Words of Ramana Maharshi #1 If you make your outlook that of wisdom, you will find the world to be God

Thoughts rule the life. Freedom from thoughts is one’s true nature – Bliss


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Thoughts rule the life. Freedom from thoughts is one’s true nature – Bliss.

                                                                                                                                                            - Ramana Maharshi


Mind is full of thoughts. This mind is the cause for the waking and the dream world. In the waking world, the thoughts & concentration on the thoughts are very strong and hence these take the shape of gross objects. Whereas in dream world, the thoughts are in the subtle state and due to impressions formed in the mind.
The very fact that I am typing is because of the thought that “I am typing”. Everything that one sees or perceives is preceded by a thought. Thus, they are only thoughts & nothing else.
When a person sees an object, the thought “I see the object and the object is a book” comes & due to this thought the book presents itself before the person.
If a person is bold enough to try to eradicate thoughts, then he will realize that there is no world or objects at all. At that time, there is nothing but the Subject (without any objects), pure Consciousness alone.
One may ask here that even after eradication of all the thoughts, a thought that “I exist” will be present. This is not so. When all thoughts are removed, then what remains is the thinker. Thoughts are forms of the mind. The mind presupposes a thinker which is pure Consciousness without which there cannot be any thought at all. This state of thoughtlessness is experienced by everyone during deep sleep where there is no mind and thoughts. In that state of deep sleep, the person or the Subject rejoices in the eternal bliss inherent in himself.

Sri Vidyaranya swami in his Anubhootiprakashika says that thoughts arise when there is duality. In that state where there is no duality, no thoughts arise & hence eternal bliss inherent in the Self is rejoiced. This is why when a person hears good music, he gets bliss (from the Self) as there are no objects and thoughts.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad tells about this state of deep sleep.
Na tad dviteeyam asthi Anya vibhakthim yat pashyet” – there, in that state, there no duality and hence what object to perceive.
Thus, in these states of deep sleep and harmony with music or nature – the duality vanishes temporary and thoughts are eradicated (not permanently but these thoughts temporarily merge into its source of the Self). Because of being thoughtless, the Seer rejoices in the eternal bliss inherent in himself.
Patanjali says in his Yoga Sutras

Yogah chitta vritthi nirodhah” (1.2)

Yoga is removal of thoughts from the mind.
Tada dresthuh svaroope avasthaanam” (1.3)

In that state of thoughtlessness, the Seer remains in his nature blissful state.
Vritthi saroopyam itah atra” (1.4)

During other times (when thoughts are there), the Seer gets identified with the thoughts.
When thoughts are present, a person creates duality. And the person creates an identification with the body and mind and the object. These are all due to thoughts.
A person can even try for a couple of minutes to close his eyes & try to be without thoughts. He will realize that he is getting eternal bliss which he could not get from the external sense objects.

This is the reason why Yogis and great saints go into Nirvikalpa Samadhi (absorption into the Self without any thoughts and differences) as much as they can. That state is the natural state of every person. But since, this eternal nature of oneself is not known – a person gets thoughts & desires to achieve some thing in life. These thoughts are translated into actions. These actions again give their results which is nothing but enjoyment. Due to this enjoyment, he performs more actions. Actions again lead to enjoyment & enjoyment to actions. Thus the vicious circle continues for births and deaths.

A person should understand ACTIONS arise out of DESIRES. DESIRES are caused due to IGNORANCE.
Thus the three terms to be known by a seeker are IGNORANCE or AVIDYA, DESIRES or KAAMA, ACTIONS or KARMA. The actions are the cause for sorrow and happiness. When a person thinks that he is writing an exam and expects good marks, then there starts all problems and sufferings. When the results come out, if he gets more than what he expected, then he becomes happy. But again in the next exam, his expectation increases as he wants to get little more happiness than previous. Thus this goes on without any end & in order to get happiness, he puts lots of efforts in which he gets pain and sorrow. When the results come out and if he gets less than expected he gets sad.
No external object in the world, let it be an insentient object like table or chair or computer, or a sentient being like a LOVER or even KRISHNA or GOD can never give one everlasting happiness.
Krishna himself says in Gita chapter 5

Ye hi samsparshajaa bhogaah dukha yonaya eva te

Adhyanthavanthah kaunteya na teshu ramathe budhah”

That happiness born out of contact of the object with the sense organs is the seed for sorrow, and these objects have a beginning and an end & hence are unreal like water seen in desert (therefore these can never give one happiness). Therefore, wise men never let their minds or intellect into these objects (or achievement of such objects).

