World War II scavenger Hunt


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1. The Providence Sunday Journal

_____________________ What was the date of this edition of The Providence Sunday Journal?

2. War Letters

_____________________ Paul Spangler was a doctor treating the wounded at Pearl Harbor. In his letter, he writes that he gave the "helpless" cases a drug to kill the pain until they died. What was the name of that pain killer?

3. The Day after Pearl Harbor

_____________________ Locate the picture of President Roosevelt taken on December 8, 1941. What document is he signing?

4. The History Place

_____________________ According to the timeline, on what date did Germany declare war on the United States?

5. Four Freedoms

Scroll down to the four posters. What were the "Four Freedoms" which FDR claimed all people should enjoy?

a. ______________________________________
b. ______________________________________
c. ______________________________________

d. ______________________________________

_____________________________ What is the name of the artist who created the "Four Freedoms" posters? (Click to enlarge.) (Click to see more posters listed at the bottom.)

6. Americans Remember Pearl Harbor

______________________ In her brief remembrance of the Pearl Harbor attack, Heli Swyter recalls that she didn't see her soldier husband for how long after he left on duty?

7. It's a Woman's War Too!

______________________ What was the nickname given to the "strong, competent woman dressed in overalls and a bandana" - a symbol of patriotic womanhood?

8. What did you do in the war Grandma?

_____________________________________ According to the glossary, what was a World War II blackout?

9. Doodlebugs

______________________ The poet writes that the "doodlebugs" (early German rockets) arrived over England at what time each day?

10. War in the Pacific

_________________________________________ What was unusual about the Sullivan brothers' deaths?

11. Technology

_______________________ You may have seen these strange-looking amphibious trucks barreling down Boston's streets. What were the initials used to identify these World War II vehicles?

12. P-40

_______________________ How many Japanese planes did the pilot of this P-40 Warhawk shoot down? (Hint: count the number of "rising sun" flags painted on the side of the fuselage.)

13. Gen. Patton

_______________________ Ironically, the war-loving General Patton did not die in combat. How was he killed?

14. Moral of the Story

_______________________ Watch the video by clicking above. What is the moral of the story?

15. Picturing the Century

____________________________ (Photo #1) What is the name of the ship shown exploding at Pearl Harbor? (Click to enlarge each photo.)

____________________________ (Photo #2) These pilots were all assigned to which aircraft carrier? (Notice how young most pilots were.)

____________________________ (Photo #3) What is the date of the landing shown here? (Hints: Normandy coast, Operation Overlord.)

____________________________ (Photo #4) What type of burial is taking place in this photograph?

____________________________ (Last photo) What are all these signs saying on August 15, 1945?

16. United We Win

_______________________ What was the name of the African-American sailor who won the Navy Cross for heroism at Pearl Harbor?

17. Dwight D. Eisenhower

_______________________ During which years did General Eisenhower later serve as President of the United States?

18. Shot Down Over France

_______________________ a. After parachuting safely to the ground in occupied France, Yeager was helped by what organization?

_______________________ b. What type of plane was Yeager flying when he was shot down? (See picture.)

19. War Letters

______________________ Sidney Diamond was killed a week after writing this note to his girl at home. How old was he when he died?

20. WW II in Europe

What are the last names of the three leaders pictured here at the Yalta Conference?

a. ________________________________________

b. ________________________________________

c. ________________________________________

21. The Providence Journal

_______________________ According to the newspaper, what medical condition caused FDR's death?

22. "Children of Hiroshima"

_______________________ In Masatada Asaeda's eyewitness story about the bombing of Hiroshima, what phrase does she use to describe the scene of misery in the Buddhist temple that day?

23. The War is Over

______________/_________________________________ In the top photo, Col. Paul Tibbets waves from the cockpit of his B-29. What was the plane's name and what was the mission given to Col. Tibbets?

24. Exhibition-Search Art

Look at all of these examples of Holocaust art. Write down the title of the choice which you think is the most powerful. ______________________________________________

25. Anne Frank

_______________________What was the name given to the hiding place where Anne and her family lived for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands?

26. WW II in Europe

______________________ About how many people died each day from starvation and brutality at the Buchenwald concentration camp?

27. Statistics of World War II

______________a. Total number of U.S.S.R. deaths in World War II (include both civilian & military).

______________b. Were more German soldiers or civilians killed in World War II?
______________c. What percentage of Poland's population died in World War II?
______________d. How many Americans died in World War II?
______________ e. What was the total number of people (soldiers & civilians) killed in World War II?


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