Ybp adult Awards Book Collection Plan October 2010

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YBP Adult Awards Book Collection Plan

October 2010
The YBP Adult Awards Program is an efficient and automatic way for academic libraries to acquire award-winning books. This program complements the YBP Children’s Awards Book Program, a service popular for many years with libraries who have relied upon it to acquire important children’s books, such as Newbery and Caldecott winners.
Our Adult Awards Program covers prominent awards such as the Pulitzer Prizes, National Book Awards, and National Book Critics Circle Awards, as well as selected specialized awards including the Hugo Awards for science fiction, and the Edgar Awards for mysteries. YBP also covers major awards from Canada and Australia; as well as prominent British and Irish awards, such as Costa (formerly Whitbread), Man Booker and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.
New to the program this year are the various PEN awards in fiction and nonfiction. They include the Ackerley Prize, Hemingway Foundation Award and the Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography. From the American History Association, the John H. Dunning Prize and Morris D. Forkosch Prize have been added. You’ll find all of the new awards indicated in the list below.

How the Program Works

A library may enroll in the YBP Adult Awards Program at any time with a completed Profile Specification form. Libraries may elect coverage for any or all Award categories. For each, libraries can choose to receive automatic shipment of books, or eSlips, which can be used to place orders for selected titles.

We will monitor Award shipments for duplication against YBP U.S. and U.K. firm order, approval, and continuations shipments, and against other YBP award shipments (for titles winning multiple awards). Libraries can opt to receive multiple copies for any award category.
Libraries may choose to have Award books billed and shipped on an existing YBP sub-account, at normal discount, or may prefer to have Award books billed and shipped on a new, separate sub-account.
Libraries electing coverage for British or Irish awards will need to have a YBP U.K. account. U.S., Australian, and Canadian awards require a YBP U.S. account.
For more information contact your YBP representative, or send an e-mail to sales@ybp.com.

Rev. October 2010

YBP Adult Awards

Profile Specification

Attn: Customer Service

fax (603) 746-5701

Name of Library:


YBP Customer

Service Rep:


Plan Start Date:


Date Last Revised:


Library Contact Name:


Contact Title:








Bill and Ship YBP U.S. Awards on:

 Existing Sub-Account (please specify):      

 New Sub-Account (please specify):      

[Internal Use Only] Plan Number:      

Bill and Ship YBP U.K. Awards on:

 Existing Sub-Account (please specify):      

 New Sub-Account (please specify):      

[Internal Use Only] Plan Number:      


 Different value for individual awards (see following pages)

 Same value for all awards:      


Restrict Non-Returnable

Titles to Slip?

 Yes  No

Price Maximum:


(Required only if you have elected to receive books. For any title with a price over the maximum, you will receive an eSlip.)

Maximum Copies:


(Required in the event that a title wins multiple awards, or duplicates an approval or firm order shipment.)





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