But when the Self is known, then there remains nothing else to be known. The person then rejoices in the eternal bliss of the Self. That state is the state where there are no thoughts because it is the thoughts that cause desire and which again are converted into action & the vicious circle continues. Only when thoughts are removed, can the source of these thoughts which is the Self be realized. These thoughts can be removed only through knowledge about one’s own real nature because these thoughts are born out of ignorance.

Sankara says in Aparokshanubhooti

Ajnaana prabhavam sarvam jnanena pravileeyathe

Sankalpam asya kartha vichaarah so ayam idrishah”

Everything is born out of ignorance and hence is removed only through Knowledge. All the things in the world are born out of thoughts – thus a person should reflect within himself & then realize it through experience.
Yoga Vasistha says

Samastham kalpana maatram idam” – everything is created out of one’s own imagination or thoughts.
If the very world of dream can be created by the dreamer without the help of any GOD or any external objects, then why can’t this waking world be created by the waker????
A little enquiry into this will show a person that without the pure Consciousness in a person, there is neither Krishna nor Vishnu nor Siva – everything is but Consciousness alone. Whatever is present is the Self alone (as in dream where the dream world and its objects are the dreamer alone).
Yoga Vasistha says

Man eva manushyaanaam karanam bandha mokshayoh

Bandhaaya vishayasaktam muktaih nirvishayam smritam”

Mind alone is the cause for bondage and liberation.

When full of thoughts & craving for objects, it is in bondage.

When mind is without any craving for objects or thoughtless, it is in liberation.

Chitchetya kalitha bandhah tan mukta muktiruchyathe

Chit achetya kila atmethi sarva Vedanta sangrahah”

Consciousness when wrong identified with thoughts is in bondage & removal of thoughts is said to be liberation. Consciousness devoid of thoughts is the Self only. This is in short the essence of Vedanta or the Upanishads.
Vishnu says to Brahma in Chatusutri bhagavatham

Etanmatam samathishta paramena samaadhina

Bhavaan kalpa vikalpeshu na vimuhyathi karhichit”

Know the truth that everything is ME only. After knowing this truth, establish yourself in Absorption in the Self. Never ever fall a trap to thoughts and distractions.
If a person goes on to say that Krishna is there, even the very word Krishna can be said only if the thought about Krishna is present. If Krishna was an eternal reality (separate from the individual Self), then Krishna should have been present in deep sleep whereas he is not present in deep sleep. (This doesn’t mean that a person should not worship Krishna, but if a person sees Krishna in form and Krishna as separate from oneself, then it can never lead one to cessation of sorrow and will lead only to grief and suffering. Krishna’s very mother and father had to suffer just after his birth – even the great Lord could not do anything about their suffering. Thus a person should realize that Krishna is not something different from oneself but Krishna is the pure Consciousness which is the nature of each person).
Thus, the real nature of the Self or Brahman is without any thoughts.

Sankara says in Laghu Vakya Vritti

Eka dvi tri shanena evam vikalpasya nirodhanam

Yatnaad samsaadayaami brahma anubhava kaanshibhih”

One, two and three seconds – a person try to be without thoughts. Thus striving forth a person desiring to attain the state of Brahman (means realization of one’s own eternal nature) should practice it.
Another point a seeker should note here is that even when thoughts are present – these thoughts are nothing but Consciousness alone. The dream world is nothing but the dreamer alone. Similarly thoughts and objects in this waking state are nothing but the Self alone. But in order to realize this ultimate reality that everything is the Self alone, one should remove the thoughts & find out the source of these thoughts which is the Self or Consciousness. When a person thus realizes the true nature of oneself, he slowly finds out that there is nothing here other than the Self.
SARVAM BRAHMA MAYAM JAGAT – NEHA NANA ASTHI KINCHANA” – Everything is Brahman alone. There is no duality at all, not even the least.
Let the Almighty guide each one of us to realize the Self without wasting much time as each moment is uncertain and precious.
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Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #190
The Jnaani is not conscious of mukti or bandha (bondage). Bondage, liberation and orders of mukti are all said for an ajnani in order that ignorance might be shaken off. There is only mukti and nothing else.

