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Prince George’s County Public Schools



Sponsored by the PGCPS Office of Library Media Services

and the

Educational Media Association of Prince George’s County


Eleanor Roosevelt High School

May 4, 2008

5:00-7:00 PM

This book is dedicated to Ricarda Lewis-Ingram, Library Media Specialist

Ricarda attended Keene Elementary School and Rabaut Jr. High Schools in the District. She graduated from Calvin Coolidge High School in 1970. She continued her education, earning a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from American University in 1974 and a Master’s in Library Science from University of Maryland in 1979.
A classroom teacher for the first eight years of her career, Ricarda was a media specialist in the Prince Georges County Public School System. At the time of her death, she was employed by John S. Carroll Elementary School in Landover, MD, where she was the school’s Write-a Book Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Student faculty sponsor, coordinator of the student multicultural club, and the faculty student government co-sponsor.
Ricarda’s devotion to education extended beyond her students; she collected books, educational posters and materials, which she distributed to not only her godchildren but to all the neighborhood children. And for years, she served as director and camp counselor for Rock Days, a summer camp organized by several local churches with the purpose of providing a multicultural environment for inner city youth. Ricarda was the happiest when she was working with young people.

Welcome to the annual Write-A-Book* Awards Program. This event is jointly sponsored by the Office of Library Media Services and the Educational Media Association of Prince George’s County (EMAPGC), the professional organization for Library Media Specialists.

The Write-A-Book competition was initiated over 30 years ago to encourage creative writing. Students have the opportunity to plan, develop and produce their own book over the course of the academic year. Students write to inform, persuade and to express personal ideas; they broaden their scope of knowledge and increase proficiency levels in reading and writing.

Collaboration between the school sponsor (library media specialist or certified teacher) and the classroom teacher provides a climate that is conducive to student learning. Parent involvement completes the partnership and contributes to the overall success of the students’ creative literary experience.
This year, at the county level of competition, we received a total of 633 entries from the participating schools.
Thank you to all of the parents, family members, friends and honored guests who have gathered to support the efforts of our students.
The Write-A-Book Committee

Prince George’s County Public Schools

*The Write-A-Book Literary Competition Guide, PGIN 7690-1593, is available in all schools. It directly supports

the Voluntary State Curriculum and the Maryland assessments – HSA and MSA


Awards Program

May 4, 2008


Sharan V. Blohm, Supervisor Office of Library Media Services

Presentation of Awards …………………………………

Delores Missouri, Chair

Write-A-Book Committee

Closing Remarks ………………………………………

Sharan V. Blohm

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