Words of Ramana Maharshi #1 If you make your outlook that of wisdom, you will find the world to be God


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Like the incident that happened in Indonesia & other Asian countries, the time might come when the mortal body has to be shed off. If the body is shed before realizing one’s own true nature, the vicious cycle of birth & death continues even as the dream world continues until the dreamer wakes up.
One has to just enquire into his own real nature & then he will find out that HE WAS THE GOD WHOM HE was searching in the external world, his own very nature is Bliss for which he is hunting here & there in this world & that the world of duality that he was perceiving is nothing but illusory & wrongly perceived due to ignorance of the reality of Brahman.
As Krishna says in Gita,

Na hi jnaanena sadrisham pavitram iha vidhyathe

Tat svayam yoga samsiddhah kalena atmani vindhathi”

There is nothing more sacred than Knowledge because Knowledge by itself makes one realize one’s own real nature & thereby makes one realized.
The only effort from the individual is to remove the ignorance veil of the Self, to remove the wrong notion that I am not realized, to remove the wrong identification that “I am this body & mind”. When the ignorance veil is removed, then one realizes one’s own real nature like a person sees his own image in the mirror when the mirror is pure & without dust.
As Sankara says

Mano buddhi ahankara chitaani naham

Na cha srotra jihve na cha ghraana netre

Na cha vyoma bhoomir na tejo na vayuh

Chidananda ropah sivoham sivoham”

I am not the mind, intellect, ego or chitta (memory). I am not the sense organ of hearing, touch, taste & sight. I am not ether, earth, fire or air – I am that auspicious Self of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss, I am that Self.

Let the Almighty guide each one of us to realize & immerse in the eternal bliss of the Self.  
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Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #179
Meditation differs according to the degree of advancement of the seeker. If one is fit for it one might directly hold the thinker; the thinker will automatically sink into his source, namely pure Consciousness.

                                                                                                                                                            - Ramana Maharshi


Maharshi here explains what meditation is & why the scriptures mention different types of meditation.
The scriptures proclaim different types of meditation on form God, symbols of God like OM, divine light or fire or lamp, formless God and all. These are for different levels of seekers.
If a person studying in 1st standard is told to write the 10th standard exam, it is not at all possible. And thereby the scriptures tell a progressive way to the ultimate and absolute reality of ONENESS or the Self.

Whatever meditation one does, there remains the TRIPUTI or TRIADS of meditator, object of meditation and the act of meditation. These are present in form God meditation as well as in formless God meditation as well as in the meditation on the vedic dictum of AHAM BRAHAMA ASMI or I am Brahman.

When a person slowly progresses, he is eligible and fit to meditate on the meditator. When this is done, the triads are destroyed and what remains is the pure Consciousness and the pure Subject alone (without any objects). This is final & ultimate state. Until this is realized, the person needs to do meditation on objects so that he gains concentration & the mind is able to fix itself at a point. Due to one-pointedness, the mind doesn’t gets distracted & thereby the mind becomes pure & clean.
As the face can be seen only when the mirror is pure, similarly the Self can be realized only when the mind is pure. An impure mind cannot realize the Self as it can never apprehend the absolute reality propounded in the Upanishads.
But even when a person is meditating on objects, he should realize that this is not the ultimate state, there is something beyond this which is the final state. Hence, one should never get stopped in the state of meditation itself & as one gains purity and concentration on meditation, he should slowly try to meditate on the meditator. When the meditator or the Subject is caught hold of, all objects vanish.
As the scriptures & experience proves that the mind becomes calm when it is watched. The mind is so made that it tries to run hither & thither thereby making one sad when bad things are sought & desires are not met & happy when its needs are fulfilled. But when a person tries to read & watch the mind, the mind vanishes!!! When the mind vanishes, what remains is the pure Self alone.
As Yoga Vasistha says

Man eva manushyaanaam kaaranam bandha mokshayoh

Bandhaaya vishayaasaktam muktaih nirvishayam smritam”

Mind alone is the cause of bondage & liberation.

When the mind is without any objects or it is turned outwards, it is in liberation & vanishes and makes one realize the Self.

