Worksheet. Mellom- og ungdomstrinnet The Haunted Lift Key words

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Worksheet. Mellom- og ungdomstrinnet

The Haunted Lift

Key words:

haunted = et sted som har spøkelser the corner shop = lokale nærbutikken

to move = beveger seg

a lift = en heis to press = å trykke

to enter = å gå inn en knapp = a button

to open = å åpne to gaze longingly = å se med lengsel

to close = å lukke tears silently flow = å grine stille

to wonder = å lure på

familiar landing = velkjent etasje
The Haunted Lift
On the ground floor
Of this ultra modern tower block
In the dead middle of the night
The lift doors open with a clang.

Nobody enters and nobody comes out

In the dead middle of the night
The lift doors close with a clang.
And the lift begins to move slowly up ...
With nobody in it, nobody but the ghost of a girl
Who lived here once on the thirteenth floor
Of this ultra modern tower block.
One day she went to play,
In an old part of town
and never came back
She said she was going to the corner shop
But she never came home.
Now her ghost keeps pressing
In the dead middle of the night
The button for the thirteenth floor
But when the doors open with a clang
She cannot step out.
She gazes longingly, at the familiar landing
But only for a moment, then the lift doors clang in her face.

And her tears silently flow.

Sometimes on the thirteenth floor, her mother and father
With her photo beside their bed,
Wake up in the dead middle of the night
And wonder who it could be
Using the lift at such an unearthly hour.
In this ultra modern tower block,
There is no thirteenth floor.

  1. What is the poem about? What do you associate with the number 13? There is a contradiction in the last line of the poem. What is it? How can you explain this contradiction?

  1. The class sit on the floor in the shape of a lift. The teacher stands in the lift and tells the following story: ”If you stand in a particular place in the lift and look over your right shoulder you can see some writing on the wall. The writing is in red and says: ”Please help me.” The only person who ever sees these words is the caretaker. Every morning she goes into the lift and cleans off the words but the next day they reappear.”

  1. The class sit back in their places. Continue the story and make a dramatic play using English or BSL dialogue or write your own ghost story.

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