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@EboneiW: Either way Zimmerman is gonna reap what he sowed. Jail or street justice. An eye for an eye. That's real truth..

@Wishess_Granted: George Zimmerman shouldnt go to jail because he killed a black boy. He should go to jail because he took the life of an innocent human being

@_Zekeee: If Zimmerman Dont Get Locked Up ,They Should Go Ahead And Free Boosie

@chloexvy: If Zimmerman is not found guilty, a dogs life will mean more than a Black person's in the USA

@piersmorgan: Fact remains, if #Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle, #Trayvon would still be alive. #CNN


@whograntjones: I lose a little more faith in humanity every time I see a Facebook/Twitter argument about the Zimmerman Trial.

@Chicago_2Real: Zimmerman Is The Biggest Liar I've Ever Heard .... #LockZimmermanUp

@DJQUETTE: Zimmerman wants to be free? Pretty sure Trayvon wants to be alive..

@ABSH1R: Twitter might crash after the Zimmerman verdict

@Yo_Syddakid: People really think this case is about Zimmerman being innocent or guilty it's about whether he shot Trayvon out of self-defense or not


@hustle_ave21: Zimmerman shouldn't go to jail cause of the color of Trayvon's skin. He should go to jail b/c he shed innocent blood. Mind over matter

@soyyyjoy: If Zimmerman doesn't get life I'm going to be mad. I understand both sides of the story but he had no right

@TIARRADASHAWN: So if Zimmerman was acting on self defense he wouldn't have to if he would've left Trayvon alone let's be real #JusticeForTrayvon

@MyMindlessness: Zimmerman said "Whatever happened was God's will." Welp, its gonna be God's will when you go to jail sir.

@Dose0f_SHAWN: Did Zimmerman even apologize to Trayvon's family?


@YouWantMe_IKnow: Zimmerman would be safer in jail.

@JOSHkillss: ill be cool with zimmerman getting the manslaughter charge, thats max 30 years min 15 years in prison

@BeattysWorld: I think as a great exhibit.. They should slam Zimmerman's head with that block of concrete 6x to see how much he bleeds

@theralMonteJ: I don't like the defense attorney,please tell me how Zimmerman was protecting himself against a 17 year old?!

@IamShady_Ravon: At the end of the day. Trayvon couldn't had reached for the gun if Zimmerman didn't already have it out. Come on man


@KingJulio_: Zimmerman lawyer gone get a lot of business afterwards if he get him off.

@keithboykin: John Guy: If Trayvon Martin was hunting Zimmerman, would he have been on his cell phone?

@Jmaster23: Zimmerman Is Guilty !! Now Stop talking about it!!!

@Dreaa_Moniquee: Screw Zimmerman, He Was Wrong & They Know It

@Tajjj_Mahal: For me the Zimmerman trial isn't about color it's about right and wrong. Zimmerman was wrong regardless of what anybody says


@BellaNahira: That's just my personal opinion we are all entitled to that. At the end of the day Zimmerman shot and killed a young boy.

@TwitchTeam: Zimmerman defense: Trayvon Martin was armed ... with the sidewalk

@_ReeSteeeezy: The Zimmerman trial isn't a race case. It's not Black Vs. Hispanic, it's an ARMED ADULT vs. an UNARMED KID. Let's not lose sight.

@RealDLHughley: Prosecutor John Guy asked the Jury if it were Trayvon Martin who shot George Zimmerman what would ur verdict be? #TeamDl

@AyeHobbie: I think Zimmerman could move around/get loose. After all.. he did manage to pull the gun out. We can agree to disagree though


@lauwiley: If Zimmerman is acquitted, what instructions do we give our children about walking home and being followed?

@Cpt_in_SHaneo: Everyone should tell the police what they know since everyone tweets like they were there when Zimmerman shot Martin

@DBlockDeuce_215: At the end of the day Win or Lose Zimmerman gon live the rest of his life in Fear whether he goto jail or go free he will ALWAYS be a target

@kway2_: We find Zimmerman __________. (Fill in the blank)

@Joi_Green: Zimmerman looks wayyy too confident


@KingClarke1: I agree that there are no winners here; however, I have been amazed with the amount of support Zimmerman has gotten.

@PrettyOleChey: Yes, I want Justice for Trayvon. But I'm not about to keep tweeting about it because it's NOT up to me. If it was, Zimmerman would be dead

@NigerianOmen: After following the teen when the cops told him not to. Zimmerman will get convicted because he took actions into his own hands

@OMGLexy_: I do not see the point of people talking about the Zimmerman trial. Your opinion isn't changing anything, so there's no point

@Swoosh_HD: if Zimmerman walks free, i have no hope for this country


@__100: I swear Zimmerman only has 1 facial expression

@kingmiy: the thing about Zimmerman that gets me the most is how he doesn't even show remorse for killing him. self defense or not.

