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Bibliography for Cross-cultural Engagement (CCE) [Working Document]

* Not in the Calvin Library. All other materials are part of the current holdings, or are part of the CCE Bookshelf in the office of I. Konyndyk.

  • Please send suggestions for additional materials to: I. Konyndyk, , Director of CCE [French Department]

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Video Resources

        • Ethnic Notions – (E184.A1 E76 1986)

        • * Eye of the Storm (N/A)

        • Eyes on the Prize – (E185.61 E94) [Accompanying guide – E185.61 E941)

        • * Fools Rush In (N/A)

        • * Jungle Fever (N/A)

        • * Mississippi Masala (N/A)

        • * Teaching the Indian to be White (N/A)
        • The Joy Luck Club – (PN1997. J6949 1994)

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