                                                                                                                                                            - Ramana Maharshi


The ultimate and absolute reality is SARVAM BRAHMA MAYAM – Everything is Brahman & SARVAM KHALU IDAM BRAHMA – everything is verily Brahman only.
A person who knows and experiences this absolute reality is called a Jnaani. Once a person realizes this ultimate reality, there is no duality existing for the person. Therefore he neither has any bondage nor liberation because for such a person, everything is the Self alone. Being the Self and realizing one’s own real nature of Self is called MUKTI or liberation.
As Maharshi says here everything is the Self alone. There is nothing here different from the Self which is of the nature of Consciousness. As in the dream world, there is only the dreamer who sees the dream world and the objects as separate from himself. Similarly this waking world is nothing but creation of the mind & is nothing but Consciousness alone. As the water seen in desert & snake seen in rope is nothing but desert and rope respectively, similarly this world is Brahman or the Self alone.
The cause of bondage and duality is the ignorance about this ultimate reality. In order to remove this ignorance, a person is told that he is in bondage and should get liberated. Because of he being told that he is in bondage, he tries to get out of the bondage.  Thus he tries to find out reality and strives for liberation. Slowly he realizes that whatever is present is the Self alone. Then he realizes that there is no second thing so as to have bondage and liberation & that the Self (which is his own very real nature) is always liberated.

Hence in order to remove the ignorance through knowledge, a person is told that you have wrong identifications with this body and mind. He is also told that all these are nothing but his own thoughts and imagination alone. He thus realizes that removal of thoughts is liberation. Thus, while striving for removal of thoughts, he realizes that ignorance is the cause for these thoughts & these thoughts arise when one doesn’t know one’s own real nature. Thus, he gets liberated and realizes that the Self was already and always realized.

Vedanta speaks about two types of liberation

  1. Jeevan Mukti or liberated while alive (liberated while having a body).

  2. Videha mukti or liberated after leaving the body.

These two types of liberation is from the perspective of the Ajnaani or ignorant who sees duality in this world. But for the jnaani, who has nothing left to be known, there is no liberation and no bondage, no body and no mind but only pure Consciousness.
As Upanishads proclaim

Sa yo ha vai tad paramam brahma veda brahmaiva bhavathi

Tarathi shokam tarathi paapmaanam guhagranthibhyo amrito bhavathi”
He who knows Brahman or the Self verily becomes Brahman. He conquers & crosses over sorrow and sins after his ignorance knots of the heart are removed.
Sage Dattatreya says in Avadhuta Gita

Aham eva kevalam sarvam bheda abhedo na vidhyathe

Asthi na asthi katham bhrooyam vismayah prathibhaathi me”

I am only present as the Absolute reality, there is neither difference nor non-difference present. Even then, I don’t know why people call the Self as existent and non-existent (at different times).
Panchabhootatmakam vishwam mareechi jala sannibham

Kasyaapyaho namaskuryaam aham eko niranjanah”

The world consisting of five primal elements is unreal like water seen in desert. How can I salute a person as I am ONE only without any taints and parts?

One can never say that this thing of non-duality is not practical and cannot be attained by all. This state is the natural state of each person. All people who are unaware of this are termed by the scripture as IGNORANT and IDIOTS. (This is not my statement, but what the Vedas and Adi Sankara proclaims). And unless the ultimate reality of ONENESS and one’s own real nature of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss Absolute is realized, there will be no end to sorrow and sufferings.

Kena Upanishad says

Chet iha avedheen mahathi vinasthih”

If a person doesn’t realize this ultimate reality, then it is real loss.
As Sankara says in Bhaja Govindam

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam

Punarapi janani jatare sayanam

Iha samsaare bahudustaare

Kripaya pare pahi murare”

A person runs into the vicious circle of birth and death as this ocean of samsaara (born out of ignorance) is tough indeed to cross over. But those who take refuge in Murari (killer of Mura or destructor of ignorance who is none other than Self alone).
The Upanishads describe the Self as “NITYA SUDDHA BUDDHA MUKTA” – ever pure, ever enlightened and ever liberated.
Whatever is, whatever was and whatever will be is only the Self. A person with intellect easily realizes that it is the Consciousness that is pervading the whole universe and making it visible. As in dream, where the Consciousness of the person creates and becomes the dream world and its objects, similarly in the waking state, it is the Consciousness which creates the world and  becomes the world.