@TheEliteSpeaks: I'm tired of people. Talking that the Zimmerman case is about race.... It's not. Smh people

@JaMBreckenridge: I can't even look at Zimmerman

@EBONYEBONYEBONY: Even if you have a gun license you are not supposed to drive around with a loaded gun Zimmerman had bad intentions


@Black_Thunda30: how do you know if Zimmerman didn't throw the first punch or physical interaction causing him to react

@sfpelosi: Were #Trayvon Martin alive & George Zimmerman dead, who thinks Trayvon would be free claiming self-defense as Zimmerman is? #justice4Trayvon

@iTzYaBoi_TJ: Zimmerman better get some years there's no way the man is not guilty

@KerriganCasey: Casey Anthony murdered her own daughter and she's a free woman .. George Zimmerman ...#StayTuned

@Jayy_Tatted: Give Zimmerman life they taking to long with this trial.


@InlawsOutlaws: No, the Zimmerman trial is not a case of he said / he said.

It's a case of he said / he dead. See the difference? #JusticeForTrayvon

@racheltnt: If Zimmerman is free I dare him to walk in a hood somewhere. Maybe he'll get followed and jumped because he looked suspicious

@BigDaddyA_: If Zimmerman get off, he setting a precedent of being able to use a gun for self defense if you lose a fight within thirty seconds.

@Jinga_saurus: This could have all been avoided if #zimmerman had had enough respect for a teenage boy 2speak to him rather than hide from, stalk &profile

@HicklenJeremiah: Rather Zimmerman Goes to Jail or Not, either way he still won't be free. Just cant see him walking in the streets w/o repercussions

@IDGABoochie: I wish I was a judge Zimmerman would of been locked up before he even stepped In the court room

@ryanla24: if Zimmerman walk I'm outta here man

@BillMoyersHQ: When did the Trayvon Martin story become the George Zimmerman story?

@AnnaGrafton: WHITE PEOPLE, stop saying the #ZimmermanTrial shouldn't be about race. IT IS. #Zimmerman committed a HATE CRIME. #JusticeForTrayvon

@keyy_2hearts: This Zimmerman case has everyone so angry...


@Ralphie_Buttas: Do ppl honestly think tweeting Zimmerman address is goin to solve anything? Honestly?

@jamiekilstein: A lot of white people afraid of violence if #zimmerman is found innocent. This is how many innocent black people feel every day

@PeakOfDominance: #verdictwatch death threats coming in all around on fb and twitter for zimmerman and #verdict isnt even out yet. stay classy

@sweetmom4: I sure #hope the #jury makes the #right #call when its comes to the #Zimmerman #trial.

@Jourdan_OVOXO: If Zimmerman Is Not Found Guilty That Just Tells You How Messed Up Our Society Is.


@missamericaa___: I just wanna hear "George Zimmerman is found guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin" #ZimmermanTrial

@Confvsed: The safest place for Zimmerman right now is that court room. NOT jail, and definitely NOT on the streets.

@Xo_tashaaa: No matter the verdict Zimmerman has to live with himself.

@djmrrogers: If the verdict rules in Zimmerman's favor there is going to be a nationwide RIOT...... On twitter and Instagram

@SlimGoody_22: Uh I'm pretty sure Zimmerman is under witness protection, so all this info like address y'all think y'all got or know.. try again smh


@ilovemimi22: Zimmerman should of listened to the police & not followed Trayvon after he was told not to! There would be no trial and Trayvon be alive

@Ay1_Everything: That judge aint stupid. He know if he let Zimmerman go, its gone be Thousands of Riots across our Nation. So keep calm

@_stephyrae: if Zimmerman gets off I think the case shows how a black man's life in America isn't valued ...

@_______MARIEEE: #JusticeForTrayvon#JusticeForTrayvon Zimmerman needs to go to jail for what he did

@ajxl_: Zimmerman not white though


@Galekse21: M.Vick Got 2 Years For Killin' A Dog Zimmerman On Trial For Killin' A Human Being

@YungKnight: I don't agree with the self defense argument. Zimmerman put his life and Trayvon's in danger when he followed and hunted him down.

@__ttyyaannnnaa: I wish this trial was over already . ZIMMERMAN KILLED TRAYVON MARTIN ! End of discussion

@UndoubtlyLiLi: But if Zimmerman is let go the public will react,i just pray that if a riot happens no one is killed#TheresBeenEnoughDeath

@LoganJames: Zimmerman's lawyer says no matter what the jury decides, his client's life will never be the same. Newsflash: Neither will Trayvon Martin's.


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