer to all that is seen. In fact, I am the Seen – wrongly perceived as different.

This “I” consciousness has in itself become the dual world as in a dream.
When one thus meditates on this “I”, he realizes his true nature and realizes his liberated state.
Let the Almighty guide us to hold on to the Self and realize one’s liberation this very moment.

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #89
Question: Self-realization sounds so easy, but yet is so difficult in practice.

Maharshi: What can be easier? The Self is more intimate than anything else.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi



The Question that the questioner asks to Maharshi here is that each seeker will have. Every person will have this feeling and thought that Self-Realization is very tough to practice and that “I am very far from it”.


Maharshi gives the answer to this question in his own simple and elegant way. The Self is already present. It is the most intimate and it is the Consciousness that is giving light to everything. It is the Substratum for this changing world.


Thus it is the simplest and easiest thing to realize than any other thing.


Then, what is the obstruction to Self-Realization???

It is the mind and its thoughts. The mind is nothing but a reflection of the Self created due to ignorance.


An ignorant person sees multitude in this world, whereas a Jnaani sees only the Self or Brahman.


As Vedas tell,

"Tad Dure Tad u antike"

"It is very near (for the knowledge gained people) -- yet very far for those who are ignorant"


There is nothing new to be gained here. Only the ignorance to be removed by knowing the Real thing (the Self).


Vasistha says in Yoga Vasistha

"Yad Ashti Iha Tadeva Asthi"

Whatever exists only exists forever.


Krishna says in Gita

"Na asatho Vidhyathe Bhavo -- Na abhaavo vidhyathe satah"

The Unreal never has any existence and the real never ceases to exist.


The Self is "TAT TVAM ASI" -- or THAT THOU ART. The Self is that which pulsates in the heart of everyone that "I exist, I exist".


Thus knowing it is very easy rather than tough.

What a seeker first needs to do is to remove the thought that "I am not realized". You are already that. You just need to become aware of it at all times and realize it.

Realization occurs by being the pure Self at all times. Knowing that the Self is only present and unaffected by anything in this world will help one to realize the already realized Self.


One just need always and constantly have the thought that "I am the Self, unaffected by everything and all-pervading, pure, ever-liberated and ever-enlightened".


Let the Almighty guide us to hold on to the Self and realize one’s liberation this very moment.



Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #90
Question: Why is the world so wrapped up in ignorance?

Maharshi: Take care of yourself. Let the world take care of itself. See your Self. If you are the body there is the gross world also. If you are spirit all is spirit alone.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi



What is world or Jagat???

World is nothing but what is perceived through the sense organs and is created by the mind.
Yoga Vasistha says

Vipra Prithivyaadi Manastham Na Bahyastham kadachana

Swapna Brama Padartheshu Sarvaireva Anubhuyathe”

O Brahmin, the world consisting of five primal elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether is created in the mind and not outside. Everyone experiences this in Dream and illusions like water in desert, snake in rope and silver in nacre.

In Dream, the world is completely created by the mind. The one “I” in itself becomes the witness and the various scenes and things in the dream world. Similarly this waking world is also a long dream. Here also, it is the “Consciousness” of a person that is seen as the world.
Maharshi says that “world is as you see it”. If a person is fully spiritual, he will view the world as spiritual. Jnaanis see the world as Brahman or the Self. Bhakthas see the world as their Ishta Devata.
The world is only creation of the mind. One can never know what the world is and its nature.
Krishna says in gita

Anityam Asukham Lokam Imam Praapya Bhajasva Maam”

Having attained this transient and sorrowful world, take refuge in Me.
Taking refuge in GOD or the Self is the one and only way to Self-Realization. This only will make one realize the ultimate truth that there is no world of duality here. What is there is only the Self or Brahman, one without a second.
So, what one needs to do is to find out “who am I” and realize himself. This Self-Realization in turn will lead him as to the truth about the world. One can never try to change the world or make the world good. One just needs to make himself good and that will be passed to the world also. This is the obvious reason why a person like Ramana Maharshi, who used to maintain silence most of the time and who never came away from Arunachala Hill – could influence so many people in the world and could change the outlook of people and provide them with eternal Bliss.
Sri Sri Ravishankar beautifully tells one to make the “limited-Ego” to “Infinite-Ego” – in which one finds the world in himself. At that time, there will be no I and mine – only Oneness.
When thus a person sees the Self or GOD everywhere – there is nothing to be hated or loved. Everything is only the Self.

This is called Self-Realization or realizing one’s own true nature.

This true nature can never be known if one tries to find it externally or in the world. One needs to turn the mind inward and fix the mind unto the Self or God. Thus he will realize his own real nature of Self – Absolute Existence, Consciousness and Bliss – shining. At that moment, the world will be the Self. This is the reason why Maharshi never loved any person neither hated any person because for a realized sage, there is only the Self – one without a second.

Let the Almighty guide us to hold on to the Self and realize one’s liberation this very moment.



Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #91
Illiteracy is ignorance. Education is learned ignorance. Both of them are ignorant of their true aim; where as a sage is not ignorant because there is no aim for him.

                                                                                                                        -- Ramana Maharshi



Ignorance or Avidya is lack of knowledge. As there is nothing called “darkness”, but “darkness” is only absence of light. Similarly ignorance is absence of knowledge.

What is Knowledge???

Knowledge is that which is capable of solving all doubts and confusion and which in itself is complete and perfect.

Let’s say a person learns B.Tech or MBA or MS or PhD – has he gained knowledge???

No, says Vedanta and all great saints.
Knowledge that a person gains in his life time is Objective knowledge. Only Vedanta gives one Subjective Knowledge. If an MBA holder is asked to explain the Reality of the world and the question as to “Who is he”– there will be only wrong answers like “I am so and so hailing from so and so place and now this much years old”.
All science except philosophy and spirituality can give only objective knowledge. A person will have gained all the knowledge about the world, but nothing about himself. Nothing about what happens to him during deep sleep and during dream .

Only Vedanta gives the answer to this question as to “Who am I”. With the knowledge gained from Vedanta, one undergoes practice in the form of Manana or reflection in the mind and Nidhidhyasana or contemplation – and thereby one gains subjective knowledge which is beyond knowledge and ignorance. This subjective knowledge or Self-Knowledge is pure Knowledge and absolute knowledge.

Thus, Maharshi here says that both illiterates and learned persons (having just gained objective knowledge) are both ignorant. They are ignorant as to what is to be done in life, what is the aim of this divine human birth.
Adi Sankaracharya says that

Jeevan Mukti Sukha Prapthi Janma Hethuh”

The Aim of human birth is to gain the Eternal Bliss of Jeevan Mukthi (liberated even while living in the body).
But this is not understood by normal people due to ignorance. Thus one can say that all people including the President of US and even Bill Gates should be classified under ignorant people only unless they know the answer to the Ultimate question of reality of “Who Am I”.
A sage is a person termed as “Subjective scientist” by none other than world renowned Swami Chinmayananda.

Sage is a person who has learned this subjective knowledge of the Self. This knowledge when known nothing else remains to be known.

Vedanta starts with people questioning Guru as

Kasmin u bhagavo vijnathe sarvam idam vijnaatham bhavathi”

O Lord! Knowing which everything else becomes known – teach me that Knowledge.
Krishna mentions in Gita chapter 7

Jnaanam Teham Savijnatam idam Vakshyaami Asheshatah.

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