If Consciousness is present, then the world and its objects are there. If Consciousness is not present, then there is no world and its objects. If the Consciousness decides not to see the world, then the world is not at all seen. This is how great Yogis and saints enter into the state of nirvikalpa Samadhi wherein no objects or the world is perceived. This state of absolute oneness is the natural state of oneself. It is ignorance that veils this ultimate reality and causes desires & actions to be propelled and thereby makes a person delude into the world. Even while getting deluded, it is the same “I” which is getting deluded. Even during states of delusion and ignorance, the “I” or the Self remains the same & a person remains as the Self only. Thus when a person realizes that it is the Self that shines at all times and is that which gives light and existence to all other objects, he slowly becomes detached to all the objects. He gets detached as he knows the reality that whatever he sees is not eternally real and these are only the Self alone & are like a dream world or a magician’s magic. Thus he becomes detached and tries to realize his own real nature of Bliss which is the real thing. Thus, the ignorance is slowly removed and the Self is realized. He then realizes that there was neither bondage nor liberation, he was always the Self only, he was never in bondage and in ignorance and that everything is nothing but Consciousness or the Self alone.

This state of existing in one’s own natural state is termed MUKTI. Thus a person should realize that “I am always in Mukti, I am always the Self”. Thus mukti is nothing but removal of all ignorance and remaining as one’s own real being.
Upanishads proclaim

Tameva vidhitva ati mrityum atyethi. Na anyah panthaa vidhyathe anaaya”

Knowing the reality, a person crosses over death. There is no other way than this.
Sarva bhootastham atmaanam sarva bhootani cha atmaani

Sampashyan brahma paramam yaati na anyena hetuna”

When a person realizes that everything is the Self through seeing the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self (the first stage of seeing the Self in all makes a person one-pointed, this one-pointedness is called concentration. When concentration is there, then a person becomes introverted and slowly he reaches to his own inner nature of Self. The second stage is when he sees all the beings in the Self & his little and individual consciousness becomes all-pervading. Thus he sees everything in the Self and sees himself as the creator, protector and destroyer of all things. When a person reaches this stage, he realizes that there is nothing but the Self alone. Thus these two stages of seeing oneself everywhere and becoming as huge as the creator make a person reach the state of Self-Realization), he verily becomes the Self. There is no other path than this to realization and ending of sorrow.

Thus, if a person wishes to destroy all sorrow, enjoy eternal bliss and wants to know his own real nature – he should realize that there is nothing different from Me, there is no world or objects – all these are nothing but illusions seen on the Self, illusions which are superimposed on the Consciousness and depend on Consciousness for their existence. When this is realized, a person rejoices in the eternal bliss of the Self.

In order to explain that state of the Self, the Upanishads as well as great Mahatmas give descriptions of Jeevan Muktas (those people who have realized the Self – at the ultimate state, there is no different person but only the Self but in order to motivate a person and make him realize the Self, the descriptions of realized people are put forth).
Sankara thus says

Yoga ratho va bhoga ratho va

Sanga ratho va sanga viheenah

Yasya brahmani ramathe chittam

Nandhathi nandhathi nandhathi eva”

Even though a person might be doing Yoga, doing Bhoga or enjoyment of sensual pleasures, being attached to people or unattached – but a person whose mind is always residing in the Self or Brahman, he always rejoices in the inherent bliss of the Self.
Once a person realizes the Self,  he might see the world or perceive the world – but he will not perceive the world as we see it now. When a person realizes that there is no water in the desert, he will never see water in the desert, he will always see desert only. Similarly when a person realizes that everything is the Self alone, he sees nothing in the world but the Self alone – experiences only Consciousness everywhere – he doesn’t have any likes or dislikes, sorrow or happiness, anger or desire but only eternal bliss of the Self.
As Sankara says in Nirvaana shatkam

Chidananda roopah sivoham sivoham” – I am the Self (one without a second) of the nature of Consciousness and Bliss absolute, I am the Self.

Let the Almighty guide each one of us to realize the Self without wasting much time as each moment is uncertain and precious.

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Words of Ramana Maharshi -- #191
Diversity lies in your imagination only. Unitary Being need not be acquired.

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