When the mind is craving for external sense objects and with thoughts, it is in bondage.
Thus the ultimate aim of meditation is to be the meditator. This is done through first concentration on a single thought & removing all other thoughts. When this single thought is maintained for some time, the thought also vanishes paving the way for the thinker (without any thoughts). This state of thoughtlessness is called MOKSHA and liberation. This is the Self or Brahman propounded in the Upanishads. This is what is called state of God. God is not just a mere being sitting above & controlling people, but he is the pure Consciousness residing in the heart of each beings. When this God is realized, the person rejoices in the eternal bliss of the Self. Until realization of this inner God, the person gets only little bliss or happiness in the external world & in God separate from oneself.
Thus a person can initially concentrate on any form of God, but ultimately he will have to realize the truth that “the God that I was worshipping and searching in the external world is Me only”. Until this realization dawns, problems & sufferings will persist. But one should not give hope, but try to realize the God in oneself. This is not a tough task or only for some selected people like Mahatmas or God-realized people. This can be achieved by each person. Valmiki was a hunter & he realized it.
Therefore, one should as early as possible try to find out the thinker, the meditator, the experiencer, the God in oneself & thereby rejoice in the eternal bliss of the Self.
Let the Almighty guide each one of us to realize & immerse in the eternal bliss of the Self.  

Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #180

As is the effect so is the cause. As is the tree so is its seed. The whole tree is contained in the seed which later manifests as the tree. The expanded tree must have a substratum which we call Maya. As a matter of truth, there is neither seed nor tree.

                                                                                                                                                            - Ramana Maharshi


Adi Sankara in his Dakshinamurthy Asthakam explains about the universe

Beeja asya anthar iva ankuro jagad idam, prak nirvikalpakam punah

Maaya kalpita desha kaala kalana vaichitra chitreekritam”
Like the tree (in its causal form) inside a seed, this world was initially Brahman without any modifications & became the world of duality due to the magic or illusion created by time & space created by MAYA or illusion.
The term MAYA is “YA MA SA MAYA” – That which is not at all there, it is called Maya.
As Vedas proclaim, Maya has no absolute existence because there can be no part of the partless Brahman. There can be no part or power for Brahman because it is PARIPARNA or complete. Such a thing can never have any power of Maya in it. Therefore Maya is said to be non-existent from the absolute viewpoint. As Maya is not at all there, therefore there is no world at all but only BRAHMAN. As the Upanishads says “SARVAM BRAHMA MAYAM JAGAT” – Everything is verily Brahman only.
From the perspective of waking, the dream world is unreal & has no existence at all. Similarly this waking world has no existence from the perspective of Realization which is the absolute viewpoint.
As there is no water at all in desert, but it seems to be present for the human eye, similarly the world that we see has no existence because whatever is present here is only Brahman.

But for the waker, the world exists & hence the cause for the world is also sought & this is explained through MAYA or the illusory power of ISHWARA or God. The common theory about creation & Maya is the theory of seed and tree. As in a small seed, the big tree exists, similarly in ISHWARA or SAGUNA BRAHMAN or the Self – the world exists. The world has no existence of its own separate from Brahman or the Self.

Only when a person gets intellectual conviction that the world that I see is unreal & the world is only Brahman – then only can the person understand that in reality there was no creation at all, there is creation at all & there will be no creation at all – as Brahman is absolute & without any changes. This is best explained by the experience of dream. The dream was neither there, nor it is there, nor will it be there – it is only an illusory creation of the mind. Similarly the world that one wrongly perceives is Brahman alone.
Let us see now how the world is Brahman only.

The common logic used to find out reality is through co-existence and co-absence called in Vedanta & Nyaya sastra as Anvaya-Vyatireka yukthi.
Co-existence means – If Consciousness or Brahman is there, the world is there.

Co-absence means – If Consciousness is not there, then there is no world at all.
These two facts can be apprehended by even a small kid – that when you are conscious, you perceive the world & when there is no consciousness, then there is no world & even duality.
Thus, this shows that the world has its existence on Consciousness alone. Thus the world is not real. If a not-real thing has to exist, then it must be a modification of a real thing (as in maths, x = 2y  indicates that x is dependent on y & x has y in it). Therefore, the world is Brahman only.
The scriptures thus proclaim that as gold-chain, gold-necklace, gold-ring are all names & forms of GOLD, similarly the world is name and form of Brahman. Thus the world is Brahman alone.

