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Writer's Markets, Magazines and Info

Magazine Listing/Writer's Market Sites

Spicy Green Iguana - Encyclopaedic Zine List, includes Anthology news

Ralan's Webstravaganza - Ralan.com

Submitting to the Black Hole (Guideline for response times after submission)

Secondary Listing Sites

Market Listings for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writers

Writer's Digest Magazine - Writing books, competitions and other resources for writers

Absolute Write: freelance writing, screenwriting, playwriting, novels, non-fiction

Locus Online Links to SFFH Magazines

Magazine Sites [Inactive, but check back]

Magazines Index. The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Web Site

Fiction Factor - Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Market Listings

Quintamid Market Database

Horror Writers Association - Horror Related Sites

LitRefs: Submission Guidelines

Misc Magazines

Magazine Links

The Speculative Literature Foundation

Contract Advice Pages [Also deals with 'Rights']

Helpful Articles

Model Contracts (SFWA)

NINC Newsletter - Top Ten Things to Negotiate

Publishing Contract (Negotiating Book Contracts, Legal Forms for Publishers, Book Publishing Contract, Author-Publisher Agreement, Book Contract)

Rights: What They Mean and Why They're Important

Short Story Contract Advice

Cover Letter Advice

Cover Me - I'm Going In!

Formatting Guidelines

Standard Manuscript Format

Manuscript Preparation 1

US Postage Sites

The Postal Store

Country Conditions for Mailing - New Zealand (Includes Cook Islands and Niue)

USPS Postage Rate Calculator

The Postal Store - 37 cent US stamps

The Postal Store - Additional Postage

Writer Resource Pages and Misc Documents

Links to Resources

Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See, But Can Fix Easily

Tips for Writers

Large Misc Resource Page

SFWA Writer Resources

5 Fiction Mistakes Which Spell Rejection

Resources for Writing Speculative Fiction

NovelTalk - Writer's Corner [A collection of author-written resources]

Deep Magic Articles [Resources directory]

Tameri Guide for Writers: Word Counts

Bloomsbury.com - Writer's almanac

How Many Stories Get Sent to What Magazine?

Submission: Toolbox

Whatever: Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don't Want to Work at Writing

Whatever: The John Scalzi Agent FAQ

What’s the Average Advance?

Justine Larbalestier - First Novel Advance

Tobias S. Buckell Online » Blog Archive » Author Advance Survey (version 2.0)

"average advance"+"non-fiction" - Google Search

Justine Larbalestier - More on First Novel Advances


Contests n Anthologies [Local n Worldwide markets]

(Anthology) Dark Stories Inspired By Cinema: Guidelines

(Anthology) Comma Press - A New Generation In Fiction


WritersDigest.com - Contests - Writing competitions and contests from Writer's Digest magazines

Orange : New Voices

Writing Contests - Win €10,000 First Prize in our writing contests

The BFS Short Story Competition 2006

WD Popular Fiction Awards

WritersDigest.com Short Short Story Competition

Ticonderoga Publications: Guidelines for submissions

Canadian Mags N Markets

(SemiPro) Challenging Destiny Story Guidelines

(SemiPro) Storyteller Magazine - Writer's Guidelines

(?SemiPro?) Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine

(?SemiPro?) On Spec - Guidelines - Submissions


PRISM Submission Guidelines

NZ - Australian Mags N Markets

(SemiPro) Andromeda Spaceways - submissions

Borderlands Submissions (Restricted to Australian Citizens)

eidolon.net Australian Genre Markets [Inactive, but try back]

Fables & Reflections (Restricted to Australian Citizens)

Jacket magazine - About Jacket - information page

overland home page

r e d s i n e (Dark Fantasy n Horror) [Inactive, but try back]

Snorkel #1: About Snorkel

Takahe Magazine

Turbine Submission Guidelines

AntipodeanSF - Submission Guidelines

Potato Monkey - Submission Guidelines

Ripples Magazine - Submission Guidelines (Australian Residents Only)

UK Mags N Markets

Horror Express

Lighthouse Magazine (Horror)


Scheherazade Writer's Guidelines (Closed to submissions, but check back)

Welcome To LIBBON - the short story competition magazine

US Mags N Markets

(Pro) Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature (Query Reprints First)

(Pro) Byline Magazine Writers' Guidelines

(Pro) Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (No Reprints published in US)

(Pro) Fantasy and Science Fiction - Writers' Guidelines

(Pro) Realms of Fantasy - Guidelines (Query Reprints First)

(Pro) WEIRD TALES Guidelines

(SemiPro) Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (Query Reprints)

(SemiPro) Book of Dark Wisdom - The magazine of dark fiction & Lovecraftian horror (Considers reprints, but query first)

(SemiPro) Leading Edge (SF and Fantasy - Potentially Homophobic) [Site Inactive - Check Back Later]

(SemiPro) Romance and Beyond Magazine (Romantic Fantasy, SF, Specfic)

(SemiPro) Tales of the Talisman Writer's Guidelines (Takes One Time Rights)

(SemiPro) The Strand Magazine. (No Unsolicited Submissions, Query First - Mystery, Supernatural, Detective, Terror.)

(SemiPro) Zahir: Unforgettable Tales - submissions guidelines (Considers Reprints)

City Slab Guidelines


Space and Time Magazine -- Writers' Guidelines (Overstocked till further notice)

Wicked Hollow Magazine: Submission Guidelines

Other International Mags N Markets

Outercast - Submissions

Supernova Fantasy and Science Fiction (Russian - Takes Reprints)

Worldwide Mags n Markets (Includes eZines)

Print Magazines

(Pro) Abyss & Apex: Submissions Guidelines

(Pro) Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (Crime/mystery related)

(Pro) Analog -- Submission Guidelines

(Pro) Asimov's Science Fiction

(Pro) Aurealis - Australian Fantasy & Science Fiction

(Pro) Bullet - RocknRoll Noir

(Pro) Cemetary Dance - Writer's Corner (Horror)

(Pro) Cosmos Magazine Submission Guidelines (SF)

(Pro) DNA Publications (Absolute Magnitude [Harder SF], Dreams of Decadence [Vampires], Fantastic Stories of the Imagination [Fantasy and SF])

(Pro) Flesh and Blood Magazine (Dark Fiction, Fantasy and Horror)

(Pro) Glimmer Train's Writing Guidelines (NonGenre)

(Pro) Interzone/The 3rd Alternative Guidelines For Writers

(Pro) Paradox (Historical and Speculative Fiction + Historical Angle)

(Pro) Playboy - fiction guidelines

(Pro) Surreal Magazine - Submission Guidelines (Dark, Disturbing and Surreal Fiction - No Fantasy or SF)

(SemiPro) Albedo One - Writers Guidelines (Irish)

(SemiPro) Amazing Journeys Guidelines (SF and Fantasy - Homophobic) [Closing Issue 12]

(SemiPro) Talebones.com (Dark SF and Dark Fantasy)

(Anthology) How to submit work to New Writing - New Writing Anthology

Black October Magazine The Magazine of Dark and Unusual Horror

Dark Animus (Crime, SF, Fantasy - All Dark)


The Edge (Modern Gothic/Horror/Fantasy/SF/Crime/Erotica) [Possibly Inactive. Check back later)

EZines/PDF Magazines/Royalty Subscription Mags

(Pro) ChiZine (Dark fiction)

(Pro) Jim Baen's Universe - Takes Reprints

(Pro) Raven Electrick - wRiter's Guidelines

(Pro) The Pedestal Magazine

(Pro) Shadowed Realms - Dark Flash Fiction Online Magazine

(Pro) Strange Horizons Fiction Submission Guidelines

(Pro) SCI FI.COM | SCI FICTION (Confirmed Dead.)

(SemiPro/Pro) Abyss & Apex: Submissions Guidelines (Query on Reprints, if NOT published online previously.)

(SemiPro/Pro) Clarkesworld Magazine

(SemiPro/Pro) Oceans of the Mind Guidelines (SF E-Book) [Closed to submissions, but check back]

(SemiPro) Aeon Magazine Writers' Guidelines

(SemiPro) Dark Recesses Press - Submissions (Dark Fiction and Horror)

(SemiPro) ElectricSpec (SF, Fantasy, the Macabre)

(SemiPro) The Deepening (Wide spread of genres. - Takes Reprints. Royalty Based - Exclusive Electronic Rights)

(SemiPro) TiconderogaOnline Submission Guidelines

(SemiPro?) Alien Skin (Speculative SF, Fantasy and Horror)

(SemiPro?) Ideomancer (SF, Fantasy, Horror)

(SemiPro?) Wanderings (Broad Genre Range, Mixed Print/Web)

(eBook) Aspen Mountain Press (Wide Spread of Genres, Royalty-Based)

(eFiction Site) Chippewa Publishing (Wide Spread of Genres - Royalty-Based)

A Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings (Dark and Gothic Fiction)

Deep Outside SFFH (SF, Fantasy and Horror)

Firefox News -- Submission Guidelines (Genres Tied to Specific 'Themes')

Nocturnal Ooze (Horror)

Rogue Worlds Submission Guidelines (SF, Fantasy and Horror - Print and PDF)

Sam's Dot Publishing: The Vile Vineyard Home Page (Small Press Hub - Dark Fiction)

Simulacrum The Magazine Of Speculative Transformation (Confirmed Dead, but check back)


(SemiPro) Escape Pod (SF/Fantasy Podcast Magazine)

(SemiPro) Scyweb Bem Submissions (SF Fantasy Audiozine)

Pseudopod (Horror Podcast Magazine)

Magazines Pending Response on What Rights Purchased

Submission Threads for JBU


Making Light - Slushkiller (Submission advice - Funny)

The Slush God Speaketh [Site/Blog of the assistant editor at The Magazine of Fantasy & SF]

Magazine of Fantasy & SF Forum [Editors frequent here]

Submission Thread of Interest

Post on the MoF&SF Forum about Foreign Serial Rights and Cover Letters

Andromeda Spaceways :: Forum Index

Writing for Audio

Querying how to define 'Reprint.'

Querying 'Limited Electronic Rights'

Submissions/Cover Letter Questions Forum

Writers & Illustrators of the Future Blog

Jim Baen's Universe

Manuscript and Writing Guidelines (From Weird Tales, but Generally Useful)

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