Another thing to note here is that Brahman is without parts & hence it cannot have names & forms – therefore one has to come to the conclusion that the world is not at all present in Brahman & therefore the world is illusory only. As water in desert is called unreal because there is no water at all in the substratum of desert, similarly the world is called unreal because the world or its qualities of name & form & changes are not at all present in Consciousness. This state of pure Consciousness is experienced by each person during deep sleep where there is no world or objects but only the Subject or “I” exist.

Thus, all theories of creation are just to take the seeker towards the highest & absolute reality of pure Consciousness, one without a second (where there is no duality at all but only pure Consciousness of the nature of Existence, Consciousness & Bliss absolute exists).
Therefore Maharshi here says that there is neither seed nor tree – similarly there is neither the world nor Maya, the divine power of God.
As Krishna says in Gita

Ajopi san avyayaatma bhootanaam ishwaropi san.

Prakrithim svaam adhistaaya sambhavaami atma mayaya”

Even though (from the absolute standpoint) I am unborn, but due to my own illusion & with the help of my own power called Prakriti, I appear as the God of all beings.
As the great Vedic Hymn of Purusha Sookta says

Ajaayamaano bahudhaa vijaayathe”

Even though I am unborn, I seem to be take birth into different beings.
Thus, the world or creation is only a long dream and an illusion. In reality, there is neither the Subject nor the Object, the world or God, the worker nor the professional – whatever is only Brahman. The other things that one perceives are only illusory  & due to ignorance of the real nature of the Consciousness.
As a person sees snake in a rope due to ignorance of the real nature of rope, similarly an ignorant person sees the world and its objects in the absolute Brahman or Self. This phenomenon is called Superimposition or ADHYAASA. The best example that can be given for such superimposition is the dream state and illusions of water in desert.

Now one may ask, then why is the world there????

In reality, there is no world at all, but only Brahman. But since this reality is not known, therefore the world seems to exist. The very fact that the world is present or perceived is due to ignorance. The aim of the world thus is not realize that there is no world at all & realize the substratum for this illusory world. Only when the substratum of Consciousness is perceived, all doubts, all sorrows & sufferings will vanish.
Thus the search for happiness culminates in the realization of one’s own nature of Bliss & that “I am pure Consciousness of the nature of Bliss”. This is what is the aim & goal of this human birth. Even though there are lot of living beings, only human beings are endowed with intellect & discrimination – and only humans have the ability to realize the real nature of the Self. Thus one should not waste one’s precious life in going after worldly things but should utilize this life for realizing one’s own real nature & therefore attain immortality & eternal Bliss.
As the tsunami waves once again strikes, it gives a person the warning that “your life is very short indeed & it is high-time that you spent some time to realize your own real nature & attain immortality”.
As Sankara says in Bhaja Govindam

Nalini dala gata jalam atitaralam

Tadvad jeevetam athisaya chapalam”

As the water in the leaf of the lotus flower is very uncertain, the life is also very uncertain.

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam

Govindam Bhaja Moodamathe”

O Foolish man, you who are going behind worldly sensual pleasures, seek the Self or Govinda in you, seek the Self & become immortal.

Let us all, thus, not waste each and every precious of our moment & try to realize our own reality & become immortal (just to add here, there is no becoming immortal because one is already the immortal Self, but since ignorance is present & we have forgotten our own nature effort needs to be put to remove this ignorance & realizing our own real nature & this is called becoming immortal).

As Swami Vivekananda used to often quote the sloka from Katha Upanishad

Srinvanthu vishwe amritasya putraah”

Hear O Children of immortality.
Hearing swamiji speak like this, a young girl stood up & said “Swamiji, you are hypnotizing us”.

Swamiji smiled & replied “You are already hypnotized by Maya, I am only dehypnotizing you”.
This is the absolute & ultimate reality that “I am the Self”. This can be realized only when all the ignorance veils are removed. This can happen only when wrong identifications of the Self with the body & mind goes. This happens only when the Self is sought & a person tries to find out his own real nature.
Then only the ultimate reality dawns that “Chidananda ropah sivoham sivoham” – I am that auspicious Self of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss, I am the Self.
Let the Almighty guide each one of us to realize & immerse in the eternal bliss of the Self this very moment without wasting this precious human birth.  
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Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #181
Drishtim jnaanamayeem kritva pashyet brahma mayam jagat
When the approach of knowledge is taken & everything is seen through the inner eyes, then one will find the world to be full of Brahman only.

                                                                                                                                                            - Ramana Maharshi


The absolute & ultimate reality of the world is Brahman or Consciousness alone. As everybody knows that when there is Consciousness, then the world exists – if Consciousness is not present, then there is no world at all. Thus Consciousness is the substratum of the world.
Consciousness being pure & devoid of parts – therefore it cannot have any changes or modifications. Thus the Consciousness is changeless. This takes us to the conclusion that the world is not at all present in its substratum of Consciousness as the changeless and partless Consciousness cannot have the world in it.
That thing is called unreal or illusory which is not present in its substratum. As water seen in desert is not at all present in its substratum of desert, hence the water is called unreal or illusory. Similarly the world is not at all present in Consciousness or Brahman and hence it is unreal or illusory.
Now, the question arises that what do I see now then????

The world that one sees now is Brahman only. As the water seen in desert is desert only but wrongly seen or perceived due to ignorance, similarly the world is Brahman alone but not seen in its entirety & real form.

Therefore, Maharshi here says that when a person adopts the approach or divine eyes of KNOWLEDGE, then he finds Brahman only everywhere. This is very easy to apprehend if one takes the example of dream. In dream it is the one person who sees the dream world & its objects. When the person wakes up, he knows fully that there was neither a dream world nor the dreamer, but only the person existed throughout. Similarly when a person realizes his own real nature by removal of ignorance & wrong identification of the pure Consciousness or “I” with the body and mind, he sees only Brahman (the one without a second). There neither the world exists nor the seer of the word – but only pure ADVAITA or pure Consciousness exists. This is the ultimate reality of a person’s real nature. This real nature is experienced by everyone in deep sleep where neither the gross objects nor the subtle objects of dream are perceived. Because of being in the natural state without any duality in deep sleep, the person enjoys the eternal bliss of the Self. But even that bliss is temporary because it is not brought out of full awareness but it is only a state where the dualities vanish temporarily and not permanently. Therefore when a person wakes up from the sleep, he again perceives duality in the world & gets sad & deluded over the objects.

The best and easiest path to realization is either the path of Knowledge or the path of DEVOTION. In the path of knowledge, a person sees the Self or pure Consciousness (without form) everywhere. He perceives the Self in all & all in the Self. Slowly thereby he removes the dualities & likes and dislikes arising out of dualities & the happiness & sorrow got from objects. Thus his mind gets pure & he remains unaffected by the activities in the world (as for him the world is not there, only the Self is present). This path is the direct path to realization because directly the person perceives and strives for the Self & thereby realizes that “I am the Self that I was searching for. I am the Brahman which is present everywhere & which is the only thing present. I am the happiness that I was searching for in the external sensual objects”. A person following any other path of DEVOTION, KARMA  or YOGA has to come to this ultimate and absolute reality of ONENESS. Unless the person comes to this absolute level or state, he will be deluded into the world & its objects & thereby fall a prey to sorrow & happiness. But a person when he realizes that there is nothing but Consciousness alone, he has nothing to get sad with or nothing to get happy about – he ever remains content & ever remains blissful – because there all duality has vanished & what remains is the non-dual Self alone.
Another important path to realization is the path of DEVOTION. The path to devotion also ultimately takes one to this absolute state of ONENESS – the state where one gains the knowledge that only Consciousness exists. Devotion is not mere thinking of God at times of sorrow or visiting temples frequently.
Devotion is not crying out to God where natural calamities like the tsunami waves attack occurs.
Krishna says in Gita

Mayi avesha mano ye maam nityayukta upaasathe

Sraddhaya paraya upethaah te me yukta tama mataah”
Three qualities are important for a devotee.

  1. Always fixing his mind on Me (at all times & at all moments)

  2. Always steadfast in Me (always putting effort to think about me, talk about me, speaking with people about me)

  3. Knowing me as the ultimate goal – this is very important because unless this is present, a person will just seek God as a shift job (at times when he is sad, he will call for God. But when he is in a good position, he will claim that “I did well & it was all my effort”!!!!).

Only when the devotion or love towards God (either form or formless) becomes unconditional and supreme, will these three qualities come & only such a person is a TRUE BHAKTA.

Thus only great Mahatmas are real BHAKTAS of God & we all are just trying to be devotees